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Holistic Brain Technique

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.”  – Nikola Tesla

We human beings are like organic machines. We generate self-energy, we are self sufficient while creating this energy that many philosophers and Asian cultures call ‘chi power’.

This energy inside of us works like a 360 degree wheel of spheres and as we focus on our minds and on that energy, we begin to move those wheels like geared engines which then creates a Wi-Fi power of communication that reach infinite dimensions.

Consciousness is the natural awareness within the environment. The brain is the hardware, constantly vibrating frequencies, just like the hardware of a computer. Our consciousness and subconscious are like the software programming.

If we have a USB drive that is contaminated with a virus and insert that into a computer, that virus will then begin to spread and contaminate the computer along with its programming.

Now we need to find an anti-virus to locate and delete that original virus. It is the same parallel effect that happens within our brain, consciousness and subconscious.

The subconscious is one of the first things to be attacked by the virus, which in our case as human beings is external influence, personal experience and trauma.

Soon after those effects have settled in, it begins to manifest itself onto our physical actions and once that virus has fully attached itself, it continues to adapt to reach and contaminate our consciousness. The Holistic Brain Technique created by Jason Goncalves is that anti-virus to heal the self.

The question shouldn’t be ‘How does one achieve higher consciousness?’ but rather ‘How does one heal the self internally and achieve balance?’ Facing our emotions may sound simple and empty minded to some, but it is actually one of the most important, underestimated and difficult actions we human beings have yet to fully achieve.

When we face our emotions and go to the actual ‘Root’ of the trauma and observe with a neutral understanding through a feeling, which is a mental portrayal of what is going on in our body, reacting to those emotions.

Understanding that concept through the actual feeling itself, we will begin to see that those specific situations in our life were created for the purpose of experience.

When we understand that those certain circumstances and personal situations that happen to us as an experience, to learn and grow from, we will observe both wisdom and knowledge together without taking the experience personally.

One of the main troubles in today’s society is when these unfortunate experiences happen to us and we subconsciously take it personally, we begin to dwell and start to portray ourselves as the victim.

When that happens, it creates a loop in our subconscious and creates enslavement within, holding us back from our true and full potential.

The Holistic Brain Technique helps us understand that neutral perception of the self, while healing those specific traumas, gives us the capability of achieving balance and freedom in our lives.

Jason has been healing numerous amounts of people and communities around different parts of the world at rapid rates with unbelievable results. Naturally healing drug and alcohol addiction, emotional wellness, anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, overcoming mental illnesses and mental/physical traumas, all while achieving a higher sense of consciousness.

Jason has been studying and practicing consciousness, shamanism, herbal medicine and religion philosophies for over 16 years. His life work and journey has led him to find and create this neutral and natural technique that can positively benefit every human being.

This neutral technique influences and inspires the process of our self-evolution while vibrating onto our environment and societies, without crashing culture and religious beliefs.

Through this specific process with Jason, it has also been proven to increase and sustain our physical endurance, mental focus, and mental/physical awareness.

This Holistic Brain Technique breaks through the individuals subconscious using unique and specific breathing patterns, stimulating visualization through spoken word that represent the right and left side of the brain, with custom graphics that Jason designs based on the clients basic foundation.

These combinations, sequences and graphics connect the neurons in our brain, heart and gut (digestive system) together helping to stimulate the brain, which then releases not only our natural hormones, but naturally produces and releases our natural DMT through our pineal gland, experiencing levels of euphoric consciousness and enlightenment.

Jason and his Holistic Brain Technique’s natural process rewires the brain from our emotional traumas and conflicts, giving off the sense and state of euphoria that we’ve had locked inside of us all along.

Going to the roots of our traumas and addictions, deleting the negative information and frequencies within our mind, body, and soul while overcoming and facing our darkest fears. This creates balance with oneself, thus creating self-healing.

It has always been nerve breaking to face our fears, especially in today’s society. In order for us to achieve and prosper we have to understand self love and not be afraid to open up.

Understanding through a feeling will help us recognize and perceive that any trauma or pain from the past is nothing but a scar that becomes a memory of an experience.

Through integrity and learning how to step outside of ourselves for a moment, to make a decision through a neutral perception and execute that decision focused on what is best for the total, for yourself, for the environment and our planet. Only then will you heal through balance.

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Jason Goncalves – Holistic Brain Science Expert

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