Can Lack Of Sleep Affect You?

Sleep Well

Of course lack of sleep affects all of us. When we don’t get enough sleep or we have poor sleeping habits, our body and mind suffer a lot. Did you know that poor sleep and mental health are related!

There are plenty of reasons why this happens, countless reasons. I had my share of many sleepless nights. It was the worst period of my life.

My insomnia experiences are not pleasant at all. I tried many things to change this, from diet, maintaining a good body clock and even sleeping pills! Still, nothing worked. I looked at the wrong places to find the right answers.

Then I had a revelation! If my problem is located in the bedroom that is the place where I should look for answers. Experts call this a ‘detective’s flaw’. We never see the solution that is in front of us the whole time.

I decided to change my bed and mattress, not just the pillows and linens! After a few hours on the internet, my focus was stuck on this I’ve never been happier about choosing mattresses and beds.

Ever since I purchased my new mattress, I was healthier and happier simply because I slept great after a long time. So, lack of sleep definitely affects you in every way – and not in a good way.

Unbearable Fatigue

I’m not talking just about regular fatigue of too much exercise or a busy day of obligations. After no sleep at all, I was literally like a zombie.

Slow pace walking and dragging my legs with zero energy. No amount of coffee or fresh juices and breakfasts could bring me back to ‘life’.

Extreme Irritability

One of the reasons why I was starting verbal fights easily was lack of sleep. A tired brain can’t function well or think rationally. Every person annoyed me. Every word I heard annoyed me.

The sad part is that I often lashed out at people for even kind words! Someone would offer me a pleasant walk outside or a cup of coffee and I would just yell out to be left alone. Imagine the guilt and shame after such tantrums!

You’ll Be More Prone To Depression

When we sleep our body and mind gets somehow ‘renewed’. And I’m talking specifically about sleeping at night when melatonin (the ‘sleep hormone’) is released the most in the body.

But, without proper sleep our brain cells don’t do their best job. After this comes the irritability, lack of energy for work or sports and worst of all – pessimism.

I noticed when I wake up refreshed, I don’t stress too much. But when I don’t sleep, my mind is obsessed with dark thoughts and I couldn’t deal with all the mood swings.

This is really dangerous if it prolongs for many days. Even hallucinations can occur or paranoia and anxiety episodes!

Weaker Immunity

I have experienced all setbacks from lack of sleep. In those few horrible sleepless weeks and months I got colds and flu more often.

My eating habits were awful – I craved fast foods and sugars at night to feel energetic. This changed my metabolism, body weight and that lead to poor health overall.

Worse Physical Appearance

With insomnia I mentioned that eating habits change and we lack energy. In other words, I couldn’t exercise and became a couch-potato!

My skin was horrible as well. It looked yellowish and pale. And my under-eye dark circles scared everybody! I literally looked sick and people were asking me all the time if I was seriously ill?!

Weaker Heart

Lack of sleep is a sure disaster for the heart. You don’t have to be an elderly person to suffer from high blood pressure or high blood sugar.

More and more young people suffer from this too, just because of poor sleep. I was constantly trembling with irregular pulse, tachycardia and blood pressure changes during the day.

Please, sleep well to avoid the horrible risks of stroke or heart attacks!

Poor Performance In Education Or Work Activities

I remember when I was a student. I can’t explain to you how euphoric I felt to be studying all night long until sunrise and head straight for the exams in the morning. But, my brain was cloudy and I couldn’t remember anything of what I learned the night before!

And business-wise too, if you really want to stand out and avoid paycheck losses or criticism – get some good sleep.

The best version of you is seen when you are healthy and rested!

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By: Tom Barkny

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