The Space To A World Of Magic, Freedom, Love And The Divine


Yes another attempt of providing ‘lessons’ or teachings, keys or alchemical formulas for health, wellbeing, access to the Divine, freedom, empowerment and all that jazz…

Are you not bored of all the pseudo artificial spiritual ladi da that is being pumped into the atmosphere promising heavenly bliss, wellbeing and enlightenment?

Even though it might sell to the mind which is attracted to gizmos, shinny products and information, the soul however, seeks the substance, the Essence, the holy nectar of life itself, which without it loses it’s sense of awareness, life purpose, inner fulfilment and joy.

What is the point of so many books, workshops and videos on the net if there are basic principles that are universal? Laws that are present for our freedom, empowerment, enlightenment and divine life filled with magic?

You cannot buy a ticket to heaven, nor illumination. However, you can be guided and taught certain principles that will assist your growth, development or evolution, or ‘lovelution’.

You see Love, the vessel that contains existence as a whole, is what nearly 99% of the population seek yet unfortunately look in the wrong places, fall into illusion and get lost in karmic patterns.

Without love we live with spiritual holes, scattered minds, shattered hearts, emotional traumas, chaos and physical disorder.

Why? Without love there’s no light, without light your soul withers and ‘spiritually’ dies. When your soul ‘dies,’ your being is spiritually malnourished which leads to mental issues, emotional disharmonies that end up causing physical illness.

Each situation has a cause and each problem a solution, which originate on the soul level. When the soul remembers love, the light within begins to shine, when you heal your soul, you heal your entire being. Your life becomes whole, your dreams manifest.

Heaven is a symbolic term meaning a field of love where light flourishes and is forever sustained for love gives light its shine! That is why those in heaven are immortal. Your soul is a fractal light of heaven, that’s right or perhaps righteous, with a bit of lefteous.

Well, you see you have two wings, light and love, what we as spiritual beings use to fly. Two wings of yin/yang coming from the centre, the Tao or ‘God’. Can someone sell you a ticket to heaven or the paradise lands, world to come?

It’s not about earning or paying for it, but learning and attaining your righteous place, your sacred space, freely available. You just need to learn how to fly with your wings of light and love, be one with the Tao, take it easy and flow with the Way as birds or butterflies do.

You came from a light realm into dense realm that lacks light because of the condition of the planet. Chaos and suffering exists due to lack of divine light, the fuel of creation.

Hence, there are universal laws, universal wisdom which serves as a helping hand for us to be able to transcend the limitations of matter and through our own growth assist Earth in Hers.

In doing so, we do not only reach harmony, peace, content and happiness within but without as whole. Heaven within, paradise without. As simple as a smile on your face helps the world turn into a happier place.

Help fix your wings so you may enjoy the flight in our righteous space. It is a tool to assist your attainment of freedom and empowerment, have access to the Divine realms and live in a world of magic.

The world that has always been and can always be, entered from the space within. In any given moment.

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Felix S. Ezrahel

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