Earth Meditation

Earth Meditation

Let us unite around the World in meditation, linking hearts and minds in unison; synchronising in harmony and balance.

Begin by feeling your body’s position and ensure that you are calm. Notice any tension in your body and simply…. let it drain away.

In a moment I will ask you to take a couple of slow deep breaths in through your nose, comfortably filling your lungs, and sigh the breath effortlessly out through your mouth until your lungs are empty and in an unbroken cycle breathe in again.

Ready, one in ….. and out

Two in…. and out

Now, let your breath find its own rhythm;

Allow your eyes to close gently and leave the thoughts of daily life behind.

Follow your natural rhythm of breathing deep into meditation.

Ignore any irrelevant sounds and focus your attention on the present.

Next, feel where your body is, notice any tensions or discomfort, adjust your position and let the tensions melt away.

If your mind begins to wonder, gently bring it back to the present moment by following your breath; as you breath in and as you breath out.

See in your minds eye, not only the pictures presented but also the myriad of wonders before you. Let your imagination dance.

Let us link our hearts, our intentions, and share in this wondrous celebration we call life!

Each of us, a unique and beautiful expression of Creation. Interrelated; One with All. Unique, beautiful, expressions of Creation.

Notice how you are, connected to the Earth. No matter where you are, feel the Earth, the Air, the Water, and the Fire in your Spirit.

Feel (or Imagine) the ground beneath you, supporting you; and breathe!!

As you breathe, go deeper into your own Heart Centre connecting to the jewel in the centre of your heart and your Divine Spark, within.

As you breathe, begin to see how with each-and-every breath you take, you are, connected in a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

Wherever you are, right now, you are, interconnected with others, who, like you; around the globe; are joining in meditation.

Each as individuals among millions. Millions expressing identical intent.

From the rain forest to the desert; from the mountains, to the rivers and oceans, the cities and the countryside, people everywhere united as one, with a common goal.

Protect and care for Earth and All Her inhabitants.

Feel yourself connected to Earth through the ground;

Feel yourself connected to all beings on Earth through the air;

We all breathe the same air;

Humans & animal breathe the air;

Trees and every plant breathe the air;

Air permeates the soil, and the water;

It circulates the Earth in the Wind, in the atmosphere;

With every breath you take, as you breathe in and as you breathe out, you are, connected to all beings on Mother Earth,

Feel that connection, allow it to fill you.

As Air permeates the Earth so does Water.

We all drink the same water.

Water circulates through us all. It flows through our bodies.

It flows around the planet, is evaporated by the fire in the Sun, and brought back to the Earth by the Thunder Beings and the Rain Clouds.

Water used by every living creature to sustain life; shared by all in the cycle, the Circle of Life.

Feel the joy and love in your Heart Centre as the recognition of Oneness sinks deep within.

Feel at peace in your Spirit. Let that feeling grow within, allow it to fill every part of you;

Then see it spread from your Heart Centre to those around you.


As you breathe see, sense,(or imagine) those harmonious feelings spreading around you to your local area.

Send those feelings to the rest of the state, the country you live in, the Planet we share. See the flow around the whole earth; bathing the Entire Earth in harmony.

Allow this love to permeate, like musical notes; the tones of our intentions Interweave and circulate in a wave of harmony. The wave spreads to the East, to the South, to the West, to the North. It ascends high Above, it sinks deep Below, and it resonates Within.

We are, united in life, in giving and receiving, under the same Sky.

We are Of the Earth, we are a part of Her, and we share in this life with all Beings.

As Stewards and custodians, we combine our talents, and passions our hearts, minds and hands —one cohesive goal!

Join; together in the sanctuary of life, the human species,

in protection of the life of our brother animals,

the life of trees and plants,

the life in the air and that in the water;

Honour- All life of Mother Earth.

This is a time of celebration.

The realisation, ‘that one person can make a difference’.

As we unite in our common passions, to protect the Earth and her inhabitants.

As you slowly prepare to open your eyes, come back to the present moment, ground yourself and remember;

All that we say, think and do is:-reflected in ourselves, and in the world around us.

“It is time for dawn; let the dawn come, for the task to be completed.”

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Jennabeth Moss

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