Spiritual Healing – What Is It?

Spiritual Healing – What Is It

Practitioners help us to invoke self-healing, often in most powerful and remarkable ways.

Medical intuitives and energy workers are not yet fully understood, recognized or accepted… but we believe that as we evolve, we will discover that they belong on every medical team.

Meditation is the foundation of any spiritual, psychic and personal growth. Today, the medical community is encouraging meditation as a way of facilitating healing, and relieving stress.

Through meditation, we tune into ourselves, to the One Source of Power, the All That Is, and through this connection, to all of nature, as well as to beings in many different worlds.

Through meditation we transcend the physical, mental and emotional realms to enable healing and growth at cellular levels. In meditation we can dissolve mental, emotional and physical stress. Through meditation we can come to know our true selves, and to access the Power of the One.

If as we have been told by so many of today’s well-known channels – ALL THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN US, WE ARE SIMPLY AWAKENING, RECOVERING OUR MEMORIES, then meditation is the quintessential technique for going within….

Whatever technique you use, whether Yoga, or chanting, or physical meditations like a walk in the park, you’ll find yourself growing more peaceful, more aware, healthier – and yes, even wealthier, by integrating some form of daily meditation in your life.

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