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Emotional Baggage

If there was such a thing as real emotional baggage, what would be inside yours, how old and heavy would it be, what would it mean for your life if it was lighter and is there a way to make it so?

To start answering these questions we need to understand what emotions are and how they work.

The human body is a complex structure which includes not only a visible outer casing but also an internal aspect that spans all our physiological systems, our organs, glands, tissues and cells right down to our biochemistry and DNA.

In addition to these physical tangible elements of the body we also have an energetic counterpart which co-exists alongside the physical on a higher vibrational level.

At the molecular level, everything is a combination of different atoms made up of protons, neutrons and electrons in different compositions.  So, at this basic level EVERYTHING is energy.

The most important part of “our body” is the driver behind the energetic structure – YOU.

How you experience or know what to make of an experience you have while inside your body is through the emotional sensations you have in relation to any given situation or thing.

It is the emotional interface where we begin to give the meaning to our circumstances.

That is not to say what you feel is “right” or “wrong” in accordance to some external standard, but the way you feel is merely the shadow cast by the thought process or beliefs behind the circumstance which YOU are experiencing.

What you do with that feeling determines the impact an experience has on your life.

Our emotions are like our inbuilt compass, part of our innate guidance system directing us to our Soul’s desire, which, for everyone, simply comes down to the expansion of awareness in different ways, the actualization of our individual potential.

Using emotion, we react, and receive feedback from what we perceive and, through this, are able to know when something needs to change (emotions are a key part of our Soul’s own stimulus response system).

There is an indivisible relationship between what we think, how we feel, and our life circumstances.

Using our internal “compass” by simply tuning in or getting in touch with how we feel, we can easily verify whether the direction we are facing is toward our highest potential (what we want) or carrying us down a path toward a more challenging, lower vibrational experience (what we don’t want).

Both options exist and again neither is “right or wrong”.  It is all about what you want your experience to be and the speed in which you wish to get there.

Avoiding, bypassing, suppressing or denying emotions are the sign posts to the slower longer path and acknowledging, accepting, feeling and letting go of our emotions is the fast track.

Our emotions hint at what is inside our subconscious (this is the non-linear, non-analytical, all accepting, irrational part of the brain and also the place where our suppressed information is stored) – therefore sometimes it may seem illogical that we feel a certain way.

So, don’t be hard on yourself for not knowing “why” you feel the way you do sometimes.

Trying to “rationalize” suppressed emotion is like speaking a different language to someone who is unilingual.

It may seem simple, but the way to process emotions, whether they “make sense” or not, is to simply just FEEL them.

For every thought we adopt, we associate an emotion. When we experience an emotion in relation to a thought, a neuronal circuit is activated which generates a behavior as a reaction to it.

Therefore, how we behave in every aspect of our life is coloured by the thoughts behind our emotions.

Occurring in the form of both energy and matter simultaneously, emotions can pass through both our body and energy as soon as they as processed.  Issues arise when we “avoid” or “block” our feelings, as by nature, emotions are supposed to be moving, – fleeting.

The emotional components of our Being are like everything – ENERGY.  They are not meant to be stopped or resisted but to be in perpetual motion – in effect energy in motion (e-motion).

So, if we want to change our behavior or life circumstances, we can observe our emotional reactions and by doing so, we gain access to the thought program we are running that is generating the feeling.

Through changing our perspective, we can create a new emotional reaction and therefore change the behavior.  However, to do so we must FEEL “through” the emotion to access what is behind it.

Like electricity, emotion needs to move freely or else it builds in intensity creating a vibratory field through us and to us and over time this can “blow our circuits”, resulting in the breakdown of the physical counterpart, our body (when this happens it can also be known as another form of physical toxicity).

Remember we are what we don’t eliminate.  We create a magnetism for similar vibrations that we resonate with, meaning we will only create more of the same emotional patterns until we change something at the core level.

Molecular biologist Candace Pert PhD broke ground in the science behind mind-body medicine.  She helped reveal the physical elements of our Emotions.

Pert was instrumental in mapping the mechanism our body uses to produce different emotional states with the identification of important receptor sites on cell membranes, which act like lock and key, similar to the way hormones interact within the body but specific to Emotion.

She showed how they function to cause changes in cells by acting as docking sites for what are now known as the neuropeptide ligands, these are now understood to be the specific “emotional chains”.

This confirmation of the way our body physically uses emotions validates their existence as being of the “real world” and therefore of importance to the functionality of the human body (our body, by design, only maintains parts of itself which are necessary for function/survival).

It’s All Relative

Everything is relational.  How we differentiate one thing from another is through a comparison of the extremes on a scale, e.g. bigger/smaller, closer/further, longer/shorter etc.

So, the world we live in within our bodies could be looked at as being a physical map through which we all travel and experience, made up of the variations between extremes.

As “we” move through life, we too are inside of this relational paradigm.

What this means is that we all navigate through the same map differently depending on the associations we ourselves make through our unique internal neural and energetic networks, which are made up of our past experiences, genetic programming and unique Souls perspective.

We are relating ourselves to this map which is merely reflecting to us the connections we place upon it.

Our individual reaction to a situation can be different from someone else’s as our reactional cues come from what is stored within US and could be viewed as our own “emotional or life baggage”.

Each emotion is also on a successive scale of opposition, with love, joy and trust and emotions of these higher qualities on one side, and hate, fear, doubt and the like, sitting at the opposite end, with everything in between serving as “the many shades of gray”.

