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Can Your Beliefs Really Change

Your Life Story. Can Your Beliefs Really Change?

All of us have a story that we tell ourselves and others about why our lives have turned out the way they have. With...
Mindset for authors

Mindset For Authors

I’m currently working on a book called Mindset for Authors: How to overcome procrastination, perfectionism, and self-doubt. I’m writing the book because apparently less...
Cognitive Bias

How Can Cognitive Bias Affect Your Life?

Almost all articles in this edition of Holistic Living Magazine follow a similar path; a definition of a belief, some examples of them, a discussion...
what are beliefs and values

What Are Beliefs And Values?

WHAT ARE BELIEFS AND VALUES? HOLISTIC LIVING MAGAZINE ISSUE 9 JUNE 2017 Editor in Chief Sharon White Editor at Large Cassandra Jones Layout Artist Francisco Mendoza III If you...
Complaints Women Have About Men

21 Complaints Women Have About Men They Dated

(Only for men that want to be more attractive to women). Hey guys, after working with thousands of women I can tell you I have...
Complaints Men Have About Women

21 Complaints Men Have About Women They Dated

(Only for women that want to be more attractive to men). Hey ladies. I’ve been talking to lots of men about why they find it...
Cancer Has No Boundaries

Cancer Has No Boundaries

I It seems to be more common today than ever before that more family members and friends seem either to be diagnosed with Cancer, or...
A Strategy For Cancer

Stop & Start Again! A Strategy For Cancer

My mother, Cath, was diagnosed at the age of 56 with Multiple Myeloma: a rare form of cancer that affects the bones. None of...
Cancer & Emotions

Cancer & Emotions

When looking at disease in your body, it is not easy to pinpoint just one factor. When healing from any disease, especially cancer, you...
Working With People Dealing With Cancer

My Journey. Working With People Dealing With Cancer

Between 1998 and 2002, I worked at the Yarra Valley Living Centre, more commonly known as the Gawler Foundation, after its founder, Ian Gawler,...

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