When Cancer Comes To Visit


I have had more experience with cancer then I ever expected, or wanted. But we can’t chose what comes into our lives, we can simply decide to deal with it or not. I have not had it myself, but many people in my circle of family and friends have had cancer experiences, especially many of the women who have had breast cancer.

I have brought shamanic healing energy to those who wished to receive it and care-giving energy only to those who did not. So I will speak to cancer from a shamanic perspective and from the perspective of one with close experiences with cancer.

So, here we go, with some questions many ask. How do we battle cancer when it comes into our physical being? What are the best ways to fight this fiendish opponent? Can we win the war with cancer or only expect to win some battles?

The media, advertisements, drug companies and other sources talk about fighting cancer and how you must battle it with all your strength. But still, how best to do this?

My advice, at this point in our talk together, is to stop fighting cancer as an enemy. Forget about going to war or into battle with some enemy without.

Quit asking if you can win the war. Instead, begin to go into your heart and spirit and start to understand the cancer within you. For some, this is easier than others. And I know it is easier to say than to do.

But it is the way to begin to see the best way ahead for yourself as you work with the cancer affecting you. For those shaking their heads and mouthing “crazy nut job” as you read this, hang with me a little longer. You can always judge me later.

Any disease we humans can contract becomes a part of us. The spiritual, shamanic means to deal with it is, as I said, accept it as part of you, work alone or with a spiritual guide to feel and understand it and then connect with your ‘inner doctor’ (your spirit, heart, soul, whatever term you use) to understand the best way forward.

Cancer is an especially pertinent disease to use this process and to treat shamanically. Cancer cells are in each of our bodies and sometimes begin to mutate and become the ‘cancer’ disease we all know.

No matter what means we use to treat it, if it goes into remission, it still remains with us. I will give an example of this in a moment.

If we go “into battle” or try to “fight” cancer, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

If we begin to make decisions about how we wish to be treated based on understanding the cancer as part of us, we have a much better chance to work with it in a way it again becomes just more cells in our body.

Not only is this so physically, but mentally and emotionally, we are better prepared to deal with these mutating cells more energetically and with less fear. Fear that becomes a true enemy if we let it control us.

Like all diseases that become a problem for us, cancer is a symptom of deeper issues.

It is these issues, the true causes of cancer, or heart disease or diabetes, etc., that we need to explore and understand. Often, by doing this, we can eliminate the disease or greatly lessen its effects.

Where do these thoughts come from? First, from teachings given to me by many indigenous elders over the years and by some alternative healers I have worked with.

Also, oddly, from some Western medicine doctors who are beginning to look at how we deal with and treat cancer. And, secondly, through my own experiences and work as a shamanic practitioner and an intuitive psychotherapist. Ugh! Titles.

I hate them, they label me and others, but sometimes are needed for clarity. I consider myself a human being who has been taught many healing ways and is honoured to use them when asked. See? Too long and clumsy.

I have seen many people decide the cancer they battled was too…

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Jim PetruzziJim Graywolf Petruzzi – Shamanic Practitioner


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