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What is preventative health care



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What Is Preventative Health Care?
by Sharon White  p.4

Preventative Health Care Can Prevent Dis-Ease
by Cassandra Jones  p.5

Preventative Health Mindset
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What Is Preventative Health Care?

What is preventative health care? Why is preventive health important? I would like to start with a definition from Wikipedia.

Preventive healthcare (alternately preventive medicine, preventative healthcare/medicine, or prophylaxis) consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment.

Health, disease, and disability are dynamic processes which begin before individuals realise they are affected.

Now we know the definition, why is it so important and what does it really mean?

In laymen’s terms, preventative means to stop something bad from happening. How do you do that when you have had no training?

You can educate yourself. It means you have to become your own health coach. To become any kind of coach you have to study the subject, but where do you start?

Our website and magazines can help you with that. Our experts give you amazing information about living a holistic lifestyle. In our membership area we have hundreds of videos to help you to educate yourself.

To me, education is the first step. The second step is self-love. We have a magazine dedicated to showing you how to start practising self-love. I say this because without self-love we start sabotaging ourselves.

If we don’t love and value ourselves enough, we will never allow ourselves to reach our goals. This applies to all aspects of our life, especially health and wellness.

Once you have the information you need and some self-love, you will start making changes in your life so you can start really living your best life.
Let’s look at this analogy…Think about how you will stop something bad from happening to your car.

It might be because you love your car, or it might be because you don’t want a big bill when the car breaks down. Whatever motivates you, the carrot or the stick, you will get regular check-ups for the car.

If you don’t check the basics, oil, water and tyres, then the car will not keep running for long. If you take care, give attention and show your car a little love, it will work for longer.

Then there is the service. If you don’t get that done regularly, things start breaking down.

Take that a step further and do the non-essentials, cleaning the car both inside and outside, you may do this just because you love your car to look and smell clean but it is non-essential, it’s just maintenance.

The car will still keep running without this, but it makes every journey so much better when everything is fresh.

There are many things you can do for your car and many of you reading this article who own a car probably do all of these things mentioned above.

Now if you can do that for your car, what is preventing you from taking some preventative health measures for yourself? You will end up paying for it in the long run if you don’t; medical costs, prescriptions, operations, appointments with specialists are never cheap.

Educate yourself and start putting in strategies to get your health on track and maintain it BEFORE your body starts falling apart.

Don’t wait for diabetes, heart attack, cancer, autoimmune disease, or some other dis-ease to set in. Start loving yourself NOW!
Maybe this short analogy has helped you see that preventative health will pay you in the long run.

If that is the case, read this full magazine. Our experts are here to help you understand the importance of preventive health care so you can live the healthiest life possible.

Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine

Please use the information you learn in these magazine as a guide.
This content is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning or making health changes.
You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this magazine.


Preventative Health Care Can Prevent Dis-Ease

There is a meme that is doing the rounds right now; and to paraphrase, if you don’t have time for good food and exercise, you’ll need to find time to be sick. And that I think is the crux of everyone’s problems today. Lack of time.

We are all running around like headless chooks, heads in phones, stuck in traffic, not being present or able to do something for ourselves. Everyone is dragging on our time, no one is prepared to say no to an ask.

To emphasis that, some figures came out in the last week. 3% or so of Australians are prone to getting glaucoma.

This is easily treatable if found early enough, and that is just getting your eyes checked every couple of years and then if there are signs, then taking eye drops.

And yet 45% of people who are in that situation don’t take the drops regularly. They are heavily at risk of loss of vision, and still they don’t make the time to put a drop in their eye.

Another one is; the health service in Australia sends out bowel cancer check kits; this checks for traces of blood in your poo and is a major life saver. I know this is a bit icky, but it isn’t hard to do or take a lot of time.

And for this 4 out of 10 people don’t bother to take the test.

So, what to do? Well, reading this edition of HLM is a good start. Pay attention to your day to day life. See where you spend all the time. Figure out what can be reduced or dropped entirely.

Put some exercise into your daily routine. As for food, pay attention to your diet. Eat less junk food, stop with the processed stuff, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Remember your grandmother saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well it can be as little as that to start with.

And back to Sharon’s point; if you don’t spend time on servicing your own health, as you likely do with your car, then get ready for it to break down.

Happy reading folks, and please make time for yourself. Your future selves will thank you.


Please use the information you learn in these magazine as a guide.
This content is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning or making health changes.
You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this magazine.


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What is preventative health care

Preventative Health Mindset

When looking at preventative health, and your health is not 100% perfect, change needs to happen. The saying, if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got, is true.

You need to make a decision to change your lifestyle and changing your lifestyle will help you to change your health. If you are feeling unwell, sluggish, bloated, in pain emotionally, physically or spirituality something you are doing right now is not working for you!

There are many ways to look at changing your health and lifestyle. Holistic health looks at many aspects including; physical body, mind and energy. You can choose what type of therapy you want to use to get the results you need for your health and lifestyle. There are many therapists out there that can help you with whichever route you choose.

