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What is absolute love? What is unconditional love? As a soul having a human experience the most common link between all of us is the concept of love. Through your journey of life you will change your perception as to what makes you loveable, what makes you loving and what makes you loved.

This is part of the natural soul evolution and your answers will change and your perception will change depending on your age and your experiences.

The key factor that sets your understanding of absolute love will be your perception, your perception of life and your experiences.

There have been many psychological studies of twins and their perception of life and their upbringing. The results have all been based around perception of each person.

One twin will say that the upbringing has been so loving, caring, generous and supportive. Whereas the other twin has said that their childhood has been torturous, they were not loved and that hey were not supported.

Who is correct?

It all comes down to perception and what is love for that person.

As teenagers and adults, we have conditional love which comes with expectations. We have a perceived idea of what love is and what would make us feel loved and expectations of others to fulfil this.

If people, things and situations do not fit the idea and perception you can feel unloved or be told that you are not loveable unless you perform in a way that other people want you to.

Teenager years, (12 – 25 years)  is all about fitting in and being ‘liked’ and accepted.  If you receive this, you will feel like you are loved. Have a look fashions, now is it all about men having the hipster look with a beard. They are then lovable.

Girls need to ensure they have false nails and possible a tattoo, then they are loveable. But in whose eyes? Whose perception?

According to quantum mechanics and the metaphysical world, there is a love called absolute love which has conditions and no expectations.

This absolute love is conceived as a unitary state and is the ultimate reality and perception as anything and everything is only love.

The ABSOLUTE love is referred to as the ALL or ONENESS. The ONENESS refers to the experience of the absence of ego-ic identity and boundaries, and the perception of the ABSOLUTE unity of all matter, thought in space—time, or one’s ultimate identity with LOVE.

There is a world of NO duality. Non duality is parallel to the ABSOLUTE. It is described as an experience of thought creating reality which feels like OMNIPRESENT. In other words we are all one and if that is the case there is no judgment or separation only love.

This is not a new concept and has been discovered in sciences and written about in ancient books such as Course of Miracles, Bible, Book Of Enoch and Tao. It was the basic teachings in Atlantis and Lemuria.

ABSOLUTE LOVE is the state of be-ing grateful, loving the situation/circumstance and knowing ALL is perfect, complete and un-limited. Known as Utopia. And in this state of mind the only perception is love not fear. There is only unconditional love.

The first part to this perception is SELF LOVE. So much is written about loving yourself. We experiment with spas, new hairstyles, setting boundaries, new clothes, starting or finishing relationships.

And it is all about learning about you and what makes you tick, what you like, dislike, and approving of yourself. Of course, this will change as we grow older and sometimes wiser.

But Self-love in the utopian mind is the way you come in to SELF REALISATION as love and absolute. Each time you see yourself as love and know you are the same as everyone and not separate.

It is learning to love every aspect of yourself and humanity is probably the most challenging task of becoming enlightened. You see everything is us and we are all one and that includes all the good and bad of everyone and everything.

There is no separation between us, according to quantum physics, as on a molecular structure and under a microscope we are made of the same material.

When accessing this absolute love, you will know there is a serene centre of your being within your HEART. This is the “place” where you connect with your soul. It is a “place” of utter peace and tranquillity.

It is a “place without space” as it is not limited by, or to, time and space. It is unconditional love of self and therefore the mind knows that life is amazing. There is no expectations, no separation and no heartache. There is only peace and a sense of completeness. It is utopia.

This is within every person. It is within you. It is within your core cells. You can observe it in new babies and children as they play and be in the moment.

Some people obtain it from meditation, drugs, food and sport. Why not ask to see it within you. It may be as simple as looking in the mirror and saying ‘I see you’.

Know you are already perfect just in different stages of remembering. You are absolute love.

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With a background in nursing, pathology, autopsy knowledge, Jean Sheehan is an award winning and internationally recognised Coach and Medical intuitive. .Jean has also been featured in numerous radio, TV and magazine articles. To find out more about Jean and her work, check out her website.

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