The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

Carbon emissions come from a variety of sources. The most well known sources are the many types of vehicles and organic waste, from factory farms. Carbon compounds will naturally break down, letting loose carbon dioxide and poisons into the atmosphere.

We have a situation on our planet, complicated and simple at the same time. Most scientists on our planet are either on corporate payroll, funded by corporations, or work for various governments whose livelihood depends on these same corporations.

I’m bringing this to your attention because we have a situation on our planet that is misrepresented by most of the scientific community.

Most people understand how the pursuit of money (via greed) has wreaked havoc upon ecosystems. It matters where you get your information, at this most critical time.

With an abundance of greenhouse gases, vegetation requires more light for photosynthesis. Vegetation has a unique relationship with the nitrogen in our atmosphere.

As our atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, this same nitrogen has an effect upon oxygen atoms coagulating together.

When oxygen atoms are linked together in threes, this is called ozone. There are two main reasons for the ozone layer ‘issues’. One is natural, the other unnatural.

The natural reason first. Greenhouse gasses act upon nitrogen and this ‘action’ thins the ozone. This is a process of nature trying to balance itself.

Carbon dioxide plus light equals oxygen, by way of photosynthesis. We have extra carbon dioxide, therefore we need more light. A thinner ozone allows more light in, especially ultraviolet light, among other forms.

Basically, our vegetation is communicating with the atmosphere (ozone layer included) through the medium of nitrogen.

This entire process could potentially balance the situation. Vegetation is most important at this time, and yet many trees and seaweed in the ocean, continue to be killed. Our life depends on this vegetation, or the future lives of all species, I should say.

The other or unnatural reason for the ozone layer ‘issues’-more specifically holes in the ozone, in addition to thinning is:  When a nuclear bomb is detonated in the sky(upper troposphere), it explodes in a sphere.

The lower portion of the blast jars the ground, creating a shock wave that causes maximum destruction.

On a subtler level, an electromagnetic pulse is emitted into the ozone layer(stratosphere), which separates the three oxygen atoms forming ozone. Governments have blown holes in the ozone; this they will not admit.

Now the question is, what can we do about our planetary situation? Many of us work to awaken others in many different ways. And we have many diverse methods of effecting change for the good.

Corporations and governments are made up of people; people who want help and who can be helped. There are some helpful people-environmentally conscious people, in every imaginable profession.

An important element seems to be overlooked by many. An essential ingredient. Nature herself will help us. She will meet us halfway.

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Matt Collman

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