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Can Your Beliefs Really Change

Your Life Story. Can Your Beliefs Really Change?

All of us have a story that we tell ourselves and others about why our lives have turned out the way they have. With...
Cognitive Bias

How Can Cognitive Bias Affect Your Life?

Almost all articles in this edition of Holistic Living Magazine follow a similar path; a definition of a belief, some examples of them, a discussion...
What Are Beliefs

What Are Beliefs?

In other editions of Holistic Living Magazine, we have gone into many subjects about health and wellbeing. This edition is about beliefs. So what...
spark of the imagination

From Spark To Reality. Everything Was Once A Spark Of The Imagination

Everything around you started from an idea – a spark of the imagination. Many have come before us and many exist on the planet...
overcome depression

How Do I Overcome Depression?

In the olden days it was called melancholia, today it is called depression and it is one of the major psychological problems of the...