Is Your Soul Shattered? Are You Experiencing Soul Loss?

Soul Loss

My life has sometimes played out like a science fiction or fantasy novel that even I have found hard to believe at times. From my difficult but conventional past, I have taken a journey which has led me to a new life of freedom and enlightenment.

The unseen world of energy has become so tangible and undeniable to me, that it leaves me feeling like a fish out of water when trying to explain the energetic cause of people’s problems.

My heightened sensitivity to feeling things has opened me to a new world that most people fear, resist, or deny. Even if I wanted to, it seems I don’t have that option.

Finding The Cause For Dysfunction

One of those insights occurred after my divorce from my ex-husband, John. Not long after we separated, I met a very kind man named Greg. We instantly felt a powerful connection and the relationship took off quickly.

I then developed OCD behaviours, became highly emotional, lost my appetite, developed insomnia, and my immune system declined to the extent that I was continually at the doctor’s office to treat my symptoms.

Even though I felt very drawn to Greg, I attempted to resist developing strong feelings for him, as I intuitively knew we were heading for an unhappy ending.

Greg spent a lot of time travelling. Our relationship consisted mainly of text messaging, and we saw each other less often than I wanted.  After three months, I realised Greg had ended the relationship. He didn’t inform me that the relationship had ended.

I had to come to my own conclusion, when I got messages like “Sorry darling I’m very busy,” or “I’ll take a rain check.” As I had surmised during our courtship, Greg was incapable of expressing his feelings.

I spent two weeks fighting the urge not to contact him. I was a hot mess and had never felt so powerless in my life.  To get through the unexplained overwhelm, I put a plan into action to solve the dysfunctional state I was in.

I fasted, meditated, read books on overcoming obstacles, studied spiritual books, got healings, psychic readings, and did juice cleanses.

I exercised to the extreme and repeated mantras, all to find the solution to my bizarre, disempowering predicament. John was worried about me, as he had never seen me so distraught and powerless.

Forensic Healing Pinpoints The Cause

Finally, at the end of two weeks, I resorted to using my Forensic Healing system to identify the cause.

I would have done this earlier if I hadn’t been so overwhelmed. Using the Forensic Healing protocol, I got a confirmation that Greg had a large part of a soul fragment from a past life we had together.

When I energetically retrieved the fragment from him, I felt enormous relief and release from him and my symptoms disappeared. The shamans, who are ancient spiritual healers, claim you cannot properly heal or live your destiny if you have soul fragments missing.

I saw a similar pattern when I worked with a 45-year-old client who had a difficult relationship with her father for decades. She continually complained that he was negative, controlling, and antagonistic towards her.

It was not until later we realised that when she was in her teens, her father had found her on the kitchen floor near death, after attempting suicide. In shock, he gave away a part of himself (a soul fragment) to save her.

During the healing, when this soul fragment was returned to her father, the relationship changed completely. Her father’s negative behaviour towards her suddenly ceased.

Symptoms Of Soul Loss:

When parts of your soul are missing, this can lead to depression, suicidal tendencies, anger, frustration, grief, addictions, insomnia, dissociation, anxiety, hopelessness, and loss of identity and purpose.

Some obvious signs of a missing fragment are when you say, “I’ve never been the same since…” or “I felt like I lost part of me when…” You live your life never feeling whole, continually searching for something unknown, never realising your soul fragments have been given away, taken, or lost.

Causes Of Soul Loss:

There are many ways your soul can be shattered, depleted, or parts of it lost:

  • Surgery, loss of body limbs or parts
  • Abuse, trauma, suppression and shock
  • Moving country or home
  • Loss of love ones
  • Over-giving and wanting to take others’ pain away
  • Loss of job, finances, possessions, and home
  • Divorce, and relationship break-ups
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Rituals, commitments and contracts
  • Not living authentically

If you overextend yourself, you can lose parts of yourself

Shamanic healers retrieve soul fragments, and access the world of present and past lives. Acting on the idea that you can’t heal what isn’t there, the shaman journeys into the unseen world of energy to retrieve soul parts that are needed to make the person whole again.

If you think your mission is to give, care, or love others, and neglect your own needs in the process, you will deplete parts of yourself, and eventually, your soul. This can result in feeling resentful or empty, and cause you to fill your life with distractions, to fill the void in your heart and soul that you don’t know you created.

Becoming Spiritually Whole

The healing process of making souls whole is very important, as we have been fragmented from not only trauma and stress from this life, but also our past lives.

For this reason, Forensic Healing contains healing pathways to restore wholeness to the soul, as many have been shattered and depleted.

Our souls are continually evolving and healing, and fragments need to be returned so that each person can reach his or her full potential and destiny.

This lifetime is the opportunity for everyone to heal and reach the greatness they were always destined to live. When your soul is whole, your life becomes whole.

One of the common responses after receiving this healing is “I feel like I am finally home and feel whole for the first time in my life.”

Sending you healing and blessings to live a life full of happiness, abundance and peace. Marisa x

Marisa Russo 

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Marisa RussoMarisa Russo, founder of Forensic Healing, is an internationally renowned, award-winning alternative therapist, professional speaker, and author for women’s health and transformation.

Marisa reveals her secrets for helping women break free from the negative impact of their past to enjoy the life they deserve. She teaches women how to reconnect to their ability to feel and know answers, solutions, and access guidance that directs them to safety, truth, and empowerment. This process takes place when removing the effects of emotional and physical abuse, and becoming free from subtle and obvious conditioning caused by the stereotypes of being a woman.

Marisa spent decades desperately attempting to overcome and escape the chronic pain, fatigue, addictions and illnesses that resulted from years of extreme emotional, physical and sexual abuse she suffered as a child. On her healing journey, she discovered her healing gift.

Her newly released book, Freeing the Unloved Girl, incorporates a 25-step process for healing and empowering women. This process is now taught in her Freeing Women workshops globally. Sign up for a free Forensic Healing start up course at

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