Money: A Natural Therapy Taboo


It is amazing how many highly trained, experienced natural health practitioners find it difficult to ask their clients for payment.

In most cases this reluctance can be tracked back to a lack of self-confidence.

We, as natural therapists, want to provide a professional, healing and nurturing environment for clients but struggle to recognise that our clients book an appointment expecting to pay for our services.

In fact, many clients would think less of you were you to offer your service for free.

Whatever the reason, asking for money can be confronting so how can you make it easier?

Asking For Money

– Think of money as an energy exchange – it flows in and it flows out.

– Change your mindset – remind yourself that you are worthy of payment.

– For many therapists the problem is that asking for money feels at odds with the therapy they have just provided. If you fall into this category, sort out payment at the start of the appointment so you can both relax.

– Consider asking for the money to be transferred into your account prior to the client attending your practice, but make sure they bring proof of transfer.

– Offer your clients the option to pay in bulk for sessions and have a reward for this payment method eg. buy 6 get one free.

– If you are still struggling practice asking for the money in front of a mirror or ask a friend to help you do some role playing.

Implementing just a few of these hints will help take away the pain of asking your clients for payment.

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Nikki White

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