The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

the benefits of breastfeeding

People have been shifting toward a more complicated lifestyle with each ensuing decade. Instead of breastfeeding, conversations and family time, there’s now formula, text messages and bonding time spent in front of a television screen.

Not all advances are bad, but they aren’t all in our best interest either.

While we’ll gladly take today’s modern medicines, the shift to a less natural and holistic lifestyle approach certainly feels more like a giant step back.

Breastfeeding, for example, had lost its shine for many years — many women opted to feed their babies formula instead. But in recent years, breastfeeding has been making a comeback.

More moms are beginning to realize that you shouldn’t mess with perfection. When you have a perfect and free food source for a baby, why would you want to pay for one that isn’t as nutritious?

Women are realizing that modern society doesn’t have all the answers and that maybe the natural way of doing things is better in some cases.

For moms who still need a little convincing or aren’t aware that science repeatedly points to breastfeeding as the better option, we at MomLovesBest have created an infographic highlighting 111 significant health benefits of breastfeeding that we’ve uncovered during careful research. From cancer to emotional well-being, the reasons are eye-opening.

Feeding time shouldn’t be looked at as a chore you want to check off your list quickly. It should be embraced as a time when you get to snuggle and bond with your baby.

Reclaim that time and take back those moments.

Your baby will only be little once, but the feeding decisions you make will influence the rest of his life. Hey there, at Mom Loves Best, my goal is to give you the best tips, tricks and product recommendations for your baby.

Saving you time, money and all of the confusion that comes along with being a first time mom.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding
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