What Is A Podiatrist? What Kind of Treatment Can You Expect?

What Is A Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a healthcare provider who cares for the foot and ankle. When you suffer from a foot problem, you must see a podiatrist rather than a general physician.

Podiatry may seem to be a strange kind of practice but there are many conditions when you require the care and treatment of a podiatrist.

It is highly recommended that you see a foot specialist rather than checking with a general physician in case of any foot problem. One of the common problems among many is the flat foot problem.

This can happen due to a swollen tendon or even due to a rupture in the foot. With high-quality medicines and foot massages, creams and DIY techniques not coming to your help, you can consult a foot podiatrist.

Podiatry In Case Of A Common Foot Blister

A common blister, a foot sprain, and ingrown toenail or athlete’s foot will not require any sort of specialized treatment. If you develop a foot problem of complex nature, you will need to see a podiatrist.

Conditions like sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis and others will require the treatment of a foot professional. Your general physician will refer you to a podiatrist sooner or later.

In Case You Are A Runner, How Can A Podiatrist Help?

Are you a runner? Whether you are an athlete or a runner, your performance is largely dependent on your foot condition. If the leg and foot ailment is just a common one, a general physician can help.

People who are active in sports, can meet with a complex injury and so the podiatrist has to intervene. The healthcare provider can diagnose and prevent any sort of foot problem including corns, warts, neuroma and sprains or calluses or the related cases.

Any lump or small bump that hurts can be treated if you go to a podiatrist. An open sore can lead to a bone infection along with skin disease. So, a podiatrist can be of great help here.

Podiatrists Treat A Wide Range of Conditions

Podiatrists can treat a wide range of conditions relating to foot. They treat people of all ages from young kids to adults. He can address the foot conditions of athletes to the couch potatoes. They can offer wound care, diabetic foot care and can also do foot surgeries.

They use advanced machines to heal and treat the wounds. But, the use of such machines may even cause a foot infection. The podiatrist applies ointments and dressings to the wounds on the feet.

A pediatric patient may also consult a foot doctor when there is trouble in walking. Any problem in the feet may cause difficulty walking and pain on the heel.

There will be a foot infection if nothing is done to curb this problem or alleviate the pain. Only a podiatrist can lessen such foot deformities.

What Other Fields A Podiatrist Specializes In

When compared to other medical specialties, podiatrists are supposed to have knowledge in other fields like radiology, dermatology, neurology, radiology, and others.

Since each of the specialization concerns ankle and foot, podiatrists must have knowledge in other medical specialties as well. A podiatrist can even treat nail and skin diseases, fractures, ulcers, and tumors.

Whatever problems you face on your feet, you should discuss it. He/she will let you know how long it will take to complete the treatment. Foot discoloration, burning and tingling sensations all require immediate medical attention and for that you need to consult with an expert podiatrist.

Before getting in touch with a foot and ankle doctor, you should prepare a list of questions you can ask. In the initial consultation, if you don’t feel satisfied some way, you should choose another one.

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  1. My husband has been complaining about a severe pain in his heel, and I suggested we go to a foot doctor to get it checked out. Your article had some great information about the kind of doctor my husband should go see, and I liked how you said that podiatrist can treat conditions like sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis and so on, but common issues like a blister, foot sprain, ingrown toenail or athlete’s foot do not require this specialized treatment. Thanks; my husband’s foot pain seems more complex than a common issue, so we’ll keep this in mind if we go to a podiatrist.


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