As a therapist I am qualified in many aspects, but today I am going to talk about your thoughts and actions, because as a therapist who works with your subconscious mind, I feel it is a great place to start. If you don’t have your subconscious on board you are likely to start sabotaging your efforts and stop when you don’t see the results you want.

Webster’s dictionary defines consciousness as “awareness, especially of something within oneself.” In this sense, your conscious mind refers to your awareness of your own thoughts, images, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and sensations. … The unconscious mind is likened to the part of an iceberg that remains underwater.

So this being said, how do you communicate with your subconscious to get it onboard? I want to give you three simple steps. They are simple but have to be used properly and you need to put time and energy into them for them to be truly effective and start helping your health to improve.

3 Steps To Working With Your Subconscious

1. Affirmations

I am sure you have already heard about affirmations. This means repeating positive statements to yourself in order to believe it, embody it and to make changes.

Now that sounds AMAZING doesn’t it? Repeating positive statements over and over to get great health. Wouldn’t it be great if it was this simple? The fact of the matter is if you did this, little to nothing will happen. There is more to it than that.

Your subconscious mind thinks in pictures, words, colours, sounds, feelings, emotions and you need to make changes in the subconscious to truly get results. Just saying words is not evoking your emotions strongly enough to make the change needed to change the neural pathways to make habitual changes.

Also with affirmations you really need to be specific. For example, when you make a clear, definitive statement about yourself as if it is already true, your subconscious mind takes over and will act in accordance with that belief.

You need to believe the affirmation is true right now. You really need to FEEL your great health while saying your healthy affirmation. Once this happens and you embody the words your brain will imprint these beliefs into new neural pathways.

This changes the way you think – about your health, self-love, and about your whole life.

Here Are 5 Affirmations
You Can Start To Embody…

1. Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier and feeling better and better.

2. Every cell in my body is health conscious. I am growing new healthy cells right now.

3. I am in possession of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

4. I only eat healthy foods and add nutrition to my body.

5. I love to exercise and I can feel my energy rising.

Now spend some time on ONE of these – or make your own affirmation that is more specific to you, and really feel the changes in your body when you say these out loud. Like anything, when you start something new it is not easy and feels a little weird, but keep practising, feel the changes in your body and slowly but surely, changes will start to happen and the feelings will get stronger and stronger.

2. Visualisations

Visualisation is a very powerful tool to retrain your subconscious mind. It allows you to feel and experience a situation which hasn’t yet happened, a little like a virtual reality game. It feels real but it is not in your reality yet.

Once you believe something is real, your subconscious mind will not be able to tell the difference between imagination and reality. Crazy isn’t it? The more you go into your own virtual reality game inside of your own mind, the easier your visualisation becomes and it tricks your mind into believing it is real or already in your reality.

Now the same thing here is true as it was for the affirmations, you need to embody your new reality, you need to feel like it is happening right now, think like it is happening right now, and in the visualisations, you will see it happening right now.

The more specific you make your visualisations, the more information you tell your subconscious mind. This will cause positive behavioural change in your health and wellbeing.


3. Meditation

Meditation is a particularly powerful method for retraining the brain and has been used for centuries. It goes way beyond any form of conscious thought and works with the subconscious. It is like a fast train to the subconscious.

When we meditate, we are in a calm, peaceful state, on an internal journey away from the pressure of outside life.

Many think meditation is hard, but it is simple and just takes practise. Meditation is getting your body and mind into a state of peace, love and calm.

When you are in this state it is far easier to ‘program’ yourself into what you want.

The great thing is, with only 5 minutes daily you can change the whole way you think and feel about yourself.

For beginners a great thing to do is use a guided meditation or find a meditation practitioner to guide you.

The best thing about all of the 3 techniques I have talked about today is they are all free. You don’t need any special equipment. All you need is to make some time and find a quiet space for yourself away from distractions.

You do however need to make a commitment to yourself to make these health changes. Once you have reprogrammed your subconscious, it will be far easier for you to stick to your goals because the little saboteur that used to be talking to you, from inside your head, is now onboard and helping you on your journey.

I hope you find this article useful and you can do these techniques at home. If you need some deeper work with your health, I see clients one on one in my practise, on Skype if necessary.

Sometimes we need some guidance and some deeper work to really get to the core of our health and wellness issues but what I gave you above is a great place to start.

As I said at the beginning of my article I work with the subconscious mind as a therapist and I will use all of these techniques and more to help my clients change their life. If you really want to change your life and health, make a commitment with yourself to start right now.

Enjoy the new healthier YOU .

What is preventative health care

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What is preventative health care

Preventative Health Exercise

What a great topic. This is basically what my work is all about – especially with the fundamental question that I work with and ask people to ask themselves every day. This question is: Where Am ‘I’ Right Now? physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I actually work with many other aspects too, but these four basic aspects (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) work really well as a good foundation and starting point.

This one daily exercise is one of the best preventative measures to ill health that I know of. Really, it is all about CHECKING IN!

This Where Am ‘I’ Right Now? physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually exercise is highly effective – it gives one a chance to tune in and find out if anything is out of alignment. It is like having a car service and tune up every day – or as I advise – several times a day – on the hour, every hour!

