Are You Suffering From A Nutritional Deficiency Disorder?

Nutritional Deficiency

Millions of Americans suffer symptoms, syndromes, dysfunctions and diseases but are drugs really the only answer?

Virtually every symptom and syndrome could be signs of nutritional deficiency disorders of the body. When we take medications to cover up symptoms of a nutritional deficiency we are not treating the cause of the disorder, only the symptoms.

Do You Suffer From A Nutritional Deficiency Disorder?

Food is the fuel that energizes our body for work, play and healing. It is the source of our vitality and contains all substances necessary for the regulation of all our bodily processes.

Human life has advanced for eons using nothing more than natural foods from plants and animals, along with fresh water and clear air.

But our environment has become very polluted. Most people live far removed from farms and have no gardens. Food is processed to allow for long distance transportation and a long shelf-life, not nutritional content.

Synthetic compounds are used to increase crop yields, to add flavor, and to preserve food. Then we use synthetic vitamins and medications to treat deficiency diseases caused by depletion of life-giving nutrients . What a vicious cycle!

What Are Synthetic Compounds?

Synthetic – noun: something resulting from synthesis rather than occurring naturally; especially : a product (as a drug or plastic) of chemical synthesis. Merriam-Webster Online Dict.

Synthetic compounds are fake, false, artificial. They are not found in nature, they are the result of man-made alterations to nature.

It seems that sooner or later most, if not all of these synthetic compounds are found to cause some type of symptom pattern or disease. Even “miracle” drugs are found to be the cause of disease, degeneration and sometimes death – sooner or later.

People are suffering and taking medications to stop the suffering. Medications come with long lists of side effects. One of the side effects appears to be nutritional deficiency.

When a person is suffering from a nutritional deficiency or the side effects of pollution of our air, water or food, wholesome food is the answer, not more synthetic compounds. Treat the cause – not the symptoms.

Only 50 years ago, baby formula was considered equal to mother’s milk. Now it is laughable to think that people actually believed that a laboratory could make something equal to or better than Mother Nature.

There are hundreds of nutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, vitamins and minerals in mother’s milk. Things scientists don’t even know about yet and could not “create” if they did know about them are in mother’s milk and in all natural foods.

Check this out for all the information you need about mother’s milk.

The point? Mother’s milk is an example of Nature’s perfection in the feeding of human babies. After we are weaned from our mother’s milk our nutrition quality goes downhill fast. “Junk” and fast “foods” don’t support health – only wholesome foods will.

I suggest that much of our suffering, our disease and health deterioration is due to low quality nutritional support. We need to understand this and begin to make choices which will build our health rather than tear it down. Need Good News? We have a solution!

The Solution? Whole Foods & Wholefood Concentrates. How Do I Find Out If I Have A Nutritional Deficiency?

Do You Have Signs of a Nutritional Deficiency? Here are some questions to ask:

Q: What is a Nutritional Deficiency?

A: A condition of the body in which the essential Health- Building nutritional factors are not available (from what you eat) to establish or maintain optimal health.

Q: What conditions can be caused by Nutritional Deficiencies?

A: Virtually every condition the body can experience is connected to a nutritional deficiency.

Q: What causes Nutritional Deficiency?

A: Pollution of the air, water and food with chemicals, pesticides and other toxins drain your body of essential nutrients.

Junk food, incorrectly prepared foods, and foods eaten in poor combination with other foods result in poor digestion of essential nutrients and drains your body of enzymes, coenzymes and other Health Building factors.

These are the causes of the development of nutritional deficiencies.

Q: What can I do to build my health?

A: Eat simple foods – Unprocessed foods whenever possible. Enhance your digestive process by taking enzymes, coenzymes and other Health Building catalysts daily – For the rest of your life.

Drink good pure water, get a moderate amount of exercise – daily walks for example – and enjoy the benefits of regular natural health care check-ups.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

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