Turning Point: The Transformation Of Energy

Transformation Of Energy

The transformation of energy comes from the heart.  It begins within the heart of the Universe to flow out to all collectively.  It is through the focused thoughts of what can be that the transformation will happen.

As individuals we can not even begin to imagine what can be, it is only through the collective energy of imagination that a new reality will emerge.

We know that our thoughts become reality. We live our reality. When a collective energy focus thoughts in one idea – that is transformation.

The “falling apart” of society that we have already seen begun is part of the breaking down of old paradigms in order to emerge or birth a new reality.  If the breakdown does not occur, then the emerging or birthing can not occur.

Change can be rough for some.  It can create fear and challenges.  The unknown, the Great Mystery, is a concept that some wish not to embrace.

It is vital that each individual remain steadfast in their own stronghold in their own souls.  It is also vital that we remember that it is out of emptiness that great things emerge.

So as we look forward, we see the gatherings, we see Mother Earth shifting herself and the change that causes, and we see the “falling apart”, we must go beyond.

We must reach out and support one another.  We must cross boundaries society has drawn.  We must form our own tribes.

We must nurture one another and all kingdoms.  We must let go of what binds us so that it may easily and gently “fall away” rather than violently torn from us.

It may appear unstable and shaky, but in knowing it is an interlude to a new reality we can take solace.  We stand at the turning point.

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Carla Goddard

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