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Therapeutic Massage

6 Reasons To Ease Chronic Pain With Therapeutic Massage

Acute pain is a normal sensation indicating a possible injury while chronic pain persists for months or years. Chronic pain may arise from an...
Pill Is Linked To Depression

Hormonal Therapy & Depression. The Pill Is Linked To Depression.

Dear Reader, In case you don’t have time to read my entire article, at least read the key points below. Please do so for all...
Soul Loss

Is Your Soul Shattered? Are You Experiencing Soul Loss?

My life has sometimes played out like a science fiction or fantasy novel that even I have found hard to believe at times. From...

Reflexology. How Will It Help You Through The Silly Season?

How many Xmas parties have you been to already? How many more do you have to attend? Are you finding that your stiletto heels...
overcome depression

How Do I Overcome Depression?

In the olden days it was called melancholia, today it is called depression and it is one of the major psychological problems of the...

Stress, Anxiety, Anger And Depression Is Now A New World Epidemic

You wake up in the morning feeling your body heavy and tired before you even get out of bed. The mind is playing havoc...
Case Study On Depression

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Case Study On Depression

The knock on the door echoed and there she was bouncing into my life with a bubble and exuberance for life that was unmistakable...
Depression & The Greatness Principle

Depression & The Greatness Principle

Depression can be GREAT! In a world that is so very connected with technology, transport and fast/instant solutions, you would think we have more time,...

Finite To Infinite: Using Breath To Help Overcome Depression

“Breath regulates the energy of life, the quality of emotions, and the ability to direct the mind.”  - KRI Int’l Teacher Training Manual. It is...

A Short History Of Anti-Depressants & Why You Should Know This

This is an article written by our editor at large for Holistic Living Magazine - Edition 1, written about her journey with depression and we take...