Shifting Poles

shifting poles

The Earth’s core responds to the electromagnetism of the sun. The surface of the sun is not solid, with different rates of rotation in different places. When the earth’s core moves, the magnetic poles move.

The crust responds after the magma is redirected in the direction of the core. With a big enough shift, there is ‘Earth Crust Displacement’; a phenomenon involving the surface of the Earth becoming unstable.

When this occurs, the continental plates move as a result of pressure being released from below. Then comes along the resultant earthquakes and volcanoes.

There are varying degrees of polar shifts, all involving rapid environmental changes. Geologists and other scientists have found multiple locations of previous sets of poles.

From dating techniques, and comparing various sets, evidence has been accumulated showing that some shifts are minimal while others can be quite large.

Some shifts can be a complete reversal of the poles. The larger ones can displace land and sea. In other words, the land can go underwater with the ocean floor rising to the surface, becoming new land.

This type of occurrence is contingent upon tsunamis and the weight accompanied by them. The thin layer of Earth’s crust floats upon a liquid ocean of magma. When weight pushes land down in one area, another area will come up.

There have been various incremental shifts at the north pole, recently. Some of the scientific community admits to a connection between the recent polar shifts and earthquakes(Japan’s included).

Most scientists seem to be avoiding clear cut commentary as to what is happening with our planet. Some believe that a polar reversal(major shift) is a process, while the few believe that the majority of it can occur within a day.

Apparent evidence gathered by studying old sets of poles, combined with the laws of magnetism, would suggest that the shift would be a process of an exponential character.

It would start slow at first and then a rate of increase would be established based on the accumulation of forces, until a zero point is reached, where the remainder of change would be instantaneous.

Most people agree, through scientific evidence and intuition, that environmental changes are occurring on the Earth. Not everyone agrees that these changes are connected to polar shifts. However, shifts have recently occurred at the north pole.

Slow consistent shifting is undetectable, as the measuring devices are subject to routine adjustments for various reasons anyway.

If the poles have been shifting unnoticed, this could account for the rapidly melting ice caps, although this is being blamed on a thinning ozone and greenhouse effect.

Some scientists, and myself, believe in the continuity and unity of the entire environment. Everything affects everything, it’s all connected in ways we understand and don’t understand.

Personal harmony with the environment may prove to be more than just a good thing to do; it may insure our very survival.

Being connected to nature, combined with the ability to trust intuition, may be the means of receiving some advanced warning; if and when the Earth changes progress to the point of emergency. Harmony with nature is peace, health, inspiration, and mystery anyway.

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