The process is easy to set up and do. You simply set an alarm on your watch, phone or other device to go off on the hour every hour, say from 7.00am (or one hour after you get up) until about 7.00pm (or later). Every time that you hear the alarm going off – beep-beep, you ask yourself the question – Where Am ‘I’ Right Now? physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If, in that moment of asking, you are out of alignment in any way, you can then make the CHOICE to bring yourself (back) into alignment. As I often joke with people, in this moment you can pull on the Superman or Superwoman cloak and underpants and become the Super-YOU!

What is preventative health care and how can it help? Preventative health really is one of the keys to staying healthy. Watching and attending to our diet, nutrition, water intake and drug (recreational and prescribed) and alcohol use is essential if we are to stay well. Far too often people let themselves slip into bad, un-serving and even dangerous habits.

Finding a well balanced life-style is not always an easy thing to do, but when we do not have this in place, things can easily turn on us, with ill health arriving and taking hold. This then affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Coming back into alignment and into a place of health and wellbeing can be a long and challenging journey for many people – I know, I work with many every week!

When people are down and not feeling the best it can be difficult to ask for any external help, yet alone trying to find any self-help from within. However, this seemingly simple, yet powerfully profound exercise can help people as they get the daily (hourly) reminders.

If you take the time to sit for 10 minutes in a shopping centre and observe people you will see that a great many people are struggling to be in a good place of health. As I have mentioned several times in previous articles here, the rate of people on ‘prescribed medication’ is way out of balance.

Once people start on this path, they then very often have to navigate and work with the many side-effects – which, more often than not, lead to taking another drug to deal with that side-effect – and on it goes … The cocktail of medication begins!

There are so many preventative measures that can be introduced, but, sadly, this is not part of the main-stream training and certainly not something that ‘Big Pharma’ likes to see or support. One example is DRINKING WATER – and I mean good clean drinking water – to help reduce headaches, reduce joints seizing up and helping with better skin condition.

The recommended amount of daily water intake, just to stay hydrated – is between 3 – 4 litres, but many people barely manage ½ a litre – choosing rather to put up with, and deal with, their headaches, joint pains and bad skin conditions. Instead they reach for pills, creams, ointments and beauty products – it really is quite interesting behaviour.

Mostly, this thing called ‘Preventative Health’, is all about COMMON SENSE. It is all about becoming more conscious of what we do and do not put into or on our bodies or minds. It really is all about SELF-CARE and SELF-LOVE. For me, this is the basis of all Preventative Health; loving and caring for oneself.

The more that we love ourselves, the more that we can become conscious of how we are each day. Using exercises, such as the one I shared above, can help us to do this. I find that having some defined tools and resources at my disposal helps me to stay in good health.

The other thing that I like to have is my personal coaches, mentors and support team. These people are an integral part of my life and help me in so many ways that I may not see or acknowledge myself.

I recently (in October 2018) engaged a coach to guide and support me in getting my physical health into a new stage. I had the vision of losing several kilos of body fat, building up some muscle and getting a ‘six-pack’.

I called a friend who is an expert in this field (you should to see him!) and asked him to work with me. I set a 3 week goal to shed 4 or 5 kilo of body fat – and actually shed 6.5 kilos in that time. I then went on to shed another 3.5 kilos in another 2 weeks and finally after just 12 weeks shed a total of 16 kilos.

As I write this (March 2019) I am now building up a few kilos of muscle, feel fantastic and love the way that I look. One of the main reasons that I am doing this is for my own Preventative Health. I am 56 years young this year and I know that as I step into my 60’s and beyond I do not want to be ill and one of the best ways to ensure this is to look after myself Right Now!

I do this because I care for me – I love me, and I also love to help inspire, support and even challenge other’s to do the same.

I have a funny story that I like to share and will share it again with you now.

An Alien Space-Ship Is Coming.

Imagine a space ship landing on an Oval in suburbia and the Aliens in it had a mission to gather 100 human beings to take back to their planet – to their civilization – with the intent of trying to understand, fathom and research Human Beings.

Imagine, if you can, being one of those 100 humans. If you were taken, would you be a good representative of what it is to be human? Would you measure up physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Would you be a specimen of the human race that you would be proud of?

I sit with this image as a challenge to myself and, for me, I like to think that I measure up. I like to think that if I were to be taken onboard that Space-ship, I would be a great example of what it is to be truly human.

Okay, I am not perfect, I am a work in progress, but the more that I work on me, the better I become – and the more that I put in the preventative health work, the better I become.

So, I am looking out for that Space-Ship, and perhaps I will even see you onboard too!

Adrian Hanks is a Life Mastery Expert, Author and Speaker.

What is preventative health care

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What is preventative health care

Preventative Health 5 Simple Tips

We have all heard the age-old sayings “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away” and “Better safe than sorry” but just what are they about and is there anything we can glean from them?

Well, I can say that in my youth when my Grandparents would say one of those strange verses I would smile and respectfully say “uhuh” but not really take much heed. Then I grew up and began nursing studies, well it seems my Grandparents were definitely onto something with their funny old sayings. “Sitting on cold floors gives you piles”.

