[VIDEOS, QUIZ, ARTICLE] Discover If You’re Left Or Right Brained… It’s Not What You’re Expecting!

Your Right and Left Brain Hemispheres, is One Dominant?

You know that the left and right hemispheres
of your brain have different functions, right?

Have you ever wondered what side of YOUR brain is more dominant?

Get ready for some fun as you re-visit your ideas on that right now!

Your Right and Left Brain Hemispheres, is One Dominant?

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It’s widely believed that knowing which side of your brain is dominant can be helpful for getting in touch with your deeper sense of self. It’s also widely accepted that knowing your brain dominance can help you to become more self-aware in a way that helps you to balance your dominant hemisphere with the other non-dominant one.

According to this widely accepted belief, balancing your right and left brain hemispheres can bring you a lot of great benefits. Each hemisphere of your brain has a rightful purpose and function in your physical, emotional and mental health and your life in general.

Left brain - daily tasks, organize, understand maths and science, run a businessBeing able to do daily tasks, organize, understand maths and science, run a business or do most jobs, all require a healthy left brain hemisphere’s participation. The left brain hemisphere is logical, analytical and objective. It also controls speech and comprehension.

Right brain - get creative, dream, feel inspired, reflect on your problemsBeing able to get creative, dream, feel inspired, reflect on your problems and see where you may be stuck, these are the types of things that require participation from your right brain’s hemisphere. The right brain is intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective. Your right hemisphere is what gives you your three-dimensional or spatial sense of things, your creativity, and your artistic flair.

Your right hemisphere on a physiological level controls muscles on the left side of your body, and the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the body. Feeling dyslexic just thinking about it? If so, according to the accepted model you may be right brain dominant. Conversely, if you grasped that easily and had an innate sense of it, then you could be considered left brain dominant.

Right brain left body, left brain right body
The two hemispheres of your brain do, however, communicate with one another through something called the corpus callosum. This is a bundle of neural fibers lying beneath your brain cortex that interconnects your left and right hemispheres for purposes of communication between them so they can coordinate getting things done for you.

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According to E. E. Smith of Psychology Today:

“…contrary to popular belief, [our brains] are not actually divided into two spheres. But something called the Neocortex is, and it makes up two-thirds of the brain… the Neocortex is the most advanced part of the brain…”

The truth is that a good part of your life’s activities actually require both of your brain hemispheres participating and working together in concert like musicians in an orchestra. Sometimes they take turns, but many times they play harmonious music together at the same time complementing each other in very beautiful ways.

Your brain hemispheres coordinating like orchestra musicians

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E. E. Smith writes further regards this:

“But are we totally one or the other? I was relieved to learn that we are not… most people are more or less equal on both sides of the brain… a scientist… is analytical and good at math, so he is characterized as being left-brained. However, he also has to be creative in order to make up and evaluate experiments, characteristic of the right-brained.

“…a label of left- or right-brained is not important, that people should not let themselves be pigeon-holed, because both hemispheres are functioning. In other words, most people are not entirely one or the other; there is usually a mix, with a little more preference toward one side of the brain or the other…”

Watch the first short video below to learn more about your right and left brain hemispheres and how they are now understood by science to work fairly equally with each other versus working separately in an either-or situation.

Then watch the next video which will help you further flesh things in from an artist’s perspective. HINT: video #2 is a totally mesmerizing and REALLY FUN video to watch!

You can of course just skip straight to the second video if you wish! Once you’re done watching the video(s) be sure to read our “The Best Part That Comes Almost Last” section and take our fun Quiz too!

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The Best Part That Comes Almost Last

There is a real beauty in dispelling the idea that you are either a right or left brained person isn’t there?

For one thing it liberates you from these small confining boxes and labels. You’ll always do best when you embrace ALL parts of your nature. You may indeed have exceptional abilities attributable to one hemisphere or the other on the surface. Yet, in most cases, if you really take the time to contemplate it for a bit, you’ll surely realize that all of the things that uniquely comprise “YOU” do indeed incorporate both hemispheres of your magnificent brain!

OK, so you have full permission to own the WHOLE YOU!

You feeling happier now?

Please share with us in the comments below regards how you see both hemispheres of your brain being involved in your favorite skills, shining attributes or whatever!

Just For Fun Left-Right Brain Dominance Quiz

Keeping in mind what you’ve learned above just now, have some fun and take this quiz now! Remember, don’t allow yourself to become identified with whatever it tells you that you are, the quiz isn’t official, it’s just for fun!

Image Credit: Colorful Brain Infographic Designed by Freepik

Image Credit: Math from Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit: Creativity by nnenn of Flickr

Image Credit: Whitehead Right-Left Gender Polarity Symbol from Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit: BBC Big Band from Wikimedia Commons

Quotes Credit: E. E. Smith of Psychology Today, Are You Right or Left Brain Dominant?

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