The Ancestral Medicine Women Say Illness Is A Gift.

Ancestral Medicine Women

I have just finished an interview with Brad and Caroline Dunn. Well actually I was talking to them until Caroline channelled the Ancestral Medicine Women, (Mothers), let me explain…

Caroline Allinson-Dunn is the channel, Brad Dunn is the Medicine Women’s facilitator (and family member).

The Ancestral Medicine Women are channelled by Caroline.  These medicine women have been in Brad’s family for many generations. They were all healers in their own time, still compelled to heal, bring relief and see people prosper in the wonder of their life.

They say, “We are an Ancient Lineage of Authentic Energetic, Herb, Shamanic and Elemental Healers”.

The Ancestral Medicine Women Say, “Our Gift Is Making All Healing & Change Possible.”

I spoke to the Ancestral Medicine Women and asked them about energy, healing and the power of the mind. We spoke about the mind/body connection.  I also asked about traditional medicine. Here’s what they had to say in this podcast.

The Ancestral Medicine Women Say Illness Is A Gift

Healing is far more than taking a pill. For some taking a pill helps but it masks the symptoms. Illness has a gift, and the gift of illness is giving us a message.

Listen in to your body to get that message. What learnings are there for you? What do you need to learn or change in order for the illness to have taught you all you need to learn and move from your body?

Many have listened to the messages their body has given them and healed. If they can do it, so can you.

I would love your feedback and suggestions of what to ask in upcoming interviews. We are so fortunate to be able to talk to these women and access their knowledge, to be able to aid our own healing.

As holistic practitioners we really need to look after our own health in order to help others fully.

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If you want to learn more about the Ancestral Medicine Women you can check them out on their website: Facebook

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