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Best at Home Teeth Whitening – In this video you’ll learn about coconut oil pulling for teeth whitening for use as a basic holistic dental care routine. Oil pulling results can vary from one person to the next.

However, oil pulling with coconut oil in particular will provide most of the benefits of oil pulling for nearly everyone who gives it a fair chance.

In other words, it has been my experience that coconut oil pulling results tend to be better than when oil pulling with other food oils like sesame, sunflower or olive oil. I think coconut oil tastes much better too! 

Learning how to oil pull with coconut oil is a wonderful skill and practice to be adding to your holistic lifestyle. This practice goes back thousands of years and has it’s roots in the Ayurvedic medicine of ancient India so you’re tapping into some ancient healing knowledge when you’re oil pulling.

There are many benefits of oil pulling which have been claimed over the years. The 5 main one’s which you can reasonably expect and which have some scientific basis are:

  1. It reduces the short-term risk of gingivitis.
  2. It may help remineralize your teeth and promote the natural healing of any cavities.
  3. It kills cavity-causing bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans.
  4. It decreases oral thrush symptoms.
  5. It beats bad breath or halitosis.

Further, there is some evidence that coconut oil pulling promotes a healthy microbial biome in your mouth and removes plaque from your teeth too.

I do have one word of caution for you though… while this is generally a safe practice, oil pulling does involve one minor risk.

If you frequently choke on oils while oil pulling, the fats in the oils can make their way into your lungs and they can cause lipid pneumonia, although this is rather rare. 

This is why young children in particular should not be encouraged to practice oil pulling until they have more control over their throat and mouth muscles and reflexes. 

Watch this video to learn just how simple it is to do coconut oil pulling.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• 1 tbsp (at least) organic coconut oil.  
• 1 tablespoon sized spoon to scoop it out with.
• 1 waste bin or container to spit the oil into when your done.
• 1 glass of pure filtered water for rinsing your mouth at the end.

That looks rather easy doesn’t it? Watch this video and give it a try. Let me know your experience of coconut oil pulling in the comments below!

Do you think it’s a reasonable addition to your holistic dental care routines? Would you try this teeth whitening treatment to get white teeth?

I’m quite sure that if you get into the good habit of doing this routine it will benefit you in many ways. Learning how to clean your teeth and mouth properly will really improve your health.

Ayurvedic medicine also believes that oil pulling detoxifies the mouth and body and helps with preventing and healing some diseases.

While there isn’t any scientific basis for these claims yet due the fact there hasn’t been many studies done along these lines, Ayurveda is a very ancient system which has helped millions of people over the millennia.

This is the best at home teeth whitening, natural way I have found! Try it for yourself.

I am sure you already know how to clean teeth. How to brush your teeth and how to take good care of your teeth but oil pulling is something we are not taught when we are very young.

If you know more natural teeth whitening methods, please let us know in the comments and I will give them a try! In the meantime… smile whitening 😀

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Sharon White (teeth 🦷)

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