Natural Remedies From Our Community


Here are some natural remedies from our community. I asked them what they use on themselves and their family and this was the response:

Sleep Remedies

Hot chamomile and lavender oil dabbed onto temples and few drops on pillow. – Emma Meredith

Valerian works as an herbal sleep aid because it has a natural sedative affect, but it is mild. Therefore the individual using valerian wakes up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning after a good night of sleep. – Jane Stephens

Kava is a very effective herbal drink, most often used within Fiji. This herbal drink is used within Polynesian cultures specifically because it helps to promote a rather deep sleep.

This makes it an excellent herbal sleep aid, but should be used sparingly as it can tend to be a bit more potent than other herbal sleep remedies. – Jane Stephens

Hops is best known for being an active ingredient in beer. Though this is most certainly its most popular use, hops also happens to be quite effective in working as an ingredient or component of an herbal sleep aid.

This herb can either be taking on its own in a tea or can be mixed with the other herbs for a potent and powerful solution. – Jane Stephens

Ancient Egyptians used pink & blue Lotus flowers steeped in wine (more like today’s sherry) for sleep and the Ancient Mayans used the white Lotus flower either as tea or burned to aid sleep, the white lotus is stronger & similar to an opiod.

The dried petals are available from specialist herb shops. Each produces serene restful sleep & no hangovers or fogginess – Jennabeth Moss

I have successfully used self-hypnosis for insomnia. – Matt Gridley

Passiflora is a wonderful sleep remedy if anxiety keeps you awake. I was guided to passiflora in a dream and now have successfully used it in conjunction with a deep processing techniques to assist people in giving up smoking – both cannabis cigarettes – Fay


Spider Bites

Charcoal: Make a paste of charcoal with water and apply this paste on to the bite site. This is very effective in extracting the venom.  – Jane Stephens

Potato: Potatoes are also very helpful in relieving pain and burning associated with spider bites.  Make slices of potatoes and apply directly on bite side. Use a bandage to keep it over the bite side. This will draw venom and heal the wound. – Jane Stephens

Cabbage: Cabbage paste is extremely helpful in getting relief from spider bite. Make a paste of a small portion of cabbage and apply it directly on the wound site. Use a bandage to keep this on a wound overnight. This will extract poison from the wound. – Jane Stephens

Garlic: Garlic has antiseptic, antibiotic properties which help to cure spider bite. Apply a paste of garlic on the wound site to get relief. – Jane Stephens

Turmeric: Turmeric also has antiseptic and antibiotic properties and is very useful in curing spider bite. Boil two teaspoonful of turmeric in one cup of water, wash the bite site with the solution daily three times a day. Paste of turmeric powder can also be applied to the wound site. Within one week wound will be cured.

Ledum is a wonderful homoeopathic remedy that I would use as the first up remedy for any bite.


Skin Burns

Sandalwood paste is an effective herbal remedy for burns. You can grind a small piece of sandalwood and make as a liquid paste and apply over the burnt skin portion. The cooling effect of the sandal will soothe the skin area and the burning sensation will be reduced. – Jane Stephens

Lavender oil is a great all rounder, apply neat on burns, insect bites, massage a couple of drops around temple for headaches.

Neat lavender oil is brilliant on minor burns if used immediately there will be no blister formation and the burn will magically disappear. – Shell James

Aloe for soothing of burns if you missed the immediate bit. – Shell James

Aloe vera paste has proven effect in the treatment of burns. This can also be used as a protective cream for avoiding the sunbath. – Jane Stephens



A drop of Peppermint oil is fantastic for headaches but don’t get it too close to your eyes because it will make them water. Try a drop near your ears or on the back of your neck. – Maureen Bond

Lavender oil is a great all rounder massage a couple of drops around temple for headaches. – Maureen Bond



Always Arnica cream for knocks, bruises, aches and pains if there is not broken skin (it can cause bleeding if used on broken skin).

Calendula cream for broken skin injuries and have used for dog and cat bites/scratches.

Hypericum pillules for injuries of the extremities like crushed fingers and toes.

Plantar warts…. Apple cider vinegar each night on a piece of cotton ball and sealed with a bandaid, continue until wart is black and dead, scrap away dead wart-skin each morning – Manta Ray

I quit smoking after 35 years with herbs rolled them and smoked them instead of tobacco it took 6 weeks and was so easy i wish i had done it alot sooner  – Amy Cooper-phy

Passiflora is a wonderful sleep remedy if anxiety keeps you awake. I was guided to passiflora in a dream and now have successfully used it in conjunction with a deep processing techniques to assist people in giving up smoking – both cannabis cigarettes – Fay

Noni juice for many health issues but it cured one of my ferrets from kidney failure. The vet gave him two months to live and with Noni juice every day and a special diet he lived for two more years. It is also known to help with cancer. – Kim Keil-Fox

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