How Universal Mind Consciousness Can Alter Your Physical Body – Part 1


This is part 1 which clearly describes the role and structure of universal energies and how it projects itself onto the physical body.

Behind Universal Energy: Its Role, Structure & Projection Through The Physical Body
In the human body we all have the same organs the same brain structure and the workings of the above, so why is it that in some people these organs work better than in others, and why are some people clever and intelligent where others are not?

Why are babies born with defects and other’s aren’t?

All this is through the blue print of the energy matrix or pattern given to the role of the soul/spirit before it’s incarnation into a human form.

Every atom, cell and molecule has its own energy consciousness which communicates throughout the physical body from the blue print of the individual’s energy pattern in the subtle or ethereal body.

This consciousness of energy has a pattern within the light of the energy that holds it. It is from the subtle body that this energy is projected into the physical.

It is this matrix of energy consciousness that controls the chemicals compounds that operate all the various cells and molecules in the physical body even down to the coding of the DNA.

It is through the energy of the subtle body that all cells replicate themselves and regenerate themselves through a communication pattern designed by the universal mind.

When the  body of the human psyche is out of sync or is malfunctioned in some way and is not in alignment to the original pattern of the soul’s consciousness it is normally due to the soul/spirit carrying some universal karma.

This depletes the original pattern that the subtle body projects into the physical, it is one of the reasons why some babies are born with a defect or malfunction to the body.

This can also happen through genetic programming but think on who created the genetic programming of all species not just humans the universal mind creates all matter according to the vibrational energy fields that created them.

Many diseases are created in this way, science thinks that all problems that arise with the physical body have done so through genetic genes, DNA or the malfunction of the cells due to abusing the body in someway.

Cells are the building blocks of life and are controlled through the pattern of consciousness of the subtle body which has been programmed before the birth by the universal mind, but I doubt that science or the medical profession would agree with this as they only work with things that can be seen through some form of equipment and not from an energy that cant be seen.

If you look at cells under a microscope you will see thousands of small cells these may be either closely packed together or separated from one another by a material known as the cellular matrix.

It is the blueprint of a pattern of energy that projects itself from the subtle body which is an invisible replica of the physical body.

Cells have various shapes and form which apply to various functions within the physical body and as there are trillion cells to the body which are made up of hundreds of trillions of atoms all these have a energy communication structure that the universal mind created before the physical body comes into existence.

All cells have membranes surrounding them and enclosing them with a water rich substance called Cytoplasm, it is through this that all cells can carry out multi chemical reactions that enable them to grow and produce the necessary structure that a complete dialogue of communication runs between them.

Many of these cells carry genetic information some of which is hereditary but all are connected by a network of programming through a cellular structure laid down before the birth of the physical body.

There is also an invisible time switch which switches on and off throughout the individuals life releasing cells to mutate and to rid of the cells that have died.

It is through this invisible time switch that is programmed within the physical body that rogue cells leave the communication system and mutate and begin their own communication system this is termed as tumors which spread and lead to cancer.

It is through the consciousness of the subtle body programming that certain cells, strands of DNA can be altered through the life time of an individual, this can be attained through long periods of meditation where one can heighten their energy vibration above the body, mind syndrome.

This universal mind that one can connect with during meditation can alter the pattern and colours of the soul/spirit bringing it back slowly to it’s original form where it does not need to reincarnate anymore.

When an enlightened person has attained this higher energy form it ignites the kundalini consciousness of its own energy power which travels from the bottom of the spine and up the 33 vertebrates and out through the third eye or brow.

It is from this force of energy consciousness that can alter certain cells and change the DNA structure of it’s original code sequence and renew cells that may be damaged or on the verge of negative mutations.

The multicolored code within the double helix of the DNA which is composed of a combination of amino acids and each code has a amino acid which determines the gene and instruct it through the network energy system of the intelligence of the universal mind to produce the correct protein for each strand of DNA.

But when there is some form of breakdown in the communication system the DNA does not perform as it should do and becomes malfunction in certain areas which leads to problems within the health of the individual.

Progress has been made in the scientific world where they have found a way to switch off some cancer cells, there is an unknown molecule that appears to play an important role in the way a tumour grows by manipulating the molecule that helps control the tumour by switching off the molecule and stop the cancer spreading.

This is being researched into what is known as junk DNA which is a large part of the DNA that we dont know about.

Most medical professions do not know or understand the proportions of DNA that are not seen to be used or believed to have a function, but slowly the realisation of this junk area of our genetics gives rise to the genetic molecules which are known as RNA which helps translate the instruction code which is encoded within the the DNA structure.

There is an identification of a new form of RNA that affects the gene that controls a tumours growth and determines whether this certain gene is switched off or on, but unfortunately the experts still have to find a way in which they can switch off the gene that controls the growth of the tumour.

Perhaps one day humans will be more enlightened and aware of the invisible energies that control all the communication system and how the off or on switch can be regulated by the understanding of the higher universal mind.

The Cosmic Energetic Dance

Everything we see and all we cant see is energy. Things do not contain energy.

Things are energy.

Energy is the cosmic dance a myriad of energy patterns continually in motion by its own vibrating source and frequency.

All that is manifested whether it is gross matter or the subtle energy one cant see, it is all a manifestation of the universal mind interplay with the various roles and evolutionary growth on planet earth.

Everything on this planet and within all universes is just a sea of energy waves dancing to their unique rhythm and oscillation in the various frequencies of the universal orchestra.

It is the illusionary show of light and sound and all that we perceive reality to be, but in the true cosmic reality it is the movements of all energies vibrating that create particles and these particles create atoms and atoms create patterns and within these patterns a creation of existence is formed.

This is all part of the universal mind which creates scenarios, plays and the roles of the games which are created for the universal mind to experience its own creation.

In the gigantic cosmic show all atoms, molecules, DNA and parts of the creation of all life whether it be a stone, an ant, tree or human being all is energy and all is created through the consciousness of the universal mind.

The universal nature and its rules of cause and effect are all forms of various levels of energy within the cosmic structure of the cosmic dance.

Every dance has a different vibration or oscillation all is part of the whole gigantic cosmic dance with the full universal sound playing to each of these cosmic dances.

It is through these energies of the universal mind that billions of plays are created each one striving to help the planet earth and all who inhabit her grow in its majestic evolution of spiritual growth.

The energies within  our subconsciousness of emotional and mental energies create a pattern and within this pattern we see the five senses of our reality but we have forgotten there are more senses than the five we perceive and it’s the lack of understanding and the ignorance of our outer ego that we have forgotten the role we have come to play.

It is through our forgetfulness that creates so many imbalances within our energy pattern.

If everybody could see and understand that we are spiritual beings in human form and not the other way round we would all perceive much more of the truth of universal reality and not just planet earth’s reality in which we only see that which surrounds us.

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