Airex Balance Pad: What Is It?

Airex Balance Pad

A balance pad is a thick, square piece of foam which is used in balance training due to the instability of the sponge-like material it is made up of.

This is to ensure that when you stand on the foam pad you learn to engage all of the muscles in your feet and your core to maintain a perfect balance. By doing this overall stability would be increased to an inspiring level.

Airex balance pad is a small but great investment for the health of every person who is a fitness freak or cares about their health. It could have a long-lasting benefit. Airex balance pad is fairly lightweight and is typically very easy to clean and use.

It is ideal for barefoot training or with shoes on. It is recommended for barefoot training to increase stability and provide better results. In this article, one would get to understand the details of airex balance pad. The Balance Pads are mostly used for fitness training.

Given its smooth surface it is ideal for starting out with barefoot balance training. Training with the Balance Pad can improve conditional and coordinative abilities in combination, for example strength, endurance, differentiation and balance.

Product Details Of Airex Balance Pad

You may know something about airex balance pad through physiotherapy. It is most common in this area since it was originally developed.

It is therapy equipment which is used for preventive training and benefits integrated, demanding functional training as well. It has soft foam material that yields under load. Training with the balance pad yields under load.

Training with the help of such pads is meant to improve one’s conditional and coordinative abilities in combination, for example, strength, endurance, differentiation and balance are enhanced.

The previously mentioned strengths are very much important for a healthy and beautiful life.

Whether one wants to facilitate or intensify the therapeutic treatment at home, or searching for a training tool to complement one’s functional training, then airex balance pad is there to help you.

Barefoot training is very beneficial as it is considered the purest form of training.

Characteristics Of Airex Balance Pad

The outstanding quality of airex is expressed by the sum of all the benefits it provides us. Here one will get to understand the benefits of airex balance pads.

  • Hygienic: It is very simple to clean, antimicrobial and is sanitized.
  • Water repellent: Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt. As water and dust cannot penetrate into it. It is very reliable for doing all the chores without any problem.
  • Multifunctional: It has got versatile applications. As it can be used everywhere outdoors, indoors and also in water.
  • Destabilization for fitness: The balance pad is especially soft airex foam material with millions of air bubbles provides an unstable surface for training. So this activates the control system in the brain when deep musculature is exercised.

Care Tips For Airex Pads

Tips that would help you to take care of you balance pad:

  • Try using the products in barefoot or in socks. Do not to use sneakers or any kind of footwear.
  • If your product gets dirty, try cleaning them with ordinary soapy water or water. There is no worry about disinfection as it has got integrated sanitized protection in the airex pads.
  • The airex products are air dry thoroughly, so if it gets wet they can also be used outdoors.


Enjoy the airex balance product for a longer time by taking proper care. It is very much straight forward so everyone could learn all the tips and tricks for storage, cleaning a use.

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