5 Health Benefits Of Juicing

Health Benefits Of Juicing

Juicing has been a trend in the health community for a while, but many people don’t know all of the potential health benefits that juicing can bring. It’s important to note that juicing does not mean buying regular fruit juice from the grocery store because these have high sugar content and do not provide the same nutrients that making juice from home can.

When you juice from home, you can pick and choose the right ingredients for you that provide high amounts of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and more.

The great thing about juicing is that there is lots of variety so you don’t have to stick to normal fruit juices; try adding a variety of greens and roots, such as ginger and turmeric, to get lots of added vitamins and minerals.

You can switch it up every day with tons of different ingredients and still have a healthy drink

Weight Loss

One of the top reasons that people choose to juice is weight loss. Juicing is a good way to get tons of nutrients with a low caloric intake. Juicing goes well with many diets for this reason.

So if you are doing a diet such as keto that does not provide your necessary daily intake of fruits, vegetables, and other important nutrients, juicing is a simple way to get these nutrients daily.

Adding these important nutrients to your juices, such as keto micronutrients, can help you lose weight while still maintaining a healthy intake of nutrients.

Another great thing about juicing from home is that you can avoid the added sugar contained in many store-bought juices so you don’t consume extra calories and you can lose more weight.

Juicing is good for both short-term and long-term weight loss, but it is important to remember that juicing should not be you only source of nutrients because it is low in fiber and can not sustain your whole diet.


Another great benefit of juicing is it can help detoxify your body. You don’t have to go on a complete juice cleanse to use juicing to cleanse your bodies of toxins. Make sure you juice lots of vegetables, not just fruits, in order to cleanse your colon and liver of toxins.

Doing a juice cleanse without pairing juicing with a healthy diet, however, can be dangerous, so do not use juicing as your only way of detoxing.

Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a benefit from juicing that is related to detoxing. Juicing can give you healthier and clearer skin because the nutrients in juices cleanse your liver of toxins, giving you a healthier liver, which then improves your skin.

Some ingredients to add to your juice that maximize this benefit are beets, carrots, cucumbers, and kale.

Lower Blood Pressure

Many of the common ingredients in healthy juices are known for their high-quantity of antioxidants, which protect against cell damage that can potentially be harmful to your heart.

Consuming food high in antioxidants can increase heart health by lowering cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing your chances of cardiovascular disease.

Try juicing foods like beets, blueberries, kale, or other fruit and vegetables that are high in antioxidants to get a healthier heart.

Boost Your Immune System

Diets that contain high amounts of fruits and vegetables significantly help your immune system and protect your body from diseases, harmful bacteria, and viruses.

Juicing is great for getting lots of servings of fruit and vegetables in one meal, which means that you can get the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables needed daily to maintain a healthy immune system.

Some common juice ingredients that help boost your immune system include ginger, turmeric, blueberries, and spinach.

Juicing has a lot of health benefits, but you need to make sure that you are getting fiber in your diet as well because juicing means that you are not eating the fiber of the fruit, which can cause a fiber deficit in your body.

Overall, it’s important to remember that juicing can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet and lifestyle when you include healthy ingredients and drink juice in moderation.

Remember that juicing is not just about fruit—you should include lots of vegetables, specifically green vegetables, and other healthy ingredients such as ginger in order to get all of the great health benefits listed above.

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  1. Today was my first juice…taste amazing…I am a business owner and a competitive racquetball player. At a middle age as well, it can be hard or difficult to lose weight, but also keeping it off. I am a spiritual person as well so I am looking forward to this new way of life.


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