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Forgiveness Is A Form Of Self-Love

Forgiveness Is A Form Of Self-Love

Do you have a ball and chain around your ankle which shackles you to your past because you will not forgive? Are you one...
Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief And How To Deal With It Effectively

Understanding grief can be complicated, but at a fundamental level, it’s a natural reaction to losing someone or something close to your heart or...
Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias How To Overcome Them

Fears & phobias can quickly take control of our lives and send us in a downward spiral, crippling us, paralyzing us, and preventing us...
Modern Habits

Modern Habits & Our Daily Lifestyles

What are the implications? Loneliness makes us unhappy as human beings and not only that but it is also not good for your health. Studies...
The Correlation Between Hearing Loss & Depression

Hearing Loss & Depression – The Correlation

Did you know that over 5% of the entire global population - approximately 360 million people - are struggling with depression? Did you also...
adults need to play

Here’s Why Adults Need To Play Just As Much As Kids

There is a really strange notion that we were all taught while growing up, that play ends at adulthood. At a certain stage in...
Curb Your Sweet Tooth

6 Holistic Ways To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

We’ve all heard the expression: a sweet tooth. The problem with the expression is that it can make a craving for sugar sound less...
art therapy

Art Therapy – It Might Be More Than You Think

Have you been to art therapy? Are you interested in releasing emotions without speaking? If so read on... I patiently waited. This wasn’t the first...
Brain Affected By Scents

How Is Our Brain Affected By Scents?

We are all aware that we react to different scents and smells. Those suffering from hay fever will tell you that no matter how...
Life Improvements

Signs That You Need To Make Some Life Improvements

If you are wondering whether it is time to make some of those life improvements you have been thinking about lately, the answer might...

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