“Walking on cold floors and wet grass in bare feet will give you chilblains”. “Keep your back covered save getting a chill in your kidneys”. “Watching too much television makes your brain lazy”. “Get to bed before midnight so your body can repair itself”.

Have you heard of those sayings, perhaps you know some others?

What I came to know in my experiences as a nurse is that there is indeed a lot of invaluable guidance and wisdom in the sayings of old. The most valuable of the wisdom is that these simple ideologies are terrific ways to build a solid foundation for good health and wellness not only for your body but your mind and soul.

In essence these old sayings are paving the way for knowings that are preventative measures for good health. What is preventative healthcare?

This means that taking up daily practices and being aware of your choices will mean you are taking preventative measures to ensure you live a healthier, happier life rather than leaning into reactive actions.

Let us have a closer look at the meaning of these 2 approaches to health and wellbeing, but first I would like to talk about the things you do when you are leaving your house. Do you check the windows are closed and lock the doors as you leave, maybe even set an alarm system? And the other situation to think about is crossing the road, would you stop before walking out onto the road, look left, and right?

In each of these situations you are taking preventative measures to ensure that, 1. your home is secure and 2. for your personal safety while out and about. Had you have walked out on the road and a car came speeding toward you, you would have had to jump or run to avoid being hurt, thereby being reactive to the circumstances.

When you have a niggling pain in your shoulder but you continue to do what you do until the pain is too much to bare or you can’t move your arm up and down in a full range of motion and then you decide to visit the Doctor or Physio who prescribes medication and or exercises to correct the shoulder this is a reactive approach to restore your body.

So keeping the analogies of locking the house and crossing the road in mind, let’s have a look at this in the context of your health, happiness, abundance, wealth, relationships and success. Yes, all of what makes your life whole is affected when you are unwell be it emotionally, physically or achieving the success you dream of and the love you desire.

To apply preventative measures in your everyday life can be as simple as taking notice of your posture that means how you sit, stand and walk. Or taking notice of how you are breathing, that may sound quiet silly, after all breathing is an automatic thing the body does, right? Yes, it is because without air we perish, however, in every minute of every hour we react to either our own inner thoughts or an outside stimulus.

The very first reaction is in the breath and this reaction is most often unconscious unless you are a person who is in deep connection with yourself. The simplest example is when you feel frightened or angry, did you know that in those initial 5 seconds you hold your breath!

The profound value in preventative practices is immeasurable to the wholeness of living a well life. The overall effect of living this way is to be in harmony and aligned in all things in your life.

To be living in a reactive way means that the systems of your body are continually inflamed, with high levels of toxicity, and are constantly stressed. The reason for that is the damage or effect on the organs has already occurred before you have sought ways to restore and rejuvenate the mind or body.

I might say these actually go in tandem, meaning when there is upset in the mind it eventually shows up in the body. Some examples of that interconnection between body and mind would be the person who is in a constant state of anxiety will also find they feel that food upsets their stomach or they have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Another would be the person who holds a deep grief over a period of time will find they have chest and upper back problems, be it asthma, bronchitis, throat infections, heart issues or shoulder, neck, upper back pain.

Your body is a mirror of all that is your life or way of living be it the way you think, talk even your expectations of things in life.

How can you make your health and wellness be the mirror of the best life you can enjoy, try these simple steps each day and you will soon find that you have less stress, more happiness improved health and not forgetting more abundance:

1. Posture; be sure to hold your posture well, sit with feet flat and grounded, hips straight, shoulders back not rolled forward. Stand holding your spine long and straight, hips forward, keep your abdominal muscles gently taut. Walk with a strong stride, place your feet firmly and straight not kicking feet outward to the side, keep your arms at your side allow them to move in rhythm to your body.
2. Every hour take 5 long slow breaths, hold your breath to the count of 5 before breathing out and in again. Do this 10 times. You will feel an increase in your energy, have better concentration and focus and a feel calm.
3. Begin your day with hot water and fresh lemon juice (no oils), followed by a fresh made juice of celery, cucumber, lime and 1 green apple. This is a wonderful way to kick-start your day, providing vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory elements to your whole-body systems.
4. Clear your mind of all thoughts that are not of service to the way you want to feel and be. Listen to your spoken word and inner thoughts throughout the day. To keep a check on your words and thoughts is equal to putting out the rubbish, you clear away unwanted junk!
5. Choose to nurture your body with fresh food and filtered water. You do not need to have a lot of money to buy fresh food, look for local growers, neighbours with fruit and vegie gardens or start your own little patch 🙂

It really is that simple to change your health and wellness, you deserve to live a well life so choose to start now. There are wonders, joy and even miracles to living a preventative way of life. May you be happier healthier every day.

What is preventative health care

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What is preventative health care

Understanding The Power Of The Mind

Most of us know it’s important to look after our body: to get enough sleep, water and exercise; to limit our intake of alcohol, sugar, salt & unhealthy fats. Yet, we don’t always do it!

Why not?

Unless you understand the power of the mind and the influence it has over the body, you will struggle to adopt preventative health measures when it comes to your wellbeing.

Health Ministers constantly proclaim that people must take more responsibility for their own health. And this is true. However, teaching people to look after their body without information on the power of the mind, is fruitless.