This scale has evolved through time as an outcome of growth and adaptation to changing circumstances and human reactivity due to our development.

We started with the basic primitive emotions of fear and love, and have grown into what is now a more complex variation of the two extremes as the scale has expanded in both directions.

The scale itself is ultimately the two pieces which create the whole.  Yin and Yang.  Ever expanding Oneness. Which YOU play a vital role within.

We cannot change our past experiences.  However, the constructed beliefs we have built in response to them can be altered and reconstructed through conscious choice once we release the electrical charge of the emotion bound within us by simply just FEELING.

Once we release the emotional bond, a new perspective can then be seen and employed.

Our emotions are active energy and accumulate in potency when they stagnate, when we avoid “feeling” them.  So, the secret to gaining new perspectives and truly changing your life is via the awareness and understanding that all emotions need to be known for exactly what they are – Energy in Motion.

Your Bags Are Packed….Where Are You Driving To?

The driver behind the direction of our thoughts is US and our DESIRES.  Emotions are the fuel which aid in the actualization of our desires by trial and error.  Let me clarify.

You may be thinking “But I don’t “desire” this bad relationship, these work troubles and this bodily dis-ease” this is true from your current perspective, however, in order to create your true desire (maybe a soulful relationship, meaningful work and a healthy body) you may need to know how you FEEL within these current not so comfortable scenarios (i.e. by trial and error) to start changing your thoughts to be more in alignment with your TRUE DESIRE.

If you are “stuck”, this is how to start moving.

In this world of duality (or experiencing life through this scale of oppositions as discussed above) knowing one side of the scale is a means by which we can understand the other.

The key factor sitting between you and the achievement of your highest desire is YOUR WILLINGNESS to exhaust the emotional aspect which is creating the gap between what you are currently going through, and where you want to be.

By allowing the energy of the emotion to be diffused fully through feeling it, you can create a new thought process which is not directed toward nor magnetically charged by the fear of your past experiences and the things “you don’t want”.

So, What Is In Your Emotional Baggage?

Your emotional baggage is every feeling you are holding on to, can’t let go of, have yet to acknowledge, every experience you have disassociated yourself from feeling or have blocked, every reaction you have had to an experience and have yet to find peace with, and any painful thought you have chosen to affiliate yourself with and believe to be your truth.

Are you ready to have a look inside to create change?

No matter how uncomfortable the emotional process you are currently experiencing is, know that by allowing yourself to FEEL the emotions you are fully utilizing and diffusing their power.

With regards to the emotions at the top end of the scale, once their power is diffused/neutralized, a higher potency can then be revealed and gravitated toward.

For the lower vibrational emotions, once neutralized, you are released from the anchor of that lower emotional field.  In real terms this can mean your happiness, joy and love in life – your “highs” will be higher and your lows won’t last as long.

How To Declutter Your Emotional Baggage & Upgrade For Life:

  1. Accept emotions as an important part of your physical and subtle anatomy whose function is to be identified (recognized), felt (processed/utilized) and let go of (eliminated).
  2. After feeling a strongly charged emotion, reflect on any other experience you have had in your life which felt similar. Your mind can only make associations, so memories that you feel relate to an emotion ARE connected, it doesn’t matter whether you understand why.

The fact that your brain is associating to THEM means that THEY are linked to the result (which may be the negative behavior or thought that you want to change).  If an emotion is negatively affecting you or holds an “energetic charge” within your body, it will be beneficial to release it.

3. Next, remember the associated experience as vividly as is comfortable and play the memory of it back like a movie inside your mind’s eye. Notice how “you” or the “characters” feel while watching the movie. Allow yourself to really FEEL the emotion and – as you do you will notice it subside.  This is the release of the potency/power of the emotion from your body/energy field.

You may notice your logical mind step in and start rationalizing or even building evidence toward a new higher belief system.  Our goal here is to release the accumulation of your blocked emotions to allow a new awareness and higher grade emotions to be felt.

You may need to repeat this process a few times, remember our issues are built over time and in layers and that they may need to be released layer by layer also.

4. To accelerate this process, ask yourself “What is the opposing emotion to what I am experiencing. And what would I need to think to be able to experience that now?” Sit with the new thought and imagine how that new emotion would feel inside every cell in your body and breathe deeply.

5. Then, notice the small things in your life that change. It may be that you don’t get as angry when someone cuts you off in traffic, or that you are more patient while waiting to be served at the supermarket.

Or if you are diffusing your emotional reaction to the “victim” type thought processes (thoughts symptomatic of this type of belief are things like – “Why do people do this to me all the time? No matter what I do I just can’t win, I have no control” etc).

After doing these steps you likely will notice your “luck” changing.

Ultimately, by learning to acknowledge and process emotions when we notice them, we will enable the full “life cycle” of the emotion to occur – fast.  In other words, we can disable the emotional block and resulting magnetism creating a smoother ride in our journey through for life.

All baggage serves a purpose, it gives us the means to facilitate our travels, gives us the space to add new things to our life and allows us to carry with us the things that will enhance our journey.

You 100% have the power to choose the way you experience your journey and achieve your desires during this life.

The latest baggage available today is versatile, has an unlimited capacity, is transparent, adaptable and filled with potential – are you willing to trade your current version in for this?   Upgrade yours for life TODAY!

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