Why Is Regular Kids Eye Test Mandatory?

Why Is Regular Kids Eye Test Mandatory

Being a parent, you must take your kids for regular eye tests. Having their eyes checked regularly is crucial in ensuring that they don’t have any eye problems developing, and that their vision for both near and far objects is optimum.

When a vision problem starts developing in your children’s eyes, they would complain that they are not able to read what their teacher writes on the blackboard in case of myopia or that they have difficulty reading their book in case of hyperopia.

Both the conditions can significantly affect their seeing and learning abilities and can be detrimental in their overall growth and development.

If left untreated, your child’s vision may get compromised and he or she may even develop some serious eye conditions over time.

So, it is very important to take your child for kids eye test regularly, even if he or she is not complaining about anything at the time.

Some Of The Conditions That Can Be Diagnosed During This Test Include The Following:

Myopia (Nearsightedness):

Nearsightedness is a condition in which the child is not able to see distant objects clearly, while he or she does not have any problem in seeing objects placed nearby. For instance, your child may have difficulty reading the blackboard, but may read his books clearly.

If your child is diagnosed with myopia, he or she would need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for the rest of their lives. The only way to get rid of those is through surgery.

Hyperopia (Farsightedness):

Farsightedness is a condition is which your child is not able to see nearby objects properly but can see distant objects clearly.

If your child has been diagnosed with hyperopia in a kids eye test, he or she would need to wear eyeglasses whenever he or she needs to read a book or see any nearby object, such as threading a needle.

Strabismus (Crossed Eyes):

In this eye condition, the child is not able to align both the eyes simultaneously, and the affected eye may turn up, down, in or out. Ineffective muscle control in the affected eye is the major reason behind this eye condition, and it often leads to amblyopia as well.

That is why, it is necessary to take your child for regular kids eye test and get him diagnosed and treated in time. If treated in time, the child may develop eye alignment and vision skills normally.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye):

This is a condition in which visual ability decreases in one or both eyes without any obvious anatomic damage. In most cases, this condition is not corrected with eyeglasses or lenses, and the child may need to wear an eye patch to give strength to the weak eye.

This condition usually starts during infancy or childhood, which is why a regular kids eye test is a must.


It is a common condition in which the curvature of the eye is imperfect, due to which the person’s vision becomes blurred, for both distant and nearby objects. Children may be born with astigmatism and may develop myopia or hyperopia as they age.

Mostly it is treated with surgery or corrective lenses. Symptoms of astigmatism include eye strain, squinting, difficulty in night vision, headaches, eye discomfort, distorted vision and blurred vision among others.

Other Eye Problems:

During a kids eye test, the best optometrist may also test the child’s colour vision, focusing ability, depth perception, reaction to light, etc.

Any eye discharge, swelling, bumps, or infections can also be detected early on, so that their treatment can be done in time before leading to any serious eye problem.

So, if you are concerned about the eye health of your child, schedule a regular kids eye test for your child with a qualified optometrist and get the necessary done in time.

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