Learning To Trust. Why Is It Easier Said Than Done?

Learning To Trust

Pip Oxlade is our Spiritual Success Mentor for Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine. I interviewed her about Trust. Trusting ourselves, others and the universe.

In this interview she speaks about how we can limit ourselves when we don’t trust others. She speaks about how we can change our programming, how we can start learning to trust others.

Some of us were very hurt in years past and our doubt and fear crop up and those emotions want to keep us playing small so we can stay safe. Life is a journey and we need to grow in the process of life.

We need to go through an awakening or to change our mindset to be able to make change. There are many ways to do this. They say it is possible to change program or habit in sixty days.

Pip talks about how we need to learn trust as soon as we are born. As a baby as we come into the world we have to trust that someone is going to catch us! We have to trust that we are looked after by our family and friends. As we grow up we need to find friends who we can trust. We go through life with the experiences and feelings we learned as a child around trust, unless we change them.

I asked Pip how can someone learn to trust if they never experienced it in the past and she gives some very good advise.

Learning To Trust

If learning to trust is an issue for you, watch the interview above (Pip suprises Sharon in a BIG way). We talk about learning to trust and finding the right help for you. When you can trust, life becomes so much easier for you.

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