A Very Simple Solution For Clear Youthful Looking Healthy Skin

A Very Simple Solution For Clear Youthful Looking Healthy Skin

Have you ever been asked how many cups of coffee, tea or alcohol you drink daily, or asked yourself why do all those super-models drink copious amounts of water daily? Have you ever been told by a skin/beauty therapist to increase your water intake?

Water is an absolutely essential ingredient in establishing and maintaining beautiful healthy clear skin.

There is a common misconception that excessive oil in the skin is the cause of blemishes and breakouts and the skin needs to be dried. In a minority of cases this is so but for the vast majority of cases almost the opposite is true.

Most blemishes and breakouts are caused by impaired enzyme activity. So what is impaired enzyme activity? Enzymes can be defined as biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions in cells. In our skin water and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) create an enzyme effect which breakdown and dissolve dead skin cells creating a healthy cell turnover.

We all know that cells need good nutrition to keep them healthy, water and (EFA’s) also help the skin cells to transfer nutrients in and out of the cell.

Insufficient water creates oxidative stress, along with inflammation and redness on the complexion. Insufficient essential fatty acids (EFA’s) creates a loss of oil from the cell membrane (lipid peroxidation). This insufficiency not only affects the cell membrane but also the fluid that surrounds the cells is depleted. When a situation such as this occurs the cell’s functioning is compromised. Hence cells then retain the toxins inside the hardened cell membrane and nutrient intake is impaired as well as the elimination of waste product. Essentially what is created is a lack of enzymes to breakdown down dead skin cells which then clump together with cell debris and crystallise to create open and closed blackheads, milia, breakouts and congestion that lay under the skin.

To remedy this problem we do not need to dry out our skin, we need to increase our water and (EFA) intake. Regarding (EFA’s), supplementation with good quality fish oil is the best option as well as nourishing the skin topically with a nutrient dense product.

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As stated previously this is not the only cause of skin congestion but it is a major part of the congestion, inflammation, skin redness and the break out story.

Naomi Nahoum

Naomi Nahoum
Naomi Nahoum

About Naomi Nahoum, Skin Care Treatment Therapist and Shared Founder of Human Nurture Wellness Centre

• Dip C.I.D.E.S.C.O Beauty Therapy

• Pastiche Skin Diagnosis Qualified

• Advanced Skin Analysis Cert

• Medical Dermal Rolling Cert

• Dip Remedial Massage

• Cert Aromatherapy

• Dip Traditional Chinese Massage

• Dip Yoga

• Cert. Children’s Yoga Teacher

My core mission is to ‘heal people’s complexions holistically not radically’. This has been a driving force for me as a holistic skin care treatment therapist since I was qualified in 1991. My passion, dedication, continual research, study, re-training and 100% commitment to my clients is always to initiate ‘healthy, beautiful skin from the inside and out’. I believe the body can heal naturally given the correct skin diagnosis, products, nourishment, environment, mind set and supplements. When all this is brought together the complexion becomes beautified, youthful and healthy without destroying the incredible organ that the skin is with destructive treatments and products.

I have had a firsthand experience myself as I suffered from acne when I was 18. I corrected this skin disorder with the help of a naturopath and having regular facial treatments along with a homecare program that was specific to my personal needs. This is when I knew that the natural and holistic approach can produce and correct a healthy complexion and body regardless of what your complexion is going through.

The natural and holistic approach has fallen by the wayside for many who turn to the use of harsh products, ingredients, chemical peels and high tech harsh treatments that use machinery. Especially now in the never ending search to look younger.

Our ‘Holistic Corrective, Rejuvenation’ facial treatment and ‘Wellness Programs’ are one of a kind that combine 6 different healing modalities. I believe that no one else is treating at this level in Sydney.

Here at Human Nurture we use advanced skin analysis techniques, specialised, corrective facial treatments and acupuncture along with various naturopathic health testing methods. With our holistic approach you can be assured that you will walk away empowered and relieved to discover answers to skin issues and wellness needs.

You might be experiencing skin concerns, ageing concerns, not feeling your best, confused about what works and what doesn’t or you might just need some nurturing and time out. Either way we would love to serve you. You to contact us either via our website www.humannurture.com.au

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