Take A Break From Technology To Improve Your Health

Take A Break From Technology

It’s hard to survive in today’s world without technology. It seems with each passing day more of our time is spent on our devices. It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone.

Many jobs require use of a laptop or tablet. Screens are all around us. Too much technology can have an impact on a person’s health.

Taking even a short break from technology can make a person healthier. Here are some of the top reasons to take a break from technology.

It Will Improve Your Sleep

There are tons of studies that show the use of technology can have a major impact on your sleep. Electronic media produces a “blue light” which impacts the brain’s release of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

This ultimately delays the onset of sleep. There are some things people can do while they are using technology to help fight this challenge. Many companies make blue blocker glasses that shade the eyes from blue light.

Companies like Apple have created ‘night mode’ which changes the appearance of the screen and gets rid of some of the blue light. While these hacks are good the best way to get relief is to simply take a break.

Turning off your devices a few hours before bed can greatly improve sleep quality. Taking a longer break periodically can also be beneficial.

You Will Have Deeper Connections

Technology provides many conveniences. Sending a message to someone can be as simple as asking Siri (or some other assistant) to send a text to someone. You don’t even have to pick up the phone.

It is possible to communicate with a person for several hours without physically talking to them. While this is convenient, it does not necessarily produce the best relationships. The full richness of human relationships is usually best found with face-to-face interactions.

There are a number of studies that show that people feel less connected to their conversation partners when a cell phone is present during the conversation.

Good network management means occasionally skipping a text or message on social media to actually sit down and talk with someone in person.

You’ll Be More Present-Moment Aware

Technology has a way of keeping people from being aware of the current moment. It’s amazing how you can be sitting at a restaurant, ball park or a movie and see how many people are scrolling through their social media feed.

You can even find people engaging in deep conversations while on their smartphone. Making the choice to be more aware of the moment and putting your device to the side could do wonders for your relationship.

You will make more memories and appreciate events much more. There are even some groups on social media who are encouraging people to turn their phone off when at dinner or a special event.

It Will Help You Remove Unhealthy Feelings

Social media has created a world in which people often compare themselves to others. It so easy to look on Facebook or Instagram and feel jealous of what others are doing.

Whether it is a fabulous summer vacation or a brand new car purchase, social media has a way of making people feel inferior. A recent study discovered that one in three people felt worse after visiting Facebook and more dissatisfied with their lives.

Certainly not all online interaction is negative but the opportunity for envy presents itself often on social media. For this reason it could be very beneficial to power down your device for a short period of time.

Doing so provides an opportunity for a reset and to refocus on being grateful for the live you have. Consider having a set time to get off your devices each day or schedule a time to have a technology detox where you stay off social media for a certain time.

Technology certainly has many benefits and it would probably impossible to eliminate it from our lives. However, making a choice to take a break from technology could do wonders for a person’s health.

Such a break will help you sleep better, be present in the moment and help you appreciate the life you currently have.

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