The mind via our beliefs, impacts our thoughts, words and eventual actions. These beliefs have very real consequences for our psychology, physiology and performance in life.

Positive thoughts encourage positive language, which in turn leads to positive behaviour. Let’s swap the word ‘positive’ for the words ‘preventative health’. The sentence now reads: thoughts about preventative health, encourage discussions about preventative health, which in turn leads to behaviour that favours preventative health.

The key word here is behaviour. It is no use just ‘thinking about preventative health’ you also have to take action. And taking action now and then is also not enough. The secret to successful preventative health is routine and repetition.

When our emotions, thoughts and behaviour are habitual, a neural network is formed that regulates the mindset. It literally keeps you on track and any habit becomes effortless over time. The more the same action is performed, the stronger your mindset becomes about that action.

For example, when you adopt a good sleep pattern your body looks forward to it; when you drink 2 litres of water per day your body desires it; when you exercise regularly your body craves it.

Creating new habits is not easy, because the mind fights to stick with what it knows and what it is comfortable with. When you feel resistant to change, it is not because you are a weak individual, the strength of your neural network just makes you feel that you cannot change. But you can!

If you are willing to change, then you can override your mindset. Your attitude and perspectives are part conscious and part unconscious and they can be learned, unlearned, programmed and reprogrammed in a variety of different ways.

A simple change of mind can help improve your wellbeing and assist you to become your best self. Did you know that your mindset can affect your life expectancy? Scientists have proven that people with a negative outlook on life are less likely to proactively engage in healthy activities such as eating good food, exercising or living in the moment.

In addition, if you are always thinking about what’s wrong in your life, you are likely to be more stressed than people who choose to focus on the bright side of life.

It is up to you to take responsibility for your mental and physical health. You have the power to influence your physical and mental states.

Your mindset is not fixed. The idea that change is difficult, is simply a mindset. Imagine for a moment that you truly believe change is easy, that going to the gym is fun, that eating healthy food every day is exciting. I bet it felt good even just imaging those things – that’s the power of the mind!

Your mindset is recognised by your body at the genetic level thus, the more you improve your mental habits, the better response you will get from your body.

We can’t change the past, but we can create our future. You have the power within you now, to switch your outlook, to choose healthy habits that will prevent illness instead of waiting for your GP to recommend medication, when it may be too late. You have the power to impact your brain, cells and genes – negative or positive the choice is yours.

What is preventative health care

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What is preventative health care

Brush Your Teeth. Shake Your Body

You clean your teeth, right? You brush them daily, floss (hopefully) and if you’ve managed to recover from the childhood trauma of needles and fillings, head to the dentist for a check-up every now and then.

If you don’t do these things (or at least some of them) you know you’ll probably end up with bad breath, tooth decay, a mouth full of pain and a room full of masked people shinning bright lights into your face. But what about your body – do you clean it every day?

I don’t mean the outer layer of your body – it’s easy to wash your skin in the shower. And I’m not referring to the most inner layers either – the lining of our digestive and respiratory tracts.

While the quality of the air we breathe and the food we eat maybe one of the most critical aspects of preventative health, I’ll leave that to other experts elsewhere in this magazine.

I want to focus on all those other layers between our most inner and outer ones. The very tissues and structures that make up our body. Our nervous and muscular systems. Our organs and connective tissue.

Our fascial, circulatory and lymph systems, not to mention the energetic fields that intertwine and interplay with them all at the same time.

How do we ‘clean’ these tissues that make up the physical reality of our being? How do we ‘reset’ our nervous system back to homeostatic balance? How do we ‘flush’ the cortisol and lactic acid from our muscles?

How do we ‘calm’ our mind and free up our breathing? How do we ‘strengthen’ our circulation or our lymphatic drainage? Obviously brushing them is out of the question.

If we had conscious control over the tissues of our body, we’d simply choose to relax them and be free. But we can’t, not entirely. We don’t have control over the unconscious tension patterns that tighten our muscles, restrict our breath, reduce our blood flow and generally lead to the negative effects of unresolved stress.

Problems like insomnia, weight issues, substance abuse, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, emotional reactivity and well, you probably know more than anyone how unresolved stress affects you personally.

While many of us use exercise, meditation, diet, stretching, yoga, weights, sport, swimming, spirituality or even singing and dancing to cleanse ourselves of stress, our body has a hidden talent that also allows itself to ‘deep clean’ itself. It’s movement.

Not just conscious direct movement, invaluable though that is, but unconscious, reflexive and spontaneous movement of the very tissues themselves.

It could include large-scale movement of our body or limbs through space, but it always involves subtle, internal movements of our ‘systems’ and tissues flushing and functioning at their best – our heart beating, our blood pumping and our lymphatic system draining to name a few.

While exercise is one of the most valuable things we can do for preventative health, the ability to move (or more accurately be moved) is just as important to the walls of our arteries as it is to our arms and our legs.

Healthy blood pressure isn’t about maintaining one single pressure for example – that would be like permanently holding your body in one Yoga Asana forever. Healthy blood vessels need to tighten and constrict to increase our blood pressure during times of stress or action, then soften and relax afterwards.

