Emotions Create Our Reality – Use These Tools To Create The Reality You Deserve!

Emotions Create Our Reality

Your thoughts and their corresponding emotions are critical to your wellbeing.  Since your body is always creating new cells, it makes sense that your thoughts and emotions contribute to what kind of cells are being made.

This simple fact is one that helped me heal myself of seven years of chronic disease in three weeks.

We are all powerful creators of our own reality. When you become present and take notice of what stories you are repeating and ask yourself if a different story might better serve you, your life can truly change.

Here are a few easy tools you can use to become aware of the stories you are telling yourself and also some quick ways to change your story and your life.

Negative Self-Talk & Shifting Attention:

For seven years, diagnosed with many different diseases I kept repeating how sick I was and the doctors reaffirmed that with every test they gave me.

When I became aware that those messages were actually probably contributing to me being sick I felt a few emotions; mad at myself, annoyed that I had not known enough to notice before enduring seven years of chronic pain and excited I had found a route to feel better that I had never considered.

Being sick or in pain or in any challenging relationship in your life with yourself or others brings with it several stories and self-talk.  Part of the healing has to be to become aware of your self-talk and where you are putting your attention.

If you are giving yourself nothing but limiting beliefs you are not allowing for any new reality and you are disempowering yourself.

To even notice your self-talk might feel scary. When you hear it, you might tend to get down on yourself. Please don’t, as this is a step to be celebrated. In that awareness you can create change starting NOW.

Notice when you are driving, in the shower, or when you get up or go to sleep in the morning what your running dialogue is. Take note of what you say to yourself and ask if it is positive and what you want to create.

Next, think of something that is good, or the opposite statement of the negative self-talk. For example, someone might do something and comment to themselves, “well that was stupid”.

You might not even believe that, but it is what comes out first, because you heard it from someone else and/or you are in a habit of saying it.

The emotions that follow a negative statement like that are not positive and you could actually feel very disempowered from your own words.  Affirm that you are not stupid and actually you are pretty smart.

Smile at your inner self, knowing in this moment that you created a healing environment, instead of a non-healing environment for your body. Congratulate yourself for noticing and intend to notice more stories so you can assess if they are what you want to be creating.

Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness & Self-Love:

These are crucial for healthy emotions.  I mentioned I was beating myself up about my self-talk. I also beat myself up about the roles I was not fulfilling of my own expectations; mom, wife, daughter and friend to name a few.

When you are hard on yourself, you are actively disempowered yourself. You would not speak to your closest loved ones with the same tone or messages you give yourself.

Forgiveness of yourself for anything in the past you feel you have said or done “wrong” is necessary in reaching your highest potential.  It keeps you from that regret of the past and moves you into the present which is where all your power lies.

It lays the groundwork for self-love.

Forgiveness of others is just as important.  Holding onto anger or angst for a past situation still lets that situation have power over you. You need not feel glad for what happened, but you are consciously choosing to move forward.

Hurt people hurt people. Happy well-adjusted people treat people well. If you feel you were wronged by someone, I can guarantee they were probably “wronged” in a similar way.

You can change that emotion into one of compassion for yourself for having suffered enough and for that person for whatever it is they went through that led them to that choice or action.

The quickest way I have found for people to practice forgiveness, self-forgiveness and begin to fall in love with themselves is Ho’oponopono.  Four simple phrases said to your higher power for yourself who is claiming 100% responsibility for your emotions and your life.

These four sentences are I Love You, I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, and Thank You. I have seen this prayer create miracles in many people’s lives.

It is short, simple and you can say it anywhere at any time out loud or silently.  It creates a huge shift and allows you to tap into the power of forgiveness, self-forgiveness and self-love which are all priceless emotions.

Consciously Creating Joy:

What brings you joy? Is it cooking, dancing, creating in some way, walking in nature, or something else?  It can be anything that makes you feel connected, allows you to feel lighter and brings you to the present moment.

Whenever you are in joy you are connecting with your soul and choosing to do something good for yourself.  There are disempowering messages along with fear going around lately and by choosing joy you are choosing love.

By choosing joy you are honoring your soul’s gifts.  By choosing joy you are filling yourself up with love so you can feel empowered and help yourself and those around you instead of feeling like a victim and in fear of the world around you.


Everything in your daily life affects your energy and emotions.  Taking stock of what you are allowing around you gives you power over what you will create.

You are influenced by the people you surround yourself with, by what you watch, read and also by your physical environments.  If you are spending time only around people who always are negative and feel like victims instead of powerful creators, you will begin to feel the same.

It is up to you to know who fills you with energy and who zaps you of energy and to take action accordingly.

You can limit time with the people who zap your energy, increase the time with people who fill you with joy and make sure if you are around negative people you are doing something before and/or after that refills your well!

Also, take stock of what you are listening to and watching.  There are always positive inspirational people and events to tune into and learn about although those won’t be in mainstream news.

Go online and look up “good news websites”, read magazines such as this one, seek out positive news to balance out some of the negative news that is almost impossible to avoid these days.

Notice how the music and movies you watch influence how you feel. Take notice of your physical surroundings such as your office and home. Clutter does not let energy flow. Is there an area you can clean out and possibly donate some items?

Doing so will lighten your energy and allow more flow around you. You can choose much of what you surround yourself with daily and noticing how you feel and changing these up accordingly is truly empowering.

You are living in a great time of change and it is crucial you become present and aware of your emotions.  Becoming aware of your emotions and using these tools will empower you to change not only your own life but the lives around you.

Choosing love and not fear will empower you to be the change you wish to see in the world which will help usher in a world full of love.  I am sending much love for you on this journey and remember the most important thing is being kind to yourself in this process.

It might take a little effort and awareness to change but it is a priceless investment!

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Jennifer Mannion – Author, Intuitive Healer

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