What’s Your Money Vibration?

Money Vibration

Do you know what your underlying beliefs, thoughts and feelings are when it comes to money? Does money flow to you easily and effortlessly? Do you feel good when you think about money? If not, then perhaps it’s time to decipher your money vibration.

Money, as with all things, is energy. It has a frequency or vibration. It reacts the way any energy does in that it is attracted to like frequencies or vibrations.

Therefore, if you have an abundance of money, you are vibrating abundance and if you are lacking money, you are vibrating lack.

If your beliefs, thoughts and feelings around money are negative in nature, then you are more than likely repelling money and attracting, instead, more circumstances that confirm your current lack.

So, how can you change your money vibration? The first step to take in changing your vibration is to get in touch with your current beliefs, thoughts and feelings about money.

What did you observe in your environment growing up when it came to money? What did you learn from your parents about money?

Write all these things down and notice how you feel as you do. Are these observations producing feelings of well-being or are they producing feelings of anxiety? They way you feel is your guidance….your internal guidance.

What this means is simply if you feel good, you are vibrating in harmony with what you desire but if you feel negative in anyway, you are not in harmony with what you desire.

Once you know where you’re vibrating, you can intentionally choose new thoughts and beliefs around money which will produce new and more positive feelings thereby bringing your vibration inline with your desire.

There are many ways to instill new thoughts and beliefs into your psyche. Hypnotherapy is an effective method as is practicing affirmations on a daily basis to help shift your beliefs.

A more practical way is to look for and identify ways in which money currently serves you well.

For example, you are on your way to work and you stop to buy a cup of coffee and maybe a bagel or some other treat. You have the money to do this every day and you can do it with ease every day and you feel good doing it.

Here is one way in which money serves you well. You’re walking along and notice coin along the way and you pick it up.

Here is another way money serves you well.

When you can tune in and turn on to the way money is already working for you, you will start to show and feel appreciation and it’s the appreciation that will instill feelings of gratitude and well-being which will, in turn, attract people, things, circumstances and opportunities that will serve to further instill those positive feelings within you.

This is how your vibration changes and this is the energy from which true magic can happen!

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