Pictures, Hidden Doors & Brick Walls


There are times when you are walking along; everything is going so incredibly well you have to pinch yourself to see if it is real.

There is no way you could even have imagined life being better.  You fall in love with doing the pictures even though some of the pictures take you out of your comfort zone; the energetic high is worth it.

I was told a long time ago if I just went with the flow I would be amazed at what transpired.  I was also told that if you can’t stand at the mast, get off the boat.  Divine Order.

That is what some call it.  Me, it is the bigger picture I can’t see.  Doesn’t feel like everything is in order at times; but deep within I know the truth is that everything is in perfect Divine Order according to the Universe.

The past two weeks have been surreal in some ways.  They say hindsight always makes things clearer.  What they really are saying is down the road, when you get more of the puzzle pieces, things clear up as you put them in place.

The picture starts to clear up and make sense.  All those small pictures that seemed so huge at the moment get put in perspective and you ‘get it’.

I have a mentor that is a pain you know where sometimes and sometimes I wonder if he even knows why he asks certain things to be done.

Regardless of the answer, the fact remains that over the past couple of weeks I have been charged with doing some exercises, some lessons.

I was asked to write out what I saw as the energetic signature of the lesson.  For someone like me who has to analyze things, figure them out, and toy with the energy until it makes sense to me, these exercises are actually something that gets my juices flowing.

I digress.  I was in the middle of one of these exercises when “pictures” came into view.  Not pretty pink ones, “pictures” nonetheless.

You know those ones that seem like you have be able to faith when you jump across the Grand Canyon that you will suddenly have the knowledge of how to fly.

All though it appeared as a solid wall painted in vibrant colors that would shock anyone into reality who may have been asleep,

So I jumped. No fear. The adrenaline starts pumping. That natural high when the heart beats faster than you thought possible. The view is spectacular when you open your eyes. Free falling into the void, letting the wind carry you.

For a moment in the sands of time you are the wind flowing across the skies. Words can’t describe it when for that grain of sand time you are the oceans, the skies, the mountains and valleys.

You know what it is to be the leaf blowing not knowing where you will land but simply present in the moment.  If this could last a lifetime … Imagine.

Eventually, the leaf lands upon the ground.  Sometimes that landing is a fluttering upon the lush green grasses; yet, other times it is flying head long into a brick wall.

That same wall with the vibrant colors painted in living color.  It is then that you realize you still have to do the “picture”.  The flight was simply a prelude to the orchestras symphony in order to show you the gift of the journey.

To experience the ecstasy of the flight, you have to let go of the branch knowing there will be other trees.  So here is to the “pictures”, hidden doors, and brick walls.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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