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I am listening to a podcast right now. My friend lost her partner 3 weeks ago. She called him her soul man. She has been so strong and has been sharing her journey publicly.

Right now I am listening to her story of what has happened in her life, since her soul man passed…

When we lose a loved one we are told we have to let go of them BUT do we have to really? Are we more than just the physical body? Do our souls carry on and stay connected? Is it possible to have a connection that lasts forever?

These are questions that many ask, and many feel that a connection is there for us if we choose to feel it. It really depends on our belief system as to what we believe.

Where do you stand with your belief system? Do you believe in spirit? Do you believe you can connect to spirit?

Loss has been traditionally carried down through the ages. We are told that we should grieve and carry that grief with us. There is also a time period that is acceptable to grieve. What if we were given the wrong information?

Religion expects us to think a certain way. Religion tells us that we are only a physical body and when our soul leaves us, it goes to heaven or hell and there is no more. What if there was another way of thinking?

What would our lives be like if we could truly connect to each other without physically being in the same room or even in human form?

What if, although there is a physical loss, the spiritual and emotional connection is still there and there does not have to be separation? What if we are able to feel this connection without someone having to die? WOW what a powerful thought!

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. We all deal with things differently. We have to make our own decision with our minds and hearts. What is your truth?

We are not alone in our beliefs, we all need support; we can find like minded souls that share in our beliefs.

Others might thing we are crazy but we will find others with the same kind of crazy as us. Follow your heart, feel what you believe and connect to those that will support you.

How To Get Messages From Spirit Or The Universe

There Are Various Ways To Do This. Here Are A Few:

1. Follow your intuition. We all get impulses to do things. For example, we may get a strong impulse to call a certain person at a certain time or be somewhere and you ‘bump’ into an old friend.

Have you ever experienced a connection with someone else who is living and you know what they are feeling, thinking or have an urge to call them?

2. Listen to your body. Our body gives us so many messages but many of us chose to ignore them.

3. We get messages from others in the form of pictures and messages.

4. We can get messages from spirit though music. When my dad died he gave me a message in the form of music.

I was on a bus going to the airport for his funeral. I was in Australia when he died in the U.K. and I had to fly home. His favourite song played on the bus. My family had also picked this same song to be played at the funeral. I knew that song was a message for me.

5. Nature gives us messages. I was on a walk in nature 2 weeks ago and I saw a tree and in that tree was a face of a rhinoceros.

My intuition told me to take a photo and send it to my friend. I looked up what the rhinoceros spirit animal stood for and also sent that message too. It was a very powerful message and a gift from spirit.

6. Our loved ones are in everything. We can get messages any time or anywhere. I feel my dad around and he has been in spirit for over 14 years. Just after my dad died, I had a dream. My dad was standing there in front of me he told me to look down at his leg.

I looked down at his leg and it was not there. (He has two legs when he was alive). He said, “This is how you will see me from now on. I am with you but you will see me just like you are not seeing my leg. It is there but not there!”

That message for me was so powerful and I still remember that dream so vividly even 14 years later.

Our loved ones are always with us regardless of if they are with us physically or not. I can feel my dad’s soul is still with me now.

What Can We Learn From Physical Death?

1. Life is fleeting. Choose what you do wisely. Whatever you were put in this earth to do, do today.

2. Stop hiding your wounds and start sharing your heart. This is where true healing begins.

3. We must learn that it is safe to be vulnerable. We need to be vulnerable to heal. It is now time to peel back these layers to find our beautiful light inside of you.

4. In life we never know the difference we make. We can meet someone only once and we can affect them in profound ways. One heartfelt story can be so powerful.

We need to get out of our old conditioning. To do this we need to change our old beliefs. We need to know we ALL make a difference.

5. We need to find peace with ourselves no matter what happens to us on the outside.

6. Whatever emotions we feel is OK. Let the emotions come and go. We are humans in human bodies; we all go through different emotions, anger, sadness, grief, love, happiness, joy.

All emotions are good. The thing to remember is when you are feeling a ‘negative’ emotion it is OK and it will pass. It is here to give you a massage.

Keep your heart open. Your heart will lead you. In the past we have been trained to follow the mind but the mind does not always lead us in the right direction. We are going through a time of great transition. We must remember there is only LOVE.

The more we can connect to this love, the more we can love ourselves; we will raise our vibration and be able to transition to whatever comes next.

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