Our tissues are designed to generate tension, contraction and pressure at times, but it’s their capacity to ‘re-lax’ afterwards that largely determines our health and wellbeing and the level of vitality we experience.

While Western Medicine has long focused on the linear path, we are gradually beginning to recognise it is this pulsation that is critical to the health and wellbeing of our body.

In the past we measured our pulse per minute to estimate the health of the heart. These days we know it is the variability in our heart beats that is a much more accurate measure of our wellness – how much the heart speeds up as we breathe in, and slows down as we breathe out.

How easily it is able to oscillate, vibrate and pulsate between these extremes. But our ‘pulse’ isn’t just something that happens in our heart – it happens in every tissue of our body. Different tissues and different organs have different rhythms, but they all have this healthy swinging between their poles when functioning at their best.

Thankfully, over millions of years, the human body has evolved with an innate ability to restore its natural pulsation when it is lost. It shakes and it shivers. It moves itself on its own. Most people experience it after stress, shock or trauma, as our body releases the internal bracing of the stress response and quite literally shakes itself back to life.

Sometimes internally, through fine vibration that no-one else notices, while at others full body shaking and tremors like a dog in a thunderstorm.

If you grew up in a western culture though, you’ve probably spent most of your life deliberately trying not to allow these restorative movements to occur. Deliberately trying not to shake while public speaking or performing on the piano.

Deliberately trying not to tremble after falling off your bike or after a particularly heavy bump during football or netball. Trying not let your body writhe in pain nor your diaphragm or face to soften through crying. Maybe even trying not to shake at the dentist.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably misunderstood and suppressed this natural regenerative reflex in every single human on the planet. A spontaneous and involuntary movement that flushes our tissues, dumps the adrenaline, releases the tension and restores our body (and mind) to a calm, relaxed and balanced state.

If you’d grown up in a culture that honours the shake though, like the Kalahari Bushman, the ancient Samurai, the Subud followers of Indonesia, the martial artists of Katsugen Undo, the Bio-energetic Shakers of Bali or even the Christian Mystics, you wouldn’t have suppressed it at all.

You’d have welcomed it and celebrated it as a great gift of Life. You’d have embraced it and enjoyed it and enhanced it. Not only to prevent disease and maintain your wellbeing, but to connect you more deeply to yourself, to others and to all that is around you.

As the distance between cultures shrinks and we realise this shaking medicine is universal to us all, there is a simple way to access this reflex without having to align with any particular religious cultural or spiritual belief system in order to do so.

It’s called TRE, and it teaches you how you to access these movements whenever and wherever you like. Best of all, you can do it simply lying in bed at night, relaxing your body and calming your mind to help enhance one of the single most important preventative wellbeing practices we have – our sleep.

To keep things in perspective, it’s important to recognise that simply shaking each night is not going to prevent every sickness and all disease.

It takes many pillars to maintain a healthy house as you’ve no doubt read elsewhere in this magazine, but even Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest preventative health systems in the world, recognises that at the foundation of each of its pillars is vibration.

So brush your teeth and shake your body, each and every day. It’s somatic hygiene. It’s body-based self-care. To release stress and tension, prevent disease and maximise your health and wellbeing. And best of all, once you’ve learnt it, TRE is simple and free for the rest of your life.

Richmond Heath is a Physiotherapist who introduced TRE to Australia in 2010. For more information or to learn TRE, check out his profile on Global Healing Exchange.

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What is preventative health care

What Frequency Are You Vibrating At?

Where you are now is a reflection of your past. Your entire life has led up to this point in time. Where are you now? Assuming you desire more success, happiness and fulfillment in your future – in an exceptional fashion, then you must have a superb shift in energy frequency.

Will your future be a reflection of your past and this present moment? YES, YES, YES it will, if and only if your vibrational frequency remains the same. If you keep the same level of consciousness and self-care, then things will pretty much be the same old – same old.

If however, you decide to go on a self-destructive path or make poor life decisions or avoid deeply rooted personal issues, then your vibrational frequency will contract and thus your life.

You create your own reality based on the decisions you make and what you attract. In this example if you typically play it safe and remain in your comfort zone, then you will eventually cut off from deep personal transcendence. You will fail to breakthrough and access your brilliance.

This means you will eventually become stuck and possibly fall into crisis. Most people with faith can pull themselves out of crisis unless they have severe mental or physical health issues or a very limited poverty consciousness. Then they move up to feeling stuck. They must fight like hell to return to their sacred comfort zone.

With a stable income and the support of family and friends they often resort to comfort vices such as wine or beer, chips and dip or chocolate. Is this you? Many others rely on addiction to television, sporting events, shallow relationships or the internet that assists them in failing to self-reflect and raise consciousness.

Let’s face it your consciousness is either expanding with the entire universe/cosmos into self-awareness or its contracting into selfishness and separation consciousness. The choice is yours. Where are you right this minute? Check out the scale next.

Your life is a summation of all your behavior; actions, words, thoughts, feelings, heartfelt intentions, decisions and choices you make. This of course along with your conditioning, belief systems and a little luck of the draw will determine your vibrational frequency.

