5 Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Some of us are naturally creative peeps. Ideas, new designs, and projects come naturally to us. We are more focused and productive but, for others, it can be a challenge to access the left side of the brain.

Some of us really need a big push in starting something, it can seem like really hard math and, before you know it, we are sitting in overwhelm. For some of us, we have to work harder in germinating creative thought, finding motivation to get started.

I will share with you five simple tips to boost your energy get your excitement and inspiration back. The truth is, with a little practice of new habits, anyone can facilitate creativity like Steven Jobs.

Here Are 5 Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

1. Take Time For Deep Thought

Give yourself the time for daydreaming. Allow a good measure of time to ponder, connect with your big picture and thoughts, meditate and visualize, let your thoughts go crazy, create this world in your mind where pointy circles exist, don’t hold back, just allow it to come.

It may also be helpful to create a dream room or space. Walt Disney had such a room where he would visit several times a day, to create his magic. Take a walk, surround yourself with nature, be it the bush, or beach.

Go somewhere where you won’t be disturbed by technology or people, make sure you have a notepad and pen to write down your brilliant ideas, new product names, or concept of a new design.

Thomas Edison would nap several times during the day, it allowed him to relax while germinating new ideas.

The shower is another great place to put on those thinking caps.

2. Challenge Yourself & Think

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be more productive under pressure. There has been a few occasions where I’ve been challenged to think on my feet and, for some reason, I come up with some outstanding ideas!

My motivation and inspiration hits a whole new level when I know someone is counting on me and, to my surprise, I whip up really great stuff, great blog pieces, new program names and projects.

I once pitched a program to a potential prospect I hadn’t even created.

Content and modules came out of nowhere and I found myself explaining the program in great detail which, to my surprise she said yes, meaning I now only had only 72 hours to put a program together and delivered!

It was the most exhilarating and productive 72 hours ever!

I pushed myself to take action and, the good news is, I successfully delivered on time. The best part was, I now had my very first online mini-program. Something I planned would take 90 days to complete, happened overnight.

If you know you work better under pressure, or with a limited time frame, get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a challenge. You will be amazed at how productive and what creative work you come up with. It’s a great way to take massive action.

3. Dream Big & Be Extraordinary

One of the best ways to invite creativity is to dream like the sky’s the limit! I’m talking about thinking outside the box kind of big!

Think of something you perhaps thought is wacky, or crazy and take yourself up on the challenge. You never know how far that crazy thought will take you, this way you will still achieve more than the ordinary.

What do you believe is impossible or outside your world of comfort? Now take the first steps to making it a reality. It’s that simple.

4. Be Yourself. Add Your Personality

The most successful entrepreneurs are great at what they do, because they don’t hide their scars! They share it and show the world they too are real people. They have a past and an inspirational story. People like connecting with real authentic people, so add your own flavor to your products and brand, it’s a whole lot easier doing it as yourself.

5. Just Do It!

Like the Nike Slogan says, just do it! Don’t overthink what you have to do and talk yourself out of it, because we all know which the easier option is. Too many times we fail to start because we start to think about how long it’s going to take. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m a total failure? Instead, what you can do, is think of the next steps in small bite size actions you can do to get there. This way, you will kick overwhelm in the backside, and get closer to your goal.

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Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

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