Food Swaps For Better Health Aren’t Hard. Read These 5 Tips

food swaps

I know it sounds simple, but what food you put into your mouth will have a big effect on your waistline and your overall health and wellness.

We all know that some foods are obviously better for us than others, but did you know that the way certain foods are prepared can change how healthy they are for you.

Here’s 5 Simple Food Swaps, That You Might Not Have Known About, That Will Spice Up Your Pantry AND Have Significant Health Benefits!

Stock Up On:  Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV For Short)

Toss: Brown & White Vinegars

Why: ACV is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It helps to stimulate circulation, aids detoxification of the liver, can stabilise blood sugars for longer periods therefore controlling your appetite and aiding digestion is probably one of it’s biggest claims to health food fame. 

It is important to buy Organic ACV and with the ‘mother’ (it will be quite cloudy & have hazy stuff that will settle on the bottom of the bottle), the best brand by far is Bragg’s.

Stock Up On:  Coconut Oil

Toss:  Another other oil that you use to cook with and keep your Olive Oil for salad dressings!

Why: I am a MASSIVE fan of Coconut Oil and could write an entire article on all the reasons why Coconut Oil is an absolute must have in every kitchen, but for today I’ll keep it short & sweet (just like me!). 

Coconut Oil will not turn rancid or oxidize when heated (unlike other oils, yes, including Olive Oil). This makes it the best option to cook with at high temperatures.  Coconut Oil is one of only a few food sources of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA).

MCFA’s are amazing, they don’t have a negative effect on cholesterol and they are known to reduce the risk of heart disease.  YAH!!  These MCFA’s are easily digested, subsequently converted into energy and will speed up your metabolism. 

Please be sure to buy Organic Coconut Oil, it should smell very coconutty and will change in consistency dependant on the weather – hard & white in cool temps and watery & clear in warmer temps.

Stock Up On:  Butter

Toss:  Margarine

Why: Poor much maligned butter.  The Weston A Price Foundation sums up butter’s demise best.  “… the disinformation campaign was the assertion that naturally saturated fats from animal sources are the root cause of the current heart disease and cancer plague. Butter bore the brunt of the attack, and was accused of terrible crimes.

The Diet Dictocrats told us that it was better to switch to polyunsaturated margarine and most did. Butter all but disappeared from our tables, shunned as a miscreant.”  So, does butter cause disease? 

On the contrary, butter protects us against many diseases.  Butter, in it’s natural state, is high in Vitamin A, needed for healthy  thyroid and adrenal glands.

Lecithin, which assists in the metabolism of cholesterol and other fat constituents,  a number of anti-oxidants and selenium.

Stock Up On: ABC (Almond, Brazil & Cashew) Spread Or Another Similar Nut Spread/Butter & Tahini

Toss: Peanut butter

Why: Most nuts and seeds have similar qualities, with each boasting their own nutritional benefits, from fat burning potential to cancer protection. They contain protein, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants, and are naturally low in carbs. 

However peanuts are susceptible to the mould Aspergillus flavus which produces a carcinogenic substance called aflatoxin. 

Also, some brands of Peanut Butter are also known to contain hydrogenated vegetable oils which are high in those nasty, nasty trans fats that we don’t.

Stock up on: Rock Salt or Sea Salt

Toss: Table salt

Why: This one is not about reducing your sodium intake, as all salt’s pretty much have an equal sodium content.  BUT this is all about processed food v natural state food. 

Sea or Rock Salt is usually not processed, or it undergoes minimal processing, this ensures that the salt retains trace levels of vital minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients. 

On the other hand, table salt, is mined from salt deposits, processed to give it a fine texture so it’s easier to mix and use, stripping the salt of any minerals it may have contained, and additives are also usually added to prevent clumping or caking. 

I can also guarantee that your food will taste waaay better with Rock or Sea Salt!!

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Sonya Lovell

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