So, the ancient scriptures including eastern karma “What goes around comes around,” and the western new testament “You reap what you sow,” are definitely true and become the essential fabric of the frequency you vibrate at.

Add to these laws to modern scientific discoveries; the future does not exist in quantum field of consciousness. It’s literally beyond time and space.


Therefore, raising your personal vibrational levels NOW CHANGES your future in this moment of now. The depth of this of course of action depends on how expanded your vibrational consciousness becomes.

This means time slows down the more your vibration speeds up and you live moment to moment – have deeper insights into deeper truths and thus bring your greatness to the world. The closer you get to the speed of light the more time slows down. So, you then have plenty more time – you enter timelessness. How does that grab you?

So, let’s get busy. If you want to make true lasting change in your future it must begin now – with mobilizing the frequency of your vibration. In other words, what’s going to take to get you into your exceptional flow state?

Otherwise whatever you endeavor to achieve will not last. Your vibration will dampen and dismantle all the work you put in on the physical plane. It will not have wings.

Your Path To Expanded Vibrational Consciousness

One doorway to expanded consciousness is with drugs. LSD and mushrooms etc. I do not recommend this because it can lead to addiction, overdose or in some cases an inability to come back to normal states and function effectively in the physical world. The risk is too great.

A second method is meditation which is very reliable because over time, it will take your life to a state of coherency instead of incoherency. It will help your brain waves, cardiac output and energy field reach an expanded frequency. You cannot lose with meditation. You must be patient though. It does not happen overnight.

Most people drop off meditation because they do not obtain instant satisfaction. They do not see the value of being because they would rather be doing. This is a personal choice.

Monks whose brain waves have been measured are well and truly experiencing non-ordinary states and higher frequencies. They have been meditating every day for 20-30 years or more. Do you have the discipline and patience for this?

I highly recommend meditation for health, strong vibration and spiritual transcendence. It can lead to non-ordinary states of consciousness over time.

The most effective methodology to attain higher vibrational states in addition to meditation, is to enter a path of flow psychology. A powerful starting point is to get grounded.

Your connection to mother earth will ground you. Stretch, move, dance and open muscles to free your chi energy. Yoga and Bioenergetics exercises will make a massive difference.

When possible get a body work session from a skilled practitioner in deep tissue body work. This will open up chronic muscular tension, create great presence, calm the nervous system and expand your vibrational frequency.

Sprinting is great too. Research shows 3 thirty second sprints after a warmup is all you need. 3 times per week is all you need.

The impact over time to your personal presence, purpose and performance will blow your mind. These tasks will build a container to ground your body-mind and allow you to expand your energy & consciousness.

Process work to explore your shadow is a must. If you are going to step out into the world with greater presence a shadow will appear. You must integrate this material with an experienced professional. Carl Jung said the shadow was your doorway to creativity and your personal greatness.

If you want to become truly brilliant, you have the option of breakthrough to brilliance. This means exploring your inner depths of wounding; darkness and negativity at a deep level.

This takes humility and courage. You must possess the intestinal fortitude to embrace anything that comes up and integrate this energy into an incredible life and hugely expanded emotional vibrational frequency. You could be 10 out of 10 if you choose to do the work.

This inner journey I call transcendence. It’s a state of exceptional flow. Einstein said, “everything is vibration” and Socrates said “the unexamined life is hardly worth living”.

What is preventative health care

Mind/Body Transformation & Integration Expert
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What is preventative health care

Freedom Is The Heart Of Emotional Self Expression

‘Love’ is perhaps the only word in any language that requires no explanation, proliferation or annunciation when experienced and understood unconditionally in its most beautiful form.

Love is simply acknowledged to be the most intensely felt of all emotions as the deepest expression of sensory consciousness in the known Universe of mind and body. I wonder sometimes, if any of us stop to fathom the complexities and the power of love as an innate form of healing.

Just like so many other things, the vibration of love carries the energy to both create beauty and destroy it in equal and opposite measure, sometimes unknowingly. Think of love as a body of water. In its crystal-clear beauty, water can be the reflective surface that sparkles and dazzles the warmth and healing properties of the ultra-violet Sun and Moon.

In peace, water can be still, silent and calm harmonising the world of inner-being to create relaxation and balance – like harnessing the properties of tranquillity and equilibrium in meditation. Water is also the unyielding force of a tidal wave or tsunami in its most unstoppable and destructive form – the human equivalent of uncontrollable rage, anger or revenge.

The cellular footprint of every single human being is co-created so naturally and with anatomical precision to assure the perpetual flow of love is the divine thread of indelibility woven unconsciously into the molecular signature at the heart of life. This is the vibration of the heart that tears at the fabric of every one of us for a million different reasons.

These reasons are the challenges and opportunities designed solely to surface the wisdom to finally understand and adore ourselves and each other as nothing more than vessels of love. Plain and simple, love is the soul ingredient of our humanity.

Love is nature’s alchemy of divine intoxication that fuels the immemorial transformation and survival of our species. Think about this for a moment if you will – without love, none of us would exist. Profound isn’t it!

For good, bad or in difference, love is ultimate power and how we chose to use this infinite energy source is that which defines each of us karmically from one moment to the next. Love is the seed of evolution affecting all areas of life and how we sow love into each moment is so incredibly important to our own emotional survival as individuals.

The skill we often neglect is to recognise and nurture the knowledge that the love we give to ourselves is naturally more important than the love we give to another. Without this wisdom, how is it possible to truly understand the unconditional needs of another person if we cannot first apply the same care to one’s self.

We apply this care without hesitation to our children and yet many of us deprive these sensitivities and compassion to our own inner-child, our inner-butterfly.

One of Mother Nature’s most lovely and spectacular exhibits of evolution in my world of ideals is the journey of a butterfly. A peaceful, beautiful and mesmerising advocate of essential and perfectly timed transformation, the butterfly cannot see itself as we see it through human eyes. It sees the fragile world in which we live using the ultraviolet spectrum of light.

Perhaps this spectrum holds the vibrational key to the secrets bestowed beyond the conscious Universe of the mind. And so, a butterfly never knows of its own beauty as we see it flying freely – nature’s poetic resonance of ourselves, of love.

The butterfly of our own human nature is the inner-beauty concealed in the secret chamber of every heart waiting for the emotion-sensitive moment of freedom, of release, and intuitive flight in search of its vibrational mirror image, it’s soul mate.

Picture this in your mind’s eye. You’re in a place with lots of people, its crowded and noisy and there’s lots going on. Conversations are many, varied, frequencies of speech are hard to distinguish and extinguish and it’s difficult to concentrate on any one thing in particular.

Above all the noise, you hear a soft and uniquely gently voice that you’ve never heard before. It’s a voice that somehow resonates with you, but you don’t know why. It becomes the only voice that you hear flowing sublimely through the waters of your unconscious, It’s the only voice that you want to hear in that moment.

You identify the person to whom the voice belongs, they turn around and in that moment the Universe stops to catch its breath. Uninvited, unexpectedly and yet with emotion-sensitive intelligence of the purest kind, this is the moment a million butterflies ascend light of wing and intertwined of heart from the womb your emotions.

You feel a sublime palpitation of the heart, etherealised into consciousness through the spine-tingling magic of love’s echo. If, in that divine moment, a moment when the Universe of your own mind wove eternal magic into the fabric of your heart, your mirror butterfly experiences the same beautiful river of intoxication then life may take on new purpose and recalibrate a dual flight path.

Many of us are beginning to experience the emergence of a soul mate bond at the right emotion-sensitive time of release. This is destined for many more of us and it’s therefore important to be aware of the potential our heart’s choices.

Sometimes, just because life is complicated, it takes many moments like this before a million reasons find their wings. Sometimes, events like these are glimpses of the future or inner-transformational messages crafted of self-love to reassure and comfort us in a moment when we might need them the most.

To release our inner-butterfly is to bare our soul unconditionally from the inside out – from within and so without condition. Perhaps many of us never do this for fear of being hurt or because we’ve been hurt too many times before and so instinctively let fear become a protective mechanism.

When falsely everything appears real, we find the fault that distorts our own heart’s choices as we unknowingly clip the wings that long to fly.

As we stop from time to time to think about the innate power of love, and embrace unconditionally the beauty within, so we relax more and more into the natural flow and ebb of life. Naturally, we learn to receive and interpret the semaphores and metaphors of love with greater clarity and so begin to respond with equal and opposite measure. This gets easier the more time we invest to understand and nurture our inner-self.

In November 2011 I lost my lovely wife, Carole, to brain cancer. What I have started to understand and appreciate, through a personal choice to embrace love as the unconditional first principle of creation, is that Carole was only ever supposed to be with for a finite moment. In this moment, Carole and I gave each other everything we would need on our never-ending journey.

Love is the key that continues to heal me and as it heals it unlocks more magic and more wonder every day. Like the transformational journey of the butterfly, Carole’s story is one that will gently unfold over time and when the time is right it will reveal the true beauty at the heart of our co-creative Universe.

‘Love’ is the only word in any language that requires no explanation, proliferation or annunciation. When we experience and understand this most deeply within ourselves, without condition, we become the butterflies of unconditional love – the most beautiful form of human in nature.

Balancing all things on a scale of love, we see that ‘love only knows love’ and this beautiful energy simply flows to us in the right moment. This is our moment of atonement where we discover our own truth waits patiently to fly freely on the wings of love.

What is preventative health care

Author, Dreams Rainbows and Butterflies
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What Is Preventative Health Care? –
Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Examples Of Preventative Health Care?
Having blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests
Having cancer screenings, including mammograms and colonoscopies
Having gut health tests
Eating a nutritious balanced diet
Getting out in nature
What Does Preventative Health Mean?
Health prevention definition is: The keeping of something (such as an illness or injury) from happening. Preventive healthcare deals with the prevention of illness to decrease the burden of disease and associated risk factors. Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses many areas that all contribute to preventative health.
Why Is Preventive Health Care So Important?
Preventive care is important because it helps you stay healthy and access prompt medical or holistic treatment when necessary. It means you can stay on top of preventable illness. There are many preventative health strategies you can implement into your daily life so you learn how to manage your health which enables you to get in front of any disease before it takes hold.

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