How To Use Your Energy To Change Consciousness

Change Consciousness

In the world, we understand nature through physical duplication, reproduction and expansion.  A single sperm and egg combine and then divide (i.e. meiosis and mitosis), create more cells, and do so continuously to eventually build a human, who in turn may go on to reproduce another human.

A plant produces seeds, which in turn regrow into many more plants, from one comes many, expansion.

The first law of thermodynamics (also known as the Law of Conservation of Energy) states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

A simple example of this is switching a light on. It may seem like the light has created energy, however, it has merely converted electricity into light, changing what already exists into something else.

Because, at our core, we too are made of energy (molecules in different compositions as well as the electrical currents running through us), these laws also apply to us.

Understanding the energy within you can allow you to change how you experience your life and ultimately change consciousness itself.

Since consciousness can be seen as the fabric unfolded by the energy that runs through it, knowing how to direct the current (your current if you like) will empower you to experience more (expansion) – i.e. an “easier/better” life sooner.

It is the nature of Energy to transform through flow.   The trajectory it follows during and after this process of “transformation” is guided by your intentions and life choices.  In effect, YOU transform consciousness as energy transforms through you.

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In Chinese Medicine an understanding of energy has been used to create and maintain health in the human body in communities for thousands of years to help millions of people.

5 Element Theory 5 Elements of Life – What are the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine?

It is based on the observation of energy and a collection of energetic relationship laws known as “The Law of the Five Elements.”

This law dictates that there is one energy (known as the Tao) whose expression is divided into five distinct categories (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood), all of which interact in a very specific way.

Energy is constantly cycled through each of these “Elements” in dual form (Yin/Yang) in dynamic relational patterns.  Ultimately, this energy transforms from one expression to the next in cycles throughout your life via this patterning.

This Five Element Theory about energy flow can be considered an interpretation of the Law of Conservation of Energy and how this law applies to the human body.

The specific organized patterns of energy described in The Law of the Five Elements can also be replicated in all other aspects of life – as this theory stipulates that because the different qualities are part of the same one energy, everything is in truth ONE: you, your family, our communities, cities, countries the World and Universe itself.

The “Element” names and qualities can be considered both metaphorically and literally, and absolutely everything can be assigned an “Element” according to the qualities it expresses or holds, making the pattern applicable in many ways; colours, seasons, sounds, emotions, temperatures, tastes, textures and so on all have an allocated “element” to which they most relate and fit within the measured relationship dynamic that the element has with everything else.

This is the foundational “science” behind “Energetic Healing.”

A very basic example of two ways the elements express energy through flow and how they relate to each other can be observed in the illustration below (circular – one Element “feeding” the next and star shaped interaction demonstrating how the Elements can control or be controlled by every second element in the system):

What are the five elements of nature?

Fire – generates Earth (ash) and destroys Metal (melting)

Earth – generates Metal (minerals) and destroys/controls Water (dams/directs)

Metal – generates Water (within minerals of the Earth) and destroys Wood (cutting)

Water – generates Wood (growing) and destroys Fire (extinguishing)

Wood – generates Fire (feeds fire) and destroys Earth (roots split the Earth)

We can observe a definite flow and function of energy in this system.  The cycles represent both the natural flow of energy from one element to the next and also how these pathways can be switched off or manipulated to control the rate of flow.

Because the organs/systems in the human body have also been observed to express distinct qualities (again, each are unique from one another but work together within the whole), they too have been assigned specific “Elements,” providing a trained Practitioner working with the Law of the Five Elements a clear means to observe and identify any issues within the energy and therefore the body.

Through this means, they can rectify issues using observable rules of the energetic flow. If energy is blocked somewhere in the body, a gateway to unblock or release energy flow can be found via specifically mapped pathways/points within the Five Elements system patterning.

A disruption of energy flow impacts the ease by which energy moves and transforms.

Because both the physical (body) and metaphysical (the subtle, symbolic representations beyond the physical) co-exist and are operating simultaneously as counterparts of each other, the outcome of a disrupted energy flow equates to a more “bumpy” experience in life and often a decrease in health, known as “dis-ease”.

Enhanced free flow of energy on the other hand can facilitate a healthy body and a happy more empowered life.

By releasing your energy blocks (unexpressed emotions, repetitive belief patterning, pain, nutritional deficits and so on) your “energy” can continue uninterrupted via its transformation processes, carrying “You” along with ease (i.e. if you are struggling in an area of life, you will notice that your “struggle” dissipates after simply identifying and releasing the blocked energy mapped and running behind the scenes in your body).

Holistic Healing Therapies – Alternative Health Therapies

Therapies like Reflexology, Moxibustion, Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Naturopathy and others are based on this model of working with energy, which is why they often prove so effective.

The concept that “everything” is connected helps us understand that everything affects everything else in one way or another.  What you give, you get back, cause and effect – because we all share the same energy, the Law of the Five Elements can assist us in understanding these connections.

Energy is always moving, operating, and transforming. Each time it transforms, it carries with it the information (or an imprint) of what it was transformed from e.g. in physical terms our DNA.

As we evolve we expand inclusive of that which has come before us.  Our bodies still contain primitive reflexes hardwired into our brains from the beginning of human existence.

Nowadays, our physical bodies are more evolved (still containing primitive features) however, we are now a new expression, a more evolved expression of the physical as well as the energetic counterpart which combined are  consciousness expanded.

Consciousness is an ever-expanding energetic fabric and the outcome of the evolution of all individual energy systems combined. This “fabric” is the expression of everything that exists (or has the potential to), and we influence this expression by the choices we make.

Although the energy within us follows a specific “law,” through our intentions and choices, we each guide the trajectory by which our individual energy system is expressed and because of that, we each impact consciousness.

If you had the choice, what experience or expression would you like, through your energy, to contribute to the fabric of our collective consciousness?

Energy and Consciousness

Know that the energy within you moves through established flows and patterns, and it is the way we drive this energy that enables us to alter consciousness.

Know that we are all expanding consciousness by our choices, and, individually, we all impact the quality of the experiences of ourselves and everyone else.  You matter as does everyone else EQUALLY.

Have you ever thought about the chain of events and personal choices and intentions that occurred to connect your parents in order to create you? And their parents in order to create them?  Choice.

Energy flows where attention goes.  Our choices and intentions give us the pathway for our attention to go and energy to follow.  By simply placing your attention on how you would like to express consciousness, the energy running behind the scenes makes it so.

Energy moves continuously and inherently, so getting what you want from life is simply a matter of directing the expansion of consciousness through the intentions you have.

Energy has a distinct pattern, and intention creates the pathway, the energy flows within.  Energy is the current running through consciousness, and you can change consciousness by altering the direction of the current based on the directive you provide.

YOU impact consciousness at every moment and can shift its direction simply through the choices you make and the intentions you have.

The world we have “inherited” is the outcome of all of that which has come before us, and what becomes of it will be the product of what we collectively do with our intentions, as they are the pivotal point through which we affect energy.

Wherever we apply intention, our energy performs.  Each of us co-creates the experience we have, and by default the experience of all else within the field of consciousness we reside within.

On an individual level, it is up to us to intend with purpose, care and awareness. We are powerful, remember that.

If we change the vantage point (our intention), the direction of our energy is affected and the amount of potential energy we carry is influenced.

Always seek the highest vantage point that will benefit consciousness as a whole, and you can make the biggest impact.

If you could choose what life is for everyone, what would your ideal be?  To make it is easier, what would you prefer to what you/we currently have?

Map Your Life

If you could map your life (or bigger still, the history of the world) like a film and edit it to perfection, what parts would you watch over and over again, and what parts would you prefer be deleted, recycle binned?

We cannot “delete” the past exactly as it is part of existence, however we can “learn” or create better in light of what has been created.  We can transform the past by letting it go and choosing something better.

We each individually alter our collective experience of consciousness by the direction our intentions are set, so let’s make choices and direct our energy currents toward the highest expression of expansion, always.

If you would like assistance in releasing any energy blocks you may have, so you can experience your highest potential and effect consciousness with your best and deepest impact, find a qualified practitioner who works with Energy and The Five Element Theory.

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