Left Vs Right Brain. Who’s Old & Who’s Not?

Left Vs Right Brain

Whimsy follows us as we age, and we got a good memory, but it is short.  For most of us growing old doesn’t really determine who is right, it only tells us who is left, with or without limitations.

Left vs right brain, what does it really mean? Although some scientists feel the Right and Left-Brain Theory is hogwash, many of us go right on believing we get our creativity, intuition, feelings and emotions from the Right Brain.

From the Left, we get our intelligence, logic, conscious awareness and problem-solving reasoning abilities. So, what if paw-paw can’t find his pants, and Me-Ma can’t find her glasses?

Be patient, you’ll be there someday. Some say older people are a work of art like fine old wine or cheese. Of course, at my age, I’ve got an achy, breaky everything!

And, I can attest to the fact that it is very frustrating when our bodies won’t do what our mind wants done at any age.  I read aging is like living the “metallic years,” with silver in my hair, gold in my teeth and lead in my bottom.

Also, I look but I don’t see and listen without understanding.  Although I’m not alone really, why do I feel so lonely?

Unfortunately, I’ve found that many diseases run into old age, and it is very frustrating when our bodies won’t do what our mind wants done. These are excellent examples of the overlap between brain abnormalities and psychiatric symptoms.

I imagine when sleeping, there are millions of heads pouring salt into old wounds not yet healed or even understood.  Can you imagine living solo in this crazy world?  So, what if the elderly is grouchy, misunderstood and/or non communicative?

They’re often racked with body pain from years of taking care of others and their past mistakes were learning lessons they already forgot.

What they have learned is the right to be respected and cared for, in whatever container they were left with. Do you carry your past like a stone in your pocket?

Not surprisingly birthdays for me come on like villains knocking at our doors, tap, tap, tap, shifty-eyed fast speaking salesmen peddling love, wisdom, youth and popularity pushing substitutes in bottles, tiny millimeters of hope Shifter stones,

natal lovers, dark aliens, eavesdropping our days, troubling our nights,  Feigning possibilities of youth and good health, intertwining hope with dread,

Fantasy with fact Re-defining gravity as incidental, promising regularity as attainable, shifty fast speaking salesmen console us with companion pillows, heating pads, Flexall and Unisom,

Un-pearling our hopes and dreams a little while longer, Old age is no party, No, matter, No, No, sometimes we swallow their lines greedily with regular doses of Metamucil, Centrum Silver and Maalox, so what if Lady Clairol is our friend?

When we can’t sleep, not without all those young hot lovers who mused our days and pleasured our nights, come you now with wrinkled skin and beer barrel waists with high, high foreheads, No, matter, No, No, meet us at the Vender’s Market in the Land of dreamy plenty.

We will love you and will sing for you of good times, Bottled and Preserved just for our Birthdays!

Discover If You’re Left Or Right Brained… It’s Not What You’re Expecting! Play Our Just For Fun Left-Right Brain Dominance Quiz

As we age, we forget where we are and where we were going and why? I know these things because I am looking at the back side of 70. Our thoughts are scattered like country wild flowers, some we cherish while others give us nightmares.

Sometimes we are laughed at when we get the past and the present confused. I do this a lot, as well as wonder how much of a future I have left. Sometimes my legs begin jumping and jiving when there is no music.

The one thing we can’t hide from others is when we are so confused, we can’t seem to get the right words out.  Still, I’m grateful I can still use what’s left of my brain to inspire others.

In conclusion, none of us should beat ourselves up if we can’t finish a crossword puzzle and/or cry real tears after a feel-good movie no matter how old we are.

We are all unique and gifted in one way or another, and in fact, based on a large body of research, success is better predicted by emotional intelligence than by cognitive intelligence.

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Joyce WhiteI’m Joyce White, I’m Winged for Art Therapy. We all have true talent. What a shame to waste our lives by not knowing how special we can be. I’ve been slowly and quietly growing and changing into the person I’ve always wanted to be through hard work and persistence.  It is my hope my articles at Global Healing Exchange, will help others smile and find their own passion. Oscar Wilde tells us, “The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy!”

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