Treatment Options For Myopia Control


One thing that makes us different from other living beings is our vision. And when that vision gets affected, we face a lot of problems. No one wants a blurry vision or not able to see the surrounding properly.

But sometimes some people develop certain vision problems which makes them use different vision tools such as lens or spectacles to correct it.

Myopia or short-sightedness is one such eye problem which usually starts developing in the early age and progresses over a period of time.

Now, when your child starts complaining about the problem in seeing far objects, it is time to take them right to the eye doctor for myopia control.

Myopia Control is necessary because once myopia starts it always remains the upward momentum and never seizes to stop. And by taking proper preventive steps for myopia control one can simply reduce or in some cases completely remove the effects of it.

Current advancement in the field of medical science, especially in the field of optometry has come up with certain treatment which can help to control myopia.

Multifocal Eyeglasses:

Contact lenses are used by the majority of people who are suffering from myopia. Now, multifocal eyeglasses have specially designed lenses, which consists of different powers in the different areas of the lens to correct the vision.

Now, in children who have their different eye muscle in different positions, for them wearing different lenses for distance and near is useful. Thus, rather than wearing different eyeglasses, one has to wear only one multifocal eyeglass.

This one of the most common treatment options for myopic control. This method is more preferable to those children who don’t like to wear contacts or using eye drops.

Atropine Eye Drops:

Using atropine eye drops is of the most common treatment options available for myopia control. It helps in curbing the effects of myopia to a greater extent. It is usually applied once a day and this treatment continues till the ascension of myopia stops.

Though helpful it isn’t considered as a cure to myopia, but when it is used along with eyeglasses, it is successful in curbing the growth of myopia. It is one of the easiest ways to treat a child for myopia control.


Now, this myopia control treatment is one of the most advanced one.

Orthokeratology or OrthoK is nothing but specially designed contact lenses that an optometrist prepares for patients, and the patient simply has to wear the lens during sleep at night and it temporarily corrects myopia.

Thus, one doesn’t have to wear any glasses or contact lenses during day time. This feature alone makes OrthoK one of the most preferred options for myopia control as it gives freedom to its patients to go and do their daily activities without wearing anything.

This treatment is one of the favourite options for myopia who are into sports like swimming, cricket, etc.  Different studies have shown that it in some case it halts the progress of myopia and some cases it completely cures it.

Multifocal Contact Lenses:

These contact lenses are the same as the ones we wear in general. The only difference here is that there a special point in the centre, by doing the trick and few studies have shown that helps to curb the effects of myopia.

Now, multifocal contact lenses have specially designed lenses, which consists of different powers in the different areas of the lens to correct the vision. For children, it is one of the most preferred treatment options for myopia control.

One has to take care of their vision and when it comes to myopia control, you should always choose a treatment option from above to curb the progression of the near-sightedness.

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