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Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

Seeing as the healthcare industry hasn’t developed any breakthrough mental health drugs in nearly three decades, the digital world and society we live in have...
Alzheimer’s Disease

How Mindfulness & Meditation Help Battle Alzheimer’s Disease

Dealing with Alzheimer’s is a difficult task that can take a toll on the patient and all the people involved. It’s stressful to battle...
Tips on Improving Your Concentration 

Tips On Improving Your Concentration 

Being able to maintain concentration leads to practical efficiency. In order to be more successful improving your concentration and, indeed, lead a happier and...
Battling Stress Naturally

Battling Stress Naturally Through Mindfulness

America is a nation that is facing stress every day, with The American Institute of Stress noting that 73% of people in the nation...
Wellness Habits

Life-Changing Wellness Habits

Staying healthy has always been a tricky thing for a lot of us. While the basic philosophy tells us it’s simple (eat well, exercise,...
Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

I believe all beings are designed in God’s image, with a sense of spiritually, creativity and humor. And, one of my favorite quotes is...

How To Be A Better Decision Maker – 3 Quick Steps To Get...

How many times have you struggled to make a decision? As we get older, we are faced with more responsibilities and more decisions that...
The Art Of Relaxation In Mind & Body

The Art Of Relaxation In Mind & Body [Mind and Body Balance]

Did you know it’s impossible to be stressed and relaxed at the same time? An odd but interesting fact that many of us may...
Relaxation With Neuro Linguistic Programming

Relaxation With Neuro Linguistic Programming

“To relax means to become less tense in the body and less anxious in the mind”. - Anne McKeown  Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) teach...
Mt Kilimanjaro

Finding USAWA On Mt Kilimanjaro

Life is like climbing a mountain; you’ll get there safe and well by going at your own pace, overcoming fear and being mindful -...

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