The 5 Best Sports To Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Accelerate Your Weight Loss

When you’re off on a weight loss journey, you’re ready to do as much as you can on a daily basis. It is not an unknown fact that the more active you are, the better chances you have at losing weight faster.

You must have seen that most of the athletes are lean and muscular. This is because the sports keep them active throughout the day, thus helping them lose fat. In the same way, you can lose weight if you try sports.

Some particular sports are known to help you lose weight faster than the others, and I thought to compile these top 5 sports to help you in losing weight faster!

The 5 Best Sports to Accelerate Your Weight Loss

  1. Swimming

Swimming is already considered to be extremely good for your health, but now you can lose weight immensely through swimming as well!

This is because during swimming, a lot of your muscles are working together to help you move, thus it puts a strain on almost all of your muscles.

This engagement of a lot of the muscles makes your heart and lungs work faster and harder. This is how your cardiovascular health can benefit greatly from swimming, and can also get a great workout through swimming!

At many of the large swimming pools, they have started swimming aerobic classes, in which you perform aerobics while you’re swimming, to increase the weight loss significantly. But just normal swimming can also help you lose weight greatly.

Swimming is an exercise that makes you breathe harder, and any exercise that makes you do so is great for weight loss and health.

It is not really fixed, how much calories you lose in a given time. But depending on your exertion level, as well as your weight, you can lose from 90 to 550 calories in just a half hour session, which is a lot!

  1. Running

Now, running is a cardio activity that is encouraged the most during weight loss journeys.

Not only is it convenient, because you can literally just run on the sidewalk and won’t have to be paying large registration fees, but it is also very good for the other organs in your body.

Running can strengthen you up, internally as well as externally. It is great for building up your stamina and gaining considerable flexibility.

As during running, you breathe very hard as well, it can help you lose a tremendous amount of weight. Your heart and lungs, both struggle to keep up with the fast movements of your muscles, and thus you see your cardiovascular muscles working out quite hard.

You will find that you can run on a treadmill, as well as outdoors, whatever you really prefer. The only thing that matters is that running will help you lose weight all over the body, and help you slim down.

Again, the amount of calories you can actually lose through running can greatly depend on how long you run, and your weight.

But if we’re generally talking, a run for about 1.4 mi can help you lose 200 calories, so you can multiply it and see how much calories you’re willing to use!

  1. Basketball

There’s no denying that basketball is the perfect thing for weight loss. You stretch, duck, jerk; do all of that while playing basketball.

Your heart beat rockets, and you breathe hard. All of this, combined, can help you tremendously lose weight.

If like me, you don’t want to do anything bland and plain, basketball would be the thing for you. It’s fun and interesting, as well as it will also keep you active.

We cannot ignore the health benefits basketball can provide us with, as our cardiovascular system will only strengthen and become stronger. It is a source of entertainment as well, so you know that you’ll always stay motivated, no matter what.

If talking about the amount of calories loss, it depends on the weight of a person. For example, a man who weighs around 155 lbs will lose around 250 calories if he plays for 30 minutes.

Similarly, if the man weighs more than this, he will lose much more calories than 250 in the given 30 minutes.

  1. Zumba

When we think about interesting activities, actually helping in weight loss, like camping adventures, it is always alluring. The same is the case with Zumba.

Something so joyous, so fun to do, can help you lose loads of weight.

It is the same thing, you’re engaging plenty of muscles while doing it, your heart and lungs are working harder than normal, and thus you’re putting off weight.

Many people prefer this over any other exercises, especially those who start to get bored very quickly. You can dance to your favorite songs, with your favorite choreographies, and all the while you can be easily losing weight!

An hour of Zumba can mostly help in burning 300-600 calories, depending on how you’re doing it and your weight as well.

  1. Rock Climbing

While games indoor like table tennis, billiards, and others are not helping you lose weight, some people might take the other fun outdoor sports; the much more fun approach.

If you have the blessing of being in a hilly area, you can rock climb anytime.

It is a very fun, entertaining activity, and coupled with the adrenaline rush, the experience turns out to be amazing.

An ample amount of strain is caused, especially on your arms and legs, thus helping you tone up as well. And due to this, you can lose double the amount of calories you can through running!


Weight loss routines don’t always have to be boring; you can always perk it up. It all comes down to your preferences. Just be sure to wear shoes with ankle supports during all of the riskier exercises, so that you don’t end up getting hurt!

At the end, you must choose what you love, and modify it in order to stay motivated for as long as you wish. Sports can do that for you, as it can keep your interest but still help you reach your goals!

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