Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

Humanity and Planet Earth are in the process of evolving towards a better world, this is called ‘Ascension’ – it is the basis behind the 2012 consciousness shift.

Over the years humanity has required a helping hand therefore many highly evolved souls were born to help humanity ascend.

They are the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Each of these groups have unique personality traits and a specific life purpose, however they are all intuitive healers who were born to create peace, love and harmony, and raise the vibrational frequency of Planet Earth.

They are highly evolved souls who vibrate at a higher frequency to others. Their highly sensitive physical and spiritual disposition means they are often diagnosed with allergies, autism, ADHD, Aspergers or other ‘perceived’ learning difficulties.

However these children are not disabled, they are highly intelligent souls who were born to force changes within the system and teach society to ‘think outside the box’.

It is no coincidence that these diagnoses have increased dramatically over the years, the Star Children have arrived and have incarnated in the masses.


These talented, strong minded and rebellious souls question authority. They are here to break down barriers and rid the world of outdated systems and beliefs to make way for next generation of more evolved souls, the Crystals.


These highly intuitive and creative souls are here to take us to the next level in our evolution by reconnecting us to the importance of Mind, Body and Spirit. for love and peace on this planet.

Rainbows / Blue Stars

Born from the year 2000 onwards, these happy, loving and forgiving souls are here to build upon what the Indigos and Crystals began. They are earth angels and powerful healers who bring love and joy to others.

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