We Are The Lightworkers – Awakening To Our Sacred Purpose


I awoke one morning in February with the beginning of this short essay already ‘in my ears’ as if someone was speaking them to me. I jumped out of bed and onto my computer to transcribe what I was hearing. The message is for many.

We are the light workers. We come in every shape and size. Every color of the rainbow. We are now everywhere on this earth.

We came here at this time to serve in whatever way we can in order to help with the Great Awakening. Some of us simply anchor light.

Others are leaders, teachers and ministers of different sorts. You may not remember, but you agreed to come here – we all did. Let me explain …

We Come In Teams

We agreed to come here in teams. But once we arrive on earth, we have free will, so there is no predestined arrangement.

There are ‘Teams’ of between 5-50 souls who agree to incarnate. Each is willing and able to serve in a number of different capacities. Each of us knows we may fall into the darkness and not be able to do our part, so there are always others able to step in.

It’s not that these other souls are 2nd choice. Each soul comes prepared to take on any one of a number of different roles. – Someone is always available to pick up the responsibilities and tasks of those who chose to stay asleep.

So there could be 3 or 4 or even 10 souls who are willing and able to take on overlapping tasks. Once one of them takes that task, the others go on to do different things.

Some team members ‘die’ and work from the other side. Some team members anchor light only. Some offer support and nurturance to the leaders and teachers who are highly active or working with the greater masses.

Some simply serve in their communities to alleviate suffering. They could be doctors, hospice workers, midwives, child care providers or a kindly friend with tremendous compassion.

If someone chooses not to take up a particular task, there is another on our team – or from other teams – who will step in and do it. If one does not awaken at all, others will step in to fill in the many potential roles that soul could have done.

We Wake When We’re Ready

Everyone awakens in their own time, and because of free will, there are sometimes what appear to be ‘delays’.

So if there is a particular role one of us is leaning toward, given our incarnational inclinations, but then they do not awaken at the timing best suited to fulfill this role, another will step in.

This is why some of us feel that others have ‘written our book’ (or in some way done what we intended to do). In essence, they have.

The clarion call for certain key events is heard by many, but not all are ready to take it up, so those who do not, will move on to another task when they are ready.

Fear not, there is always service for a lightworkers. Every act of kindness and every act of drawing in light counts.

What is your soul calling you to Be?

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Dawn DelVecchio

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