Vibrational Art. What Is It?

Vibrational Art

do you know that high vibrational art is artwork that was created with a healing intention. It speaks to the greater parts of your being, your spirit, your soul and your multidimensional light bodies. It brings you into vibrational harmony.

It has undergone an energetic process that enables it to unlock healing around the intention it was imbued with, working like a key to activate healing and spiritual evolution for your body and soul on multidimensional levels.

Everything we see or touch holds a vibration. Those who are sensitive to these energies can sit on a chair in a park and feel the feelings of the person who left the strongest energy imprint on it.

You may have noticed that food tastes better in certain restaurants where the atmosphere is nicer, or when the person preparing it just loves preparing food. In the same way art holds the feelings and emotions of the creator.

When the artist channels the artwork, holds a healing intention for it or does energy work on it during or after the painting process, the vibration can have an even more profound effect due to the conscious intention it is imbued with.

How High Vibrational Art Works Are Developed

My discovery of vibrational art came about by a sequence of experiences. In Reiki healing you are taught to send healing energies remotely and in some schools they do this by using an object such as a teddy bear to represent the recipient.

The recipient can usually confirm receiving the healing frequency at the intended time. The time it is received is not related to the time it was sent, but determined by the moment the recipient opens to receive it, functioning outside of linear time.

I began to channel information via pen and paper many years ago and this became a common way for me to deliver healing. I would draw information, people or objects onto the paper and then send healing energy into it and redraw the result.

Though I was able to send the energy directly without the diagram, and even at times was present in the same room with the recipient and able to actually put my hands on, the visual information was so helpful that I often still drew as part of the healing.

I understand now that the drawing itself actually contained important visually activated energy keys.

This naturally developed into healing through painting when I purchased a set of pastels in an art shop and attended a pastel workshop. I was able to perceive the vibration coming from my first artwork immediately.

With each painting I produced, I noticed that people were naturally drawn to the artwork that was relevant to their needs without any conscious understanding of what the intention was behind the painting.

An example is that people with food or environmental sensitivities were attracted to a piece about oneness and harmonisation with food and environment. Their energy was drawn to the invisible information it contained which matched their personal situations.

The pieces started to come into my head during healing sessions so I printed them and placed them into the healing table during sessions.

This soon became a routine that every client would chose the paintings they were drawn to for use in the healing session. It is similar to using crystals which have specific properties and people are unconsciously drawn to the crystal that is relevant for them.

The next stage was that I became aware that the energy work I was doing in paintings and healing sessions began to hold a memory of a healing path undergone and form a template or code which unlocks a healing process in the recipient.

The paintings began to contain layers of multiple healing codes creating a healing formula. So a sequence of individual 1.5 hour hands on treatments formed a single formula in a painting.

These work in the same way as Reiki symbols, except where Reiki symbols are simple keys that activate healing, these are multidimensional geometries and somewhat more complicated.

The codes are only activated and received if they are relevant to the recipient and they are ready to receive it as the next stage of their healing and spiritual evolution/development.

They will know this by how strongly they are drawn to a painting. If they are not drawn, it is not relevant right now.

The Paintings & Healings Are Interwoven

Not only do the paintings now contain these keys/energy encodements but I started to notice them coming into healing sessions as energy templates even without a painting having been created yet.

During remote or hands on healing sessions, different characters from paintings appeared with their formulas when needed, transforming the energies. Often the recipient would perceive and describe them even without previously sighting or being familiar with the painting.

How To Work With The Energies Of The Paintings

What I love about these paintings is that I am creating tools that allow my form of multidimensional healing to take place without my physical presence.

Though the energies of the original paintings are very strong, the energies on the prints, canvases and cards are very active and perceptible, especially by young sensitive children.

I recently moved to London and left all my paintings in Australia. I had a canvas copy of Soul Purpose (white peacock) made up for my wall in my new home. As I was carrying it from the post office, I felt nothing.

As I uncovered it and put it by the wall to mount, I felt nothing. The moment I put it on the wall I had opened to receive it, it activated and I felt a whoosh as its energy came over me and filled the house. I felt at home. Now I had fully arrived in London.

You don’t have to work with the paintings consciously to be receiving the energies, they will work at a pace relevant to you by just being in your environment in the same way a crystal does.

However you can use these artworks consciously to progress your spiritual development and evolution additionally as a personal healing processes.

To work consciously with the paintings, sit and be present with them, look at them, open your heart, feel them. Notice all the colours and shapes, feel how your body feels when you take all this information, colour, shape into your consciousness … how does your spirit feel?

How does your heart feel? Allow yourself to be in the energy for as long as it takes to move through you and for you to return to normal.

Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose represents alignment with your soul’s purpose. The white peacock is spirit embodied and displayed proudly, held and moved easily by strong feet and legs.

The peacock feels your glance and turns to face you, manoeuvring with ease and grace to look you in the eye, his magnificent display moving with him, balanced and symmetrical, even in movement.

Hearts (feathers)   from his core and replace themselves like the cells of our body, he is the source of divine love. The energy of this painting reminds you to bring your spirit and full presence into every aspect of your life. By doing this you are aligning and embodying your soul’s purpose.

Spiritual progression comes with a responsibility that can feel heavy and much bigger than us, as the peacock’s tail feathers are much bigger than he is.

Ascension also comes with the ability to hold and balance our multidimensional bodies and process knowledge and
energy from all these levels at once as in truth, we are one and all at the same time.

It sometimes feels difficult to display our true self in its purity in situations where it may be judged or challenged but it is these places that we especially need to hold our spiritual presence and the strength it gives us to meet any challenges that confront us. There is no competition as that which is truly aligned to us will be drawn to us when we are aligned to our soul.

That which is not drawn is simply not aligned and therefore not in our highest good or the highest good of others involved.

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About Met

This painting is about being fully met on all levels of your being… ocean meeting shore, sky meeting earth, star represents spirit being heard and acted on (reflected at her ears, eyes meeting, bodies meeting, masculine meeting feminine and also the cycles of nature, the cosmos and man (which are the same) are reflected in the tidal lines on the shore…The couple is dancing as one (with each other and the whole of life) under the starlight of the northern star. Also called the guiding star and is used to navigate your way on earth by the stars.

Tracy RobbinsTracy Robbins – Vibrational Art Therapist

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