Beliefs: The World Is My Playground


Belief as a topic has so much depth that I’d love to just sit down and talk about it with you all, and enjoy a soulful conversation where lots of inspiration flies around, not necessarily ending in some concrete results.

Preparing for this article, my analytical mind wanted to do some research, while my soul playfully suggested checking out the lyrics to some songs that have ‘Belief’ as a subject.

I personally believe in intuitive writing, and this is how each and every piece for Holistic Living Magazine has come to life and our What Are Beliefs & Values edition. I just sit down in front of my keyboard and let the words flow out of me (after my brain does some research and distraction and other stuff).

So here I am, at my keyboard, shifting from mind wanting to offer well-researched specific information into heart and soul just letting it all flow.

Belief : Philosophers and Psychologists Vary Definitions

Philosophers and psychologists have various definitions and descriptions of the term ‘Belief’, doing their best to phrase something that is rooted deeply inside us humans.

This core has so many conscious and subconscious levels, and it is strongly connected to our awareness of self and to our obeying the society that has shaped our value system and us.

Having lived this life for over 40 years now, I have shifted parts of my belief system a few times, and I feel it is a fluid and flexible thing that can expand, grow and change throughout the rest of my life.

My personal belief system is shaped through my practical experiences, my learning and my (sometimes challenging) need to adapt to society and the surroundings I find myself in.

Part of my beliefs is to question truths that are offered through society as general rules on how to live life. The way I was raised, I accepted what I was told as universal truth.

As I grew older, I looked at this frame of belief from a distance, and I realized that from my personal experience, there were certain matters I didn’t share anymore.

This was a process, and just by realizing what I didn’t accept as my truth anymore, I felt like stepping away from the society that has helped raise me.

But at the same time, I had an empty space where once a strong belief was, and now I needed and wanted to fill it with my own truth.

Fast forward to the present moment, the learning continues.

Through extensive conscious awareness training over the past twenty-odd years, I have come to a point where I accept that there is interdependence between society and me, and between the societal belief system and mine. And that’s ok too.

Experiencing true community in a society that is focused on rational results and successes has taught me there are good (and true) connections between the often cold and hard society and myself.

Practising to focus on love in all areas of my life has taught me there is always a beautiful spark, even in the messiest and darkest moments. Trusting in my inner wisdom, my intuition has brought me along on my individual path very nicely.

Being Connected to Society

Being connected to society has taught me to be less influenced by what ‘they’ want and demand, and to be more influenced by what I need and want.

Taking my attention away from the outside world has taught me that there is so much beauty inside of me, which I sometimes still forget.

Focusing on being in a relationship with myself first has taught me that there are a lot of projections going on, and I don’t necessarily have to be part of these.

Taking away my personal projections, stripping soul-naked, has lost its dread and threat for me; as when I turn to myself, I see so much I can enjoy and work with instead of focusing my attention elsewhere, trying to fix anybody or anything that is out of my control.

The concept of fear that is still so widespread in our world today still touches me deeply, yet I look from a distance and make a conscious decision of letting certain fears into my body-mind-soul system.

As our world and societies change and grow constantly, I have understood that change and growth is possible in me constantly also. Being a mother of two and a stepmother of three, I am aware that my actions leave an impression on the children in my care.

The values and beliefs I am living are shaping those children, and hopefully will instil a positive impact in them. Being honest with myself and in consequence with the world around me has become a vital part of my belief system.

Finding Balance Between Body, Mind and Soul

Finding balance between body, mind and soul has become a regular practice over the years, and is a lesson I am still learning. I have understood that I can learn something new for the rest of my life, in all areas of my life.

Working on my self-confidence with self-awareness has become part of my purpose and helps me healing the wounds that I have uncovered. Finding new layers of joy when peeling off old layers of pain is part of the work I do, with my clients and myself.

Work has become a playful activity for me, rather than something I have to do and dread going to. The world is my playground – if and when I choose to see it that way.

Many people have said many wise things about belief, I’d like to quote two very inspiring musicians here; First, Annie Lennox, who offers this: ‘I believe in the power of creation, I believe in the good vibration, I believe in love alone yeah, yeah’ And second, R. Kelly who puts it very beautifully: ‘I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky’.

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Barbara Patterson – Conscious Awareness Teacher

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