How To Use Your Energy To Change Consciousness

Change Consciousness

In the world, we understand nature through physical duplication, reproduction and expansion.  A single sperm and egg combine and then divide (i.e. meiosis and mitosis), create more cells, and do so continuously to eventually build a human, who in turn may go on to reproduce another human.

A plant produces seeds, which in turn regrow into many more plants, from one comes many, expansion.

The first law of thermodynamics (also known as the Law of Conservation of Energy) states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

A simple example of this is switching a light on. It may seem like the light has created energy, however, it has merely converted electricity into light, changing what already exists into something else.

Because, at our core, we too are made of energy (molecules in different compositions as well as the electrical currents running through us), these laws also apply to us.

Understanding the energy within you can allow you to change how you experience your life and ultimately change consciousness itself.

Since consciousness can be seen as the fabric unfolded by the energy that runs through it, knowing how to direct the current (your current if you like) will empower you to experience more (expansion) – i.e. an “easier/better” life sooner.

It is the nature of Energy to transform through flow.   The trajectory it follows during and after this process of “transformation” is guided by your intentions and life choices.  In effect, YOU transform consciousness as energy transforms through you.

In Chinese Medicine an understanding of energy has been used to create and maintain health in the human body in communities for thousands of years to help millions of people.

It is based on the observation of energy and a collection of energetic relationship laws known as “The Law of the Five Elements.”

This law dictates that there is one energy (known as the Tao) whose expression is divided into five distinct categories (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood), all of which interact in a very specific way.

Energy is constantly cycled through each of these “Elements” in dual form (Yin/Yang) in dynamic relational patterns.  Ultimately, this energy transforms from one expression to the next in cycles throughout your life via this patterning.

This Five Element Theory about energy flow can be considered an interpretation of the Law of Conservation of Energy and how this law applies to the human body.

The specific organized patterns of energy described in The Law of the Five Elements can also be replicated in all other aspects of life – as this theory stipulates that because the different qualities are part of the same one energy, everything is in truth ONE: you, your family, our communities, cities, countries the World and Universe itself.

The “Element” names and qualities can be considered both metaphorically and literally, and absolutely everything can be assigned an “Element” according to the qualities it expresses or holds, making the pattern applicable in many ways; colours, seasons, sounds, emotions, temperatures, tastes, textures and so on all have an allocated “element” to which they most relate and fit within the measured relationship dynamic that the element has with everything else.

This is the foundational “science” behind “Energetic Healing.”

A very basic example of two ways the elements express energy through flow and how they relate to each other can be observed in the illustration below (circular – one Element “feeding” the next and star shaped interaction demonstrating how the Elements can control or be controlled by every second element in the system):

Fire – generates Earth (ash) and destroys Metal (melting)

Earth – generates Metal (minerals) and destroys/controls Water (dams/directs)

Metal – generates Water (within minerals of the Earth) and destroys Wood (cutting)

Water – generates Wood (growing) and destroys Fire (extinguishing)

Wood – generates Fire (feeds fire) and destroys Earth (roots split the Earth)

We can observe a definite flow and function of energy in this system.  The cycles represent both the….

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