Free Lifetime Upgrade For Your Emotional Baggage

Emotional Baggage

If there was such a thing as real emotional baggage, what would be inside yours, how old and heavy would it be, what would it mean for your life if it was lighter and is there a way to make it so?

To start answering these questions we need to understand what emotions are and how they work.

The human body is a complex structure which includes not only a visible outer casing but also an internal aspect that spans all our physiological systems, our organs, glands, tissues and cells right down to our biochemistry and DNA.

In addition to these physical tangible elements of the body we also have an energetic counterpart which co-exists alongside the physical on a higher vibrational level.

At the molecular level, everything is a combination of different atoms made up of protons, neutrons and electrons in different compositions.  So, at this basic level EVERYTHING is energy.

The most important part of “our body” is the driver behind the energetic structure – YOU.

How you experience or know what to make of an experience you have while inside your body is through the emotional sensations you have in relation to any given situation or thing.

It is the emotional interface where we begin to give the meaning to our circumstances.

That is not to say what you feel is “right” or “wrong” in accordance to some external standard, but the way you feel is merely the shadow cast by the thought process or beliefs behind the circumstance which YOU are experiencing.

What you do with that feeling determines the impact an experience has on your life.

Our emotions are like our inbuilt compass, part of our innate guidance system directing us to our Soul’s desire, which, for everyone, simply comes down to the expansion of awareness in different ways, the actualization of our individual potential.

Using emotion, we react, and receive feedback from what we perceive and, through this, are able to know when something needs to change (emotions are a key part of our Soul’s own stimulus response system).

There is an indivisible relationship between what we think, how we feel, and our life circumstances.

Using our internal “compass” by simply tuning in or getting in touch with how we feel, we can easily verify whether the direction we are facing is toward our highest potential (what we want) or carrying us down a path toward a more challenging, lower vibrational experience (what we don’t want).

Both options exist and again neither is “right or wrong”.  It is all about what you want your experience to be and the speed in which you wish to get there.

Avoiding, bypassing, suppressing or denying emotions are the sign posts to the slower longer path and acknowledging, accepting, feeling and letting go of our emotions is the fast track.

Our emotions hint at what is inside our subconscious (this is the non-linear, non-analytical, all accepting, irrational part of the brain and also the place where our suppressed information is stored) – therefore sometimes it may seem illogical that we feel a certain way.

So, don’t be hard on yourself for not knowing “why” you feel the way you do sometimes.

Trying to “rationalize” suppressed emotion is like speaking a different language to someone who is unilingual.

It may seem simple, but the way to process emotions, whether they “make sense” or not, is to simply just FEEL them.

For every thought we adopt, we associate an emotion. When we experience an emotion in relation to a thought, a neuronal circuit is activated which generates a behavior as a reaction to it.

Therefore, how we behave in every aspect of our life is coloured by…

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