High Vibrational Art. How Can It Help?

High Vibrational Art Self Love Through Time

What is vibrational art and how can it help you to heal? High vibrational art is created with a healing intention. It speaks to the greater parts of your being, your spirit, your soul and your multidimensional light bodies and it brings you into vibrational harmony.

What Does It Mean To Be High Vibrational?

This is a spiritual teaching. It has been used for millennia and first taught by the masters of old.

Everything has a vibration, and we are constantly sending out electrical signals that interact with the environment. Our thoughts are active and powerful.

The higher the frequency of your energy or vibrational energy, the lighter you feel in your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies.

In this state you can experience greater personal power, love, clarity, peace, and joy. You may experience less discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are better dealt with.

For example; If you are feeling negative about yourself your energy, frequency or vibration will be low. On the other hand if you are feeling self love, your energy, frequency or vibration will be high.

Vibrational art brings you back into vibrational harmony meaning you start feeling better and have more energy. High vibrational artwork helps to raise your frequency.

The intention of the artist is to connect with you emotionally to raise your consciousness. Here are some vibrational artworks I have painted.

Best High Vibrational Art Examples

High Vibrational Art Self Love
Self Love by Sharon White Vibrant Art

This image was a series I painted about self love. I was doing alot of inner work on myself at the time and wanted to paint my inner child. I painted the feminine first and then felt like I needed to paint the masculine to bring myself back into balance.

I used the colour gold for my heart. Gold is rich and extravagant, it is the ultimate color to symbolize luxury. It is also linked to divinity.

I wanted to show the luxury of having a connection to universe and love for self.

How does this image make you feel? What do you see? What does it remind you of?

Pink Spirits On A Journey by Sharon White Vibrant Art

This picture is to make the viewer think about their spiritual journey and their connection to others and the earth around them. Are we purely physical beings or are we much more than that?

You see I used white in the images and also in the energy around the beings to show the connection, the journey we are on. The colour white shows purity.

White is a mix of positive and negative attributes, the color white evokes different feelings. From hope and joy to discouragement and sadness, the color white reminds us that all of our emotions are valid.

Inspiring awe, intrigue, and enchantment, the color white speaks no evil, hears no evil, and sees no evil  – it is simple purity.

How does this image make you feel? What do you see? What does it remind you of?

High Vibrational Art Heavenly Goddesses
Heavenly Goddesses by Sharon White Vibrant Art

This is a series of images I made in the colours of the chakras. I used crystals, singing bowls and meditation while I painted this series. I used vibrational essential oils from Doterra in each of the paints to raise the vibration of the paintings even more.

This series took a day of study and preparation to research the best essential oils, colours, crystals, music to use. I went into a medititive or trance like state when I painted this series.

I had no idea what the paintings would look like but you can see the same images began appearing in them all. It is as if a group of beings wanted to be known!

Lilac is a light purple that symbolizes a first love. Although various colors of lilacs have different meanings, the lilac has always had a strong association with love and romance throughout history.

It is often associated with grandparents or grandchildren.

This is the reason I used it as a frame for the chakra colours as the images that emerged seemed to be a high vibrational group of beings. 

How does this image make you feel? What do you see? What does it remind you of?

What Color Has The Highest Vibration?

Violet light has the highest energy, frequency and vibration and the shortest wavelength of visible light.

Beyond the visible spectrum, ultra-violet is even shorter wave and higher frequency and energy, in fact its energy is so high it can burn our skin very quickly and kill bacteria.

This is the reason it is used in modern medicine.

What Words Have The Highest Vibration?

Health, peace, strength, energy, harmony, activity, love

Freedom, success, wisdom, happiness, inspiration, purpose

Resourcefulness, achievement, faith, mastery, confidence, spirit

So if you want to do a painting for yourself or commission a painting these are some words you want to focus on the get a high vibrational artwork.

How Do You Know If Your Vibration Is High?

High vibrations are usually associated with positive qualities and feelings, such as love, joy, peace. So if this is the way you are feeling most of the time you would be in a high vibrational state.

How Do You Vibrate At A Higher Level?

To maintain a high vibration, keep raising it. Keep working on yourself consciously. Raise your vibration to a new level of light by integrating your lessons, meditating daily, exercising, eating healthy, and releasing fear and lower levels of energy.

Surround yourself with people that support you. Keep away from toxins. Do the things that support you in raising your vibration on a consistent basis.

What Emotion Has The Highest Frequency?

700hz: Enlightenment – Enlightenment isn’t quite an emotion, but it is a state of mind – and has the highest vibrational frequency of all. Most people dont achieve this state of being

400-600hz: Love, Joy & Peace – These emotions are the highest, sacred emotions that vibrate at the highest frequency. This is what we need to strive for on a daily basis if we want to be in a high vibrational state.

I hope you see by now that high vibrational art has a purpose for healing. Is is simply not just throwing paint on a canvas but has a specific healing intention. So whether you intend to paint for yourself or get an artist to paint a healing picture for you. Enjoy the process.

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Sharon White is the founder of Global Healing Exchange she is a therapist who works with her clients to heal their emotions working with their subconscious and does vibrational healing arts to keep her vibrations high and keep her in a positive state of living.

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