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There are times in your life when you don’t feel right but can’t put your finger on why or maybe you have been suffering with something for a long time and have tried everything but can’t seem to get any relief. Maybe it’s time to try Reiki It is a great healing service.

Our subtle energy fields can have just as much impact on our health and wellbeing as the food we eat, the exercise we do, the medicine we take and how we do things.

They constantly interact with our physical, mental, emotional, bio-chemical & spiritual self. However, if our energy field is interrupted it can have an impact on us and create feelings of dis-ease.

Reiki works well with the many subtle energy fields that we interact with on a daily basis and can assist in creating harmony in them to alleviate the feelings of dis-ease.

It works by flowing through the effected parts of the energy fields and charging them with positive energy which raises the vibration back to where it is meant to be.

Reiki Is A Great Healing Service

Contrary to popular understanding, healing is not simply the removal of symptoms. True and lasting healing is a full and complete resolution of the causes of imbalance or dis-ease. Healing is returning to a state of balance.

One of the best reasons to try Reiki is that it cannot harm you, and will only provide you with whatever it is you need for your highest good. In other words Reiki healing adjusts itself to create an effect that is most appropriate for you right now.

Its beauty is in its simplicity. All you need to do is lay down comfortably, relax and let the Chi (life force energy) flow through your body. Who doesn’t like to take time out and be the recipient of a gift?

By taking time out for a Reiki session that is exactly what you will be getting. You don’t even have to believe in it because you will receive never the less.

The best thing is that you can receive a Reiki healing even if you do not live near a Reiki practitioner. It can be done remotely and a distance session set up.

For this to happen you need to supply your practitioner with some basic information and it is best to agree on a set time to work then your practitioner can follow up with you afterwards.

Although a definitive time is not a requisite. If you doubt that it can work, why not accept the possibility that it could and let your own experience validate the answer.

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