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Our mission is to educate you with reliable resources from our holistic health experts that address all aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

• We are passionate about expanding and enhancing the holistic methods and knowledge YOU have to heal your body, mind and spirit more effectively, safely and easily.

• Our goal is to connect YOU with holistic practices, products, services and information to help YOU achieve such goals and to better live a natural holistic life.

• We've dedicated ourselves to supporting the new paradigm healers and doctors who are able to show YOU how to heal yourself without drugs, and to keep your body and being fit and strong physically, emotionally and spiritually.

• We empower YOU to know how to take this leading edge holistic knowledge and make an informed decision regards how YOU want to treat your body. It's YOUR choice!

• Our original editorial content promotes ONLY ethical products and services that contribute to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and planet. We make it easy to choose the right things for YOUR body.

• Holistic Living Magazine has been, and will always be free, ensuring that our message assists the greatest number of people possible.

Every edition of Holistic Living Magazine focuses in on healing a different health issue or addressing a topic of health, wellbeing and consciousness. Our professional team of holistic practitioners each offers a different perspective from their own experience and way of working with that particular health topic. You literally get spoon-fed a vast potpourri of the most advanced holistic information regarding our never-ending stream of health topics. If you don't find what you need, just contact us and let us know, we'll try to cover it in a future issue!

Global Healing Exchange is a name you can trust when it comes to holistic health and